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Avondale Caravan data & specfications

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Avondale dart 630-6 this is a 2008 model twin axle 6 berth caravan it has a large rear wash room with hot cold water separate double shower swivel cassette. 34 autotrader.co.uk. Avondale dart 630-6 this is a 2008 model twin axle 6 berth caravan it has a large rear wash room with hot cold water separate double shower swivel cassette. 34 autotrader.co.uk. Avondale manual pdf avondale mitsubishi - avondale, az - reviews & ingenuity convertme swing-2-seat - avondale - all avondale owners' caravan club ford mustang for sale: avondale, az - cars.com cars for sale by owner in. A friend of mine has just purchased a 1996-98 Avondale (Leda?) Chiltern 2 beth caravan. As she is new to the world of touring caravans I was wondering if there are any available handbooks or manuals for this model or similar models that would help her along the learning curve.

Where possible, we have documentation from as early as the 1970s right up until the present year.

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We have also collated an extensive archive of the original advertising material for caravans dating as far back as 1970 in some cases.

Avondale caravan manual transmissions

This archive includes touring caravan brochures, technical specifications and in some cases the original price list.

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Owner's Manual - Avondale Caravans - Caravan Talk

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Hello and welcome to the Avondale Caravans information website. On this website you will find information on almost anything you need to know about Avondale. We have spent a lot of time compiling this information for general use. We hope you find what you are looking for.

History of Avondale

Way back in 1970 Avondale Coachcraft was founded and the very first Avondale Mayfly was produced. The company was started by husband and wife team Gerald and Eileen Ball, joined by Louis Ball later on that year, and Graham Ball in 1973. The company continued to flourish after selling many of their well made high spec caravans which lead them to make the decision to progress to the next level.

So, in the 1980’s Avondale added 2 additional ranges to its line-up; the Leda and the Perle. The original range that used bird names for it’s models remained the top of the range, followed by the mid-range Leda, and finally the entry level Perle.

In 1991 Mr & Mrs Ball retired and their son Christopher Ball took charge of the company. With a new person heading up the company more changes were made and we saw the introduction of the Avondale Sport in 1994, the Avondale Landranger in 1996, the Avondale Dart in 1998 (Avondale’s best selling range of all time), the Avondale Rialto in 1999, Avondale Argente in 2002 and lastly the Bianco range in 2004. See the table below for a timeline of the Avondale caravan models.

Avondale Caravan Manual Parts

Sadly, on 16th September 2008 Avondale went in to administration. The company fell victim to the economic crisis that the country was (and still is) struggling with at the time. This was a knock-on effect that from the dealers who were also struggling and needed to cut back on what they ordered. No buyer came forward for the company and so Avondale Coachcraft is no longer. We can only hope that one day someone will come along and start building them again in their previous glory.

Timeline of Avondale Caravan Models

1999 Avondale Landranger 5500 Manual - Avondale Caravans ...

The Avondale caravan range is the luxury caravan designed for couples
The Leda range was introduced in the 80's and targeted a wider audience
The Avondale Perle series was also launched in the 80's as Avondale's lightweight affordable caravan
Another lightweight range launched in the mid 90's
A top spec luxury caravan range featuring twin axles
The Dart was launched in the late 90's and was set to become Avondale's best selling range
Find out more about the Avondale Dart >>
The Rialto was introduced just before the turn of the millennium
The Argente is probably one of the most recognisable names in the caravan market
Find out more about the Avondale Argente >>
The Bianco was launced in 2004 but only lasted a couple of years as sales didn't take off as hoped

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