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About this Game

Disney Stitch Puzzle

Are you a fan of the art of cross-stitching? Do you want to know the basic principles that govern the technique? Or maybe you are just looking for a new type of puzzle that you can play on your PC? If the title of the game has somehow tickled your curiosity, then sit back and relax. Check out Cross Stitch download featured on this page.

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Introducing, Cross Stitch from veteran color puzzle developer, incolor! This unique game is based on the principles of cross-stitching right at the comfort of your PC. This is definitely a fun and engaging way to get through those lazy afternoons. Most importantly, it acquaints you in the art itself. Familiarize yourself on how each of the colors is plotted for each image with the 2x zoom feature and accurate color hues. This feature surely makes it the perfect tool for those who want to try this craft.

A Wide Variety of Patterns

Cross Stitch Games free download - Cross Fire, Stoik Stitch Creator, Cross DJ Free, and many more programs. Choose from a variety of Cross Stitch puzzle options with different sizes, number of pieces, and board material.

One of the most notable features found in Cross Stitch comes from the variety of patterns that the player can explore. Players can choose from six categories including animals, art, people, landscape, flowers, and pets. The best part is that each of these categories gets a weekly update of new images giving you a fresh set of patterns to work on every time.

Upload Your Own Images in Cross Stitch on PC

Cross Stitch Puzzle Game

Another interesting feature in Cross Stitch desktop is that it enables players to upload their own images and convert them into a pattern. Players can even work on it and display in the gallery. Not only does this feature makes the image more interesting, but it also provides an overview of the colors that make up the entire image. If you are into cross-stitching or interested in the craft, this is the perfect tool for you. Experience playing more awesome Puzzle Games like Gardenscapes and Panda Pop!

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