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  • Download Beholder 2 App 1.7.15871 for iPad & iPhone free online at AppPure. Get Beholder 2 for iOS latest version. Every citizen of our great State dreams of working at the Ministry.
  • Beholder 2-CODEX Some extent-and-click journey within the Prime Ministry of a Totalitarian State. Take up a job of Evan, a newly employed division officer, and make your manner up the profession ladder. You will meet many various characters and get to know them higher via the dialogues and the quests that they Tile: Beholder 2.
  • Westwood's Eye of the Beholder 1 and 2 remain today. The combat in the game is also easy; you just have to right- click on the weapon and it is used. However, only your front characters can fight with swords; the back ones must use ranged weapons or magic.
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Beholder 2 - fascinating simulator, which will again occur in antiutopija the world. As a novice member of the main Ministry, the player will start career and will be able to reach the heights. Ways to achieve your goals there are many, so each user will have a definite impact on the fate of the.

Beholder 2 DownloadBeholderBeholder 2 DownloadBeholder 2

Beholder 2 Wikipedia

-Antiutopija exciting simulator will be the world again. Interior Ministry to be able to begin playing career as a novice member, you have to reach the heights. Ways to achieve your goals, there are many, so that each user on the fate of the hero will have a certain effect. We meet many of which strategy to choose, because the players are responsible for his superiors, and may have to go over the heads of his colleagues, the show is based on sharp climbers. You should not forget that Big Brother is constantly remembered as a character of progress and nothing is a critical point in your work.

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