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  • Runs in Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10) and Mac (OS X v10.5 and above)
  • Highlights restriction sites in the editing window
  • Accurately reflects Dam/Dcm blocking of enzyme sites
  • Highlights text using pre-defined and custom feature libraries
  • Shows translation, Tm, %GC, ORF of selected DNA in real-time
  • Reads DNA Strider, Fasta, Genbank and EMBL files
  • Saves files as DNA Strider-compatible or Genbank file format
  • Highlights and draws graphic maps using feature annotations from genbank and embl files
  • Directly BLASTs selected sequence at NCBI or wormbase

  • Text map shows DNA sequence, translation, and features as text-based graphics

Download for free. Education software downloads - BioEdit by Tom Hall and many more programs are available for instant and free download. Download BBEdit for Mac to edit HTML code and text on your Mac. BBEdit has had 3 updates within the past 6 months.

  • Creates graphic restriction maps- linear or circular with features indicated
  • Connects graphic and text features with hyperlink double click
  • Saves graphics as encapsulated postscript or scalable vector graphics
  • Copy and save graphics as Windows metafiles (MS Windows only)

  • Virtual restriction digest
  • Draws pre-defined and user-defined DNA ladders
  • Connects bands to text by double-click


  • Reads ABI sequencing trace files
  • Sequences in ABI traces can be aligned directly to a reference sequence, with the alignment hyperlinked back to te trace.


  • Selects sites matching multiple criteria (union/intersection- cut frequency, site type) in all open windows
  • Selects sites that cut more often in one sequence than another (for snip-SNP detection or diagnostic digests)
  • Has user defined enzyme grouping to distiguish eg. enzymes currently in stock.
  • Allows users to define new enzymes by name and recognition site
  • Imports DNA Strider format files (simple enzyme, site lists) available from REBASE

Other Features:

  • Most analysis windows are hyperlinked to their corresponding sequences, including:
    • Graphic Maps
    • Text maps
    • Virtual Digests
    • Alignments (including ABI sequences)
    • Silent Sites
    • Translation
    • Primer Find
  • Uses custom feature definition libraries, which allow:
    • Quick annotation of sequence
    • Quick searching and highlighting of all available primers that you (or others) have that hybridize to a sequence
    • Sequence to be annotated and visualized in multiple ways quickly and efficiently
    • Graphic maps that show primer binding sites and all interesting sequence features
  • Translates sequences with optional DNA alignment
  • Finds potential primers matching user criteria (length, Tm, %GC, self/other complementarity)
  • Aligns two DNA sequences (or any combination of sequence and ABI trace), with the alignment hyperlinked to the original sequence
  • Finds translationally silent restriction sites
  • Draws graphic ORF maps


A Gene Editing Service Company

Allow Researchers to do Gene Knock-in or/and Knockout in Different Cell Lines.


Our Mission

Bioedit Download Mac

Is to Provide the Best Service to the Scientific Community and to the Biotechnology Industry.

Our Goal

Is to Provide the Highest Quality Work in the Shortest Time.

A Gene Editing Service Company

BioEdit company is a service company focused on helping scientists get their gene editing projects done in a short time.
We perform gene knock-in and/or knockout in different cell lines, allowing them to study biological pathways that enable the identification of drug targets.
BioEdit has the expertise to perform gene editing in a timely manner and with a guarantee.

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“Very high quality and greatly appreciate the fast delivery. “

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“BioEdit made my research more efficient, and faster to get my project results. Thanks!”

Bioedit For Windows 10

PhD Student

What really impressed me was not only how fast I received my order, but the quality & the professionalism it was done!”

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