Compair L37 Operation Manual

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The style of the 20-50HP screw is the same. Two air end models allow coverage of this range. One for the 20-30 HP (L15-L22) range and another for the 30-S to 50 HP (L22S-L37) range. The L22S unit is a slow-speed, high quality 30 HP unit.
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L15 20 76 125
L18 25 96 125
L22 30 111 125
L22S 30 120 125
L30 40 159 125
L37 50 201 125
The L-series units are available with outputs from 57 to 123 CFM at pressures of 73 to 190 psig. These units have fault shutdown information, service hour alerts, and digital display for alert conditions and operating conditions. The L-series air ends are manufactured using the latest CNC rotor grinding technology, coupled with on line laser measurements, in order to maintain precise tolerances. The prepackaged units are single connection for power and air and able to fit through standard doorways (L15 thru L22 units).

All units have air aftercoolers, oil thermo by-pass valves, minimum pressure valves, belt drive with an automatic tensioning device and Y-Delta magnetic starter. The units utilize a sound proof package design for low noise operation. Spin on/off separator cartridge gives residual oil carryover of less than 3 PPM. All service items are easily accessible.

The design of the L-series compressors utilize few external control, oil or pressure lines that minimize the chance of oil or air leaks. Nearly all connections are internal that reduces fittings and tubing and eliminates the bothersome oil and air leaks so much associated with rotary screw compressors.

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CompAir L37RS Compressor

The CompAir L37RS air compressor provides a reliable, energy saving compressed air solution.

Lower energy costs can be achieved thanks to the new design of the high efficiency airend which operates at low rotational speeds. In addition, the innovative integrated design with oil-separation, oil filter and thermostatic bypass valve, increases reliability by reducing the number of external hoses and components.

Manual Compair L37 is the eighth story in the Harry Potter series and the fir Manual Compair L37. Get free kindle Manual Compair L37 or download adn read online kindle Manual Compair L37 ebook. Download ePub In wiki says that Manual Compair L37 is supposed to have 320 pages. Step 2) Tried to read the book after. In this area, it is possible to access various documentation about our CompAir products. Look into and contact us for any doubts or further support. The L37 in the L Series by CompAir is a high-efficiency and high-performance rotary screw compressor with 50 HP and 179.5 CFM at 190 PSI. For quality compressed air solutions by CompAir and other brands, call Mac-Air Compressor Ltd. At 1-877-622-2471.

Reliable operation

Incorporating the DELCOS Pro intelligent control system ensures reliable operation and protects your investment by continuously monitoring the operational parameters.

The controls on the CompAir L37RS air compressor can also be linked to multi compressor control systems allowing you further control and potential further energy savings.

Compair L37 Operation Manual

Energy savings

The CompAir L37RS air compressor is able to precisely match power consumption with the system air demand, offering outstanding efficiency and reliability. The right variable speed compressor in the right application delivers significant energy savings and a stable air supply at constant pressure.

Low service costs

Compair L37 Operation Manual

The reduced number of moving parts in the CompAir L37RS air compressor combined with the hinged/removable enclosure side doors allow complete access to all service points for short servicing times and reduced service costs.

Heat recovery

CompAir L37RS air compressors can be factory fitted with a heat recovery unit allowing you to recover energy lost in the compression process. Allowing you to save money, energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

Assure Extended Warranty

The CompAir Assure Warranty covers your L37RS air compressor up to 44,000 hours or 6 years (whichever is the soonest) giving you complete peace of mind when making your purchase (subject to Terms & Conditions).


1.41 - 6.06


Low Noise and Vibration Levels

Energy Efficient

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High Efficiency Airend & Inverter

Reduced Maintenance

iConn – intelligent monitoring

Do you want to monitor the performance of your compressor? How about with 24/7 capabilities?

Compair l37 operation manual transmission

Not only does iConn keep you one step ahead by predicting potential issues before they happen, saving you time and expense, but the easy-to-use and install system also shows you how to optimise production and increase energy efficiency

Compair L37 Operation Manual Transmission

DA Finance

Interested in leasing or renting equipment?

Compair L37 Operation Manual Transmission

Direct Air can help your business find the most cost-effective solution to finance your compressor and downstream equipment.

Technology is constantly improving and for everything that needs to be replaced, there’s always leasing!

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