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cool contrib ;]
thaaankk you!


great one ¡¡

hi , i notice that camera did not work on my machine until i put a few seconds in the end time of the filestream i got 2 cameras working well . just a note for some people that may have same problem . chau ;D

The problem is that after installing the driver the only applications which can see the PS3Eye are CL-Eye Test and CL-Eye Device Manager - none of the “Supported” applications seems to be able to see / access it (Skype, Yahoo, MSN) so I was under impression that I need to activate the device first to make it “visible” to them. Download cl eye test for free. System Utilities downloads - CL-Eye Driver by Code Laboratories, Inc. And many more programs are available for instant and free download.

With Win7 x64 and beta26, things will run fine for anywhere from a few seconds to minutes, and then either the frame rate will drop to 1 every few seconds, or vvvv will crash (or both). When the frame rate drops, vvvv is also very unresponsive, but my CPU use is down around 25%, the same as when it is running OK.

Anyone else seen this? Tried this under Win7 x64? Thanks!

Also, the CLEyeMulticamTest program runs fine indefinitely with two cams. I'm suspicious of vvvv's handling of two simultaneous video streams being the culprit...

Download cl-eye driver windows 10 for free. System Utilities downloads - CL-Eye Driver by Code Laboratories, Inc. And many more programs are available for instant and free download. May 26, 2017 Eye test results: If you’ve always wondered what all those vision test chart results actually mean when you have your eyes tested, read on! The Eye Practice has put together a short guide to understanding short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism from the numbers on your glasses prescription.

Ayup, it's not this plugin. vvvv behaves the same with two different VideoIn nodes. As you were!

more than two cameras doesnt work for me...


the CL-Eye Platform Driver only support 2 Cams. You have installed the CL-Eye Platform Pack??

yes and bought a four cam license...

mhh sorry i dont tested. I have only 2 cams. But I thought, it will be function.

hey everybody!
i´ve a problem with my texture of the cams. its still broken (or doubled) in the renderer..
(showing at the screenshot)

has someone an idea?! thank you!

Hi everybody,
this is my first post on this forum, how exciting! :-)
I have a question before testing the plugin: how can I combine two or more textures of the cameras to make a single analysis?

Thank you...

Hi Alec!
I've done it using this contribution, but performance are not so exciting..

You've to join the renderers using dx9 textures and stilching and softedging the common side.. And because of the freeframe and videotexture involved you've got 40fps to start with.. (Excluding all the blob calculation and so on)..


The solution will be for sure using the .dll that CL gives you when you download CL-Eye Platform SDK.

There's an example in CL-Eye Platform SDKSamplesCLEyeMulticamC# written in C# based on WPF that access to 2 Ps3Eye.

I modified it to better understand the code and layout better the two images..
.. But I don't know how to make custom plugin in VVVV.

Another idea would be use the BRAND NEW datatype 'CV Image' Elliot Woods has created.. Maybe in the future in the EmguCV stuff will be another node called Ps3Eye (EmguCV) with a spreadable Camera ID input pin and all the pin to access the various parameter (there's an interesting one to correct lens distorsion).

Until that day.. Good Luck

i made some CLEye nodes in the past which were used for recording (spreadable / programatic control of exposure, etc).
definitely can be adapted for EmguCV type

but this is totally awesome for working with what VVVV's already got.

You always have an ace in your sleeve!
And did you use the SDK from CL?
Thanks a lot Elliot, the EmguCV type it's a revolution for VVVV. (I think)

How does work the dummy spreed out? What kind of spreed do I get from this pin??

Where do i have to copy the dll and and help patch? i tried different locations.. i used it in an older vvvv version, like it!

for the 27.2 copy CLEyeMulticam.dll to the libthirdparty,and PS3EyeMulti.dll in freeframes folder

I have a Problem. When I run PS3EyeMulti help.v4p system error can not run the program cv100.dll. I install CL Eye Platform Driver, CL Eye Platform SDK. I open a crack.exe all installed. What else do I have to install?

I have several PS Eye cameras, I try to connect them to one computer for record 640x480 75fps videos. I understand I can use only two for one computer. I have no progammers on VisualStudio. Can You help me - I need only capture from two PS Eye cameras, so let me download compilled programm for it? Is it possible?

Thank You

? Can anybody help me?

Hello? Admins? Developers? Help...

Hi NOD423, I tried this plugin.
but node color is red, doesn't work.

I think I followed your guide.

Cl Eye Test No Camera Found
1. CL Eye Platform Driver install
2. CL Eye Platform SDK install
3. download and run


unzip to vvvv/freeframe

what is freeframe?
following liquid's comment, I copied 'PS3EyeMulti.dll' to 'C:vvvv_45beta29_x86libthirdpartyfreeframes'.
As freeframes folder doesn't exist, I created.

Cl Eye Driver Free Download Windows 10

but it doesn't work. yet.
CL Eye Driver's CL-Eye Test is working.

Cl Eye Test No Camera Found

If you know my mistake, teach me please.

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