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  • Crosby catalog lists 11 sizes of G-2160. You can use this chart to create iParts. Simplified example in IVCF.
  • The Crosby Group is the world leader in rigging, lifting, load monitoring, mooring, and material handling hardware and software. We set the standard for quality, training, and technical expertise.

Find the best software for your project

Now you can accurately size and select a pressure relief valves for any combination of process applications with SizeMaster™ Mark IV pressure relief valve engineering software. This program for Windows® (all versions) brings unprecedented integration of standard engineering practice to the task of sizing and selecting pressure relief valves.

We offer a variety of solutions to personalize and print your Avery products. The best and easiest way is to use our free Avery Design & Print Online software, which lets you create custom labels, cards and tags with no download required.
  • Choose from thousands of professional designs and blank templates
  • Personalize with custom fonts, colors and graphics
  • Save your projects online to access at any time

Want to use your favorite Microsoft® or Adobe® design software?

Avery provides a variety of templates to use with your preferred design software. However, not all Avery templates are available for other platforms. If you choose to use other design software, you can upload artwork from your desired program into Avery Design & Print to add finishing touches and apply the design to multiple Avery products.
Compatible with all Avery printable productsMail MergeFill in entire sheet at onceWide collection of free professional designsSave projects online for easy access from any deviceEasily apply your design to other productsNo download requiredCompatible with:
Avery Design & Print OnlinePC & Mac
Avery Design & Print DesktopPC & Mac
Avery Downloadable Templates for Microsoft WordPC & Mac
Avery Downloadable Templates for Adobe SuitePC & Mac
Avery Downloadable Templates for Apple PagesMac
Avery Templates built into WordPC & Mac

Fulcrum Lifting is an authorized distributor of the Crosby SP load monitoring device product line. Contact our sales team for specs and pricing.

Tension Load Cells

The original tension load cell has been serving the load testing and force or weight measurement industries since 1979.

DNV Type approval, ATEX/IECEx available as well as Bluetooth options!

These Load monitoring systems are available in telemetry/wireless (RLP), self-indicating (LLP) and cabled non-indicating (WLP) versions. Towcell a 25kN, wireless tension load cell specifically engineered for the emergency services, salvage and 4 x 4 industries.

Crosby size software download

Ruggedly built and highly accurate load link style load cell dynamometers allow for force and load monitoring across a broad range of industries and applications.

Available Products: Radiolink Plus | Radiolink – ATEX IECeX | Wirelink Plus | 0003Loadlink Plus | Towcell

Clamp on line tensionmeter

Straightpoint’s latest innovation the Clamp on line tensionmeter, featuring a Bluetooth COLT App for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Easy to use and lightweight with an unlimited database of wire ropes this is a favourite for companies such as Crown Castle.

Crosby Size Software Free

It is particularly useful for guy wire maintenance on cell towers, bridges, stacks, antennas & masts and the erection of gin poles as well as measuring tension on elevators.

Available Products: COLT Tensionmeter


Straightpoint’s shackle load cell or ‘Loadshackle’ product line has been providing the lifting community with a low headroom load monitoring solution for over a decade. By integrating the load cell into the shackle pin the product provides for a compact and lightweight load monitoring solution while still meeting industry SWL and accuracy requirements.

These popular LMI Systems are available as cabled or telemetry wireless loadcells.

Available Products: Wireless Loadshackles | Cabled Loadshackles

Running Line Dynamometers

The TIMH – running line tension meter range are built with dockside, marine, offshore, towage and salvage applications in mind. It is particularly useful where there is no anchor or dead end on the line to rig a Straightpoint Radiolink or Loadlink digital dynamometer to measure tension force.

The CableSafe is for electrical and communication cable pulling and connects via straightpoint free HHP-App Bluetooth.

Available Products: TIMH Tensiometer | CableSafe

Compression Load Cells

The Straightpoint range of wired and wireless compression load cell product lines combine heavy duty construction, industry leading accuracy and high capacity into a cost effective weighing and load monitoring product.

Straightpoint compression load cells are utilized every day in compression force testing, structural weighing and for the conformation of mass and centre of gravity.

Available as cabled or wireless to suit your application.

Available Products: Wireless Compression Loadcell | Wired Compression Loadcell


Crane Scales

Crosby Size Software App

Crosby Size Software

The Jumboweigher range of Crane scales provide a cost effective solution for those who are looking for an affordable, heavy duty, permanent use crane scale. This cranescale is available in three capacities 5t, 10t and 20t. Straightpoint’s Miniweigher plus is the mini crane scale with big crane scale features.

Available in capacities from 100 kg to 5t this product is known worldwide for its full features, robust construction, high accuracy, compact size and extreme portability.

Available Products: Jumbo Weighers | Mini Weighers

Other Force Measurement Devices

Straightpoint’s loadpin loadcells and S-Beam load cells are perfect for OEM projects, custom test machines or for monitoring load in a manufacturing environment requiring closed loop feedback and controls. Both product lines can be used with our (HHP) Handheld Plus display, Desktop Controller software or configured with an analog output module and are supplied with certificates of proof test, calibration and conformity.

Crosby Size Software Download

Available Products: S Beam Loadcells | Loadpin Loadcells

Straightpoint Software and Systems

Straightpoint’s load monitoring software packages provide user friendly, cost effective load monitoring solutions for a broad range of industries faced with increasingly complex load monitoring applications. Available as wireless telemetry or cabled solutions these creative solutions allow for report printing, confirmation of mass and centre of gravity, simultaneous display/monitoring, totalising and data logging of up to 24 Straightpoint Wireless Load cells.


Available Products: Software & Systems

Straightpoint Wireless Accessories

Crosby Size Software Downloads

Straightpoint’s full range of wireless accessories allow for the simple integration of a wireless load cell into more complex load monitoring systems used in variety of manufacturing, rigging, weighing and transportation industries. Signal Boosters, base stations with digital or analogue outputs or large LED slave displays are all available from the Straightpoint range of wireless accessories.

Available Products: Wireless Accessories

Fulcrum Lifting Branches are authorized distributors of Crosby SP load monitoring devices.

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