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Dec 16, 2019 Addictive Drums. Addictive Drums 2 Manual; Loading Addictive Drums 1 presets in Addictive Drums 2; Beginner's guide to e-drums with Addictive Drums 2; Why are there no faders for the cymbals in the mixer? Addictive Drums 1 interface is blank (High Sierra & Mojave) Separate Outputs in Addictive Drums. Separate Outputs - Overview; Separate. Addictive Drums is a Complete Virtual Drum Production Studio. It is very flexible and intuitive, allowing you to enjoy creating life like drum tracks very quickly. The learning curve of using the Addictive Drums is one of its primary advantage. The Addictive Drums plug-in comes with 3 complete drum kits, with a number of extra drums and cymbals. Addictive Drums 2 is packed with mixing and sound-shaping features that let you transform the raw sounds in amazing ways. Whether you need your drums to sound open and crystal-clear, or produced and radio-ready, or grungy and heavily distorted, AD2 has studio-grade tools to get the job done. Hi guys, I've been working with Addictive Drums 2 on reaper for a while. It all worked fine until my windows 10 pc updated automatically and after that every time I open a project in which there is an addictive drums vst open it says 'no guiboot found' and the track doesn't make any sound.

With Addictive Drums 2, we’re taking it to the next level. More world-class instruments, more amazing sound shaping features, more tools for rhythm creation and transformation, and total freedom to pick only the kits and add-ons that are right for you. All this while maintaining the fast, clean, musician-centric interface that made us successful in the first place. We hope you’ll love what we have made.

► Build your perfect kit

Don’t like your snare drum or crash cymbal? Swap them out in seconds with any other kit piece in your drum collection! Want to turn down the ride, turn up the cowbell and maybe beef up your kick drum by linking it to an electronic sub-kick? Not a problem. The Kit page makes all this easy.

This page is where you can make changes to your drum kit. Easily modify any of our professionally designed presets or build your own presets from scratch. Our simple interface presents information in ways that musicians understand while eliminating unnecessary complexity.

► Tweak your sounds to perfection

Are you a recording engineer at heart? Do you love diving down to the individual microphone and instrument levels and tweaking everything to perfection? We think you’re going to be very happy when you see all the amazing features on the Edit Page of Addictive Drums 2!

Addictive Drums Osx On Pc Windows 10

This page contains in-depth controls to let you tweak specific parts of your kit (like the Kick, Snare, or other parts). Here, you’ll find things like multi-band EQs, compression, distortion, tape simulation, our brand new Tone Designer and Transient Shaper modules, and much more.

► Find the perfect beat

Addictive Drums 2 is more than just great sounding drums in your music. It’s also a collection of outstanding rhythms and grooves played by professional drummers. Even if you are an experienced drum programmer, you’re sure to find inspiration here. The only thing better than these beats would be hiring a professional drummer, booking a studio, and spending hours recording.

On this page, you can browse through all of the rhythms to find your inspiration. If you have a specific beat in mind, it’s very easy to search your collection using the Grid Search tool. And if you’d like to modify an existing beat to make it uniquely yours, the powerful Beat Transform system makes it easy. And once you find a beat you love, simply drag-and-drop it to your host’s timeline. Easy!

► Add great drum effects

The FX page contains two Delerb effects. This outstanding effects processors combines delay and reverb effects in one place and lets you push the sonic envelope. With two of them at your disposal, you’ll have no shortage of options when designing exciting sounds.

► Find new ways to use your kits

ExploreMaps let you step through all of the ADpaks and audition and select any of the professionally designed presets. Each preset includes a beat that was specifically designed to show off that preset in the best light. You can also audition ADpaks you don’t own yet to get a taste of what they have to offer!


Our new Transient Shaper gives more or less ‘snap’ to individual kitpieces or your overall drum mix.
The new Tone Designer makes a drum sound more or less dampened, letting you add or remove ringing with ease.
Two Delerb processors combine Delay and Reverb effects that are ideal for drums. A unique ‘Swirl’ thickening feature and advanced EQ give sound designers lots of exciting new options.
Six additional Kitpiece Slots let you build kits with up to 18 individual drums.
New FlexiSlots let you load additional Kicks, Snares, HiHats, and more.
Kitpiece Linking lets you easily link drums for a fatter sound.
Specialty “Trigger” Kitpieces (sine waves, white noise, one shot drum samples, etc.) open up a world of new sound design options. You can link them to acoustic drums to give more “oomph” or even use them on their own to create new analog and digital drum machine sounds!
New Response section lets you tweak performances to fit them into a mix.
Two MultiFX inserts on every channel for even more sound design options.

New Beat Transformer lets you tweak any existing rhythm to make it fit into a track and to make it uniquely yours. No more cookie-cutter beats!
New Grid Search system lets you quickly find the beat you hear in your head!
Improved Beats Browser lets you easily browse beats to find your inspiration.
The Record MIDI feature saves time by letting you record MIDI directly from your host software into Addictive Drums 2.New 4 band EQ with additional Low and High cut controls.

You can now Drag’n’Drop Audio directly from the Addictive Drums 2 engine. Play a drum—or even a whole rhythm if you like—and simply drag it as an audio file straight into your music software’s timeline or desktop.
New “Sound Ideal” search system lets you sort all your presets from ‘clean’ to ‘distorted’ to help you narrow down and find the right sounds quickly.
Snapshots makes A/B comparisons super easy. Take snapshots of all your settings and instantly recall any four snapshots instantly.
New CloudSync system means your presets are always up to date and with you no matter where you choose to work.
Standalone version of AD2 is your perfect jamming companion. Fire it up quickly and start playing along without dealing with your music software. The new Tempo control makes it easy to adapt beats to your needs.


Drums is the most popular percussion instrument loved by numerous music lovers across the world and forms the integral part of major music genres like Jazz, Reggae and classical music. Professional Drums players have huge demand from many musical bands, resulting in more number of individuals opting to learn drums either as a hobby or to have a successful profession. Drums player software is the perfect companion for these individuals to learn and practice drums virtually anytime and anywhere.


Addictive Drums Osx On Pc

Here is the list of better drums playing software options for both the amateur and professional drums players.

Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0

This industry standard paid application software is an ideal choice for many professional and beginner drummers to hone their drumming skills and comes with many advanced features like

  • 20 GB of detailed, high- quality drum samples.
  • Powerful mixer, In-built FX control, -band EQ, compressor,
  • Extensive grooves content, mapping tabs, velocity control, and large collection of library files.

2. EZdrummer

EZdrummer is another excellent paid option for the professional drummers to create their drum tracks in much simpler way and possess many advanced features like

  • MIDI drums grooves with provisions for searching matching grooves by filters and browsing.
  • Power hand feature allows easy communication with the drummer.
  • Compatible with Windows 7 or Mac OS
  • Possess many award winning sounds.

XLN Audio Addictive Drums

This software is a perfect tool for drummers to get professional output and comes with lots of individual features to enjoy the music even for the first- time users. The main features of this package includes

  • Three superior drum kits and 130 professionally designed presets in different ranges.
  • Core MIDI library with more than 5000 beats and grooves.
  • Paid software.

Native instruments Battery 4


This is state-of-the-art drums player software with free download options for the users that boasts of broad range of sounds and editing capabilities. It has dedicated kits for all music genres like rock, pop, hip hop, reggae and Jazz kits.

  • It possesses 12 GB sample library of 100 different-styled drum kits.
  • Innumerable effects and performance features produce realistic sound.

Button Bass

Button Bass is the online drums player for amateur and kids to create their own music online and share it on the social media and video streaming channels like Youtube.

  • Allows easy recording of the music created.
  • Free application program.
  • Computer keyboard can be used to produce different sounds and beats.

Steinberg Groove Agent 3

This drum software package has a large library collection of drum beats and grooves covering wide range of more than 100 music styles. It allows the drummer to import their own creations and develop personalized kits

  • Offers acoustic kits and Percursion Agent to create desired sounds and grooves.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

Virtual Drumming –Joey Jordison drum set

This is another useful online drums player software that allows the beginner drummers learn the basics of drumming and take advanced lessons to progress into a professional drummer.

  • The computer keyboard can be used to create different drum beats and sounds.
  • Virtual drumming app is available for smartphones and tablets.

East West / Quantum Leap SD2

This DVD drums package comes with big sounds that will make the percussion tracks more powerful with superb and impressive sound quality.

Osx On Amd

  • Comprises of many unusual instruments that are native to China, Tibet and Indonesia.
  • Paid application with approximately 13 GB of samples.
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows OS.

Fxpansion BFD3

This software is an ideal choice for the music producers who want a more clinical drum sounds and professional final output. The main features includes

  • Highly realistic drum beats with advanced “Cymbal Swell” and “Tom Resonance” features.
  • Large amount of presets, drum kits and grooves
  • Compressed 50 GB large sample library.

The Drums playing software comes with vast variety of drums beats and sounds to play with and has amazing sound quality similar to that of physical drums. The drum enthusiasts can learn from thousands of online drum tutorials, less expensive software programs and DVDs designed and designed by the experts in the field of percussion instruments. The major advantage of these software drum package is that majority of them are easily downloadable from the online and can be used immediately to start drums learning.

Learners can take the lessons at their own comfortable pace allowing them to go back to the previous lessons and attain mastery in a much earlier period. Software and DVDs are of great help to the novice learners as they offer a far more flexibility and can help them to progress faster with a good self-discipline, focus, enthusiasm and persistence. They can learn different styles like hard rock, funk, blues and jazz in relatively less time and at any point of the day as compared to the conventional way of learning lessons from drums tutors.

More Benefits of Drum Player Software

The drum player software eliminates the burden of carrying huge drums to live concert places. They come at a very cheap prices and affordable to every music lover who wants to learn drumming. They come with tremendous features and allow one to change the sound of drumming with great ease. They can produce studio quality drum sounds and also offer large varieties of musical styles. They come with plenty of customizable settings and user-friendly interface.
They allow one to learn varieties of drum brands in an extremely inexpensive way. They come with tutorials and courses which help one to learn at their own pace and master the art of drumming. They come with recording features which help one to replay and improve the practice by learning the mistakes. They are combatable with many musical instruments and can be connected through MDI. They also come with many drum pads and samples which help one to learn drumming with great enthusiasm. They come with touch screen facility to start the music easily. They can generate high quality sounds which are sure to encourage the musician for their projects. They come with highly advanced features and they are perfect devices to replace the conventional drums.

Other Drum Player Software For Different Platforms

There are number of drum player software available for various platforms. Since the drum player software relies entirely on the platform that you are using one should verify for compatibility. For instance, there are drum player software that are specifically meant for windows, android and Mac Os, etc. platforms. A user can select appropriate software.

Great Free Windows Drum Player Software – DvDrum

This drum player software perfectly mimics the conventional drums. It allows playing drums with ease and creates a realistic drum effect. It allows customizing drum kit and sharing with others. It comes with simple user interface and helps one to master the drumming with great ease and perfection. It produces quality sound.

Great Free Android Drum Player Software – Real Drum

This excellent software simulates conventional drums effectively on the android device. It is very easy and comfortable to play. It is easy to use app and comes with samples to practice perfectly. It produces sounds which are of studio quality. It allows arranging pads in different way to adjust to your comfort.

Great Free Mac Os Drum Player Software – DrumSpillage

This is tremendous drum player software and it features twelve drums models. It is capable of creating diverse range of sounds. It is designed perfectly for each drum to create unique sound. It comes with plenty of effects and filters to enhance the sound effects. It comes with good modulation capabilities.

Addictive Drums Osx On Pc Windows 10

More Drum Player Software for Windows, Mac and Android Platforms

For windows some of the other drum player software is “DrumPads”, “Drums Room” and “Dany’s Virtual Drum”. For android application “Drum set”, “Drum HD” and “Drum Kit” are some of the drum player software. “Hydrogen for Mac”, “Hahaha DS-01” and “Teragon Audio KickMaker” are some of the drum player software for Mac Os version.

Most Popular Drum Player Software For 2016 is – DrumStation

This drum player software comes with plenty of features which make it popular. It comes with very good interface and one can learn the software and its functions with ease. It comes with eight channels and samples for each channel. It comes with good effects and does not occupy the computer memory much.


These drum player software which comes with high capabilities and capacity to mimic conventional drum instruments. One can learn these software with great care and get the knowledge of various drum player software that are available on the web. One can select drum player software according to their taste and enjoy drumming.

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