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Unfortunately, it's not designed to provide cross-fading - slowly decreasing the volume of one source, DJ-fashion, while increasing the volume of a second. However, it is possible to simulate cross-fading manually. Launch two copies of the VLC media player. Right-click anywhere in Media Player while in Now Playing mode, select Enhancements, and select any of the available options. You can switch between the individual enhancements by clicking the right and left buttons at the top left. Crossfading and Auto Volume Leveling. The Auto Volume Leveling setting is just a simple toggle on and off. How to Turn On Crossfading in Windows Media Player. How to Turn On Crossfading in Windows Media Player.

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Jan 17, 2015 - Vlc player is undoubtedly one of the best media player around, it is not. CrossFading Enhancement effect of Windows Media Player on VLC?

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The VLC media player from French-based developer VideoLAN is a leading free and open-source software product for playing audio and video files, CDs, DVDs and streaming media. It provides support for all major and most minor multimedia formats, and versions are available for Windows, Macintosh, iOS, Android, a dozen major versions of Linux and several less-common operating systems. Unfortunately, it's not designed to provide cross-fading -- slowly decreasing the volume of one source, DJ-fashion, while increasing the volume of a second. However, it is possible to simulate cross-fading manually.



Launch two copies of the VLC media player. Size and place the two VLC windows on your screen so you have access to them simultaneously.


Click the 'Media' menu on the title bar of your first VLC window, then navigate through the menu options to select the song or video you wish to play. Options might vary slightly between operating systems or desktop environments. Repeat for the second window.


Crossfading In Vlc Media Player Free Download

Cue the song you intend to play second by pressing 'Play' and then pausing it as soon as you hear any sound. Some audio files have several seconds of silence at the beginning, so this simple precaution avoids that difficulty. Reduce the volume of this window to a low setting, approximately 10 to 15 percent, using the volume slider.


How To Download Subtitles In Vlc Media Player

Set the volume of your other window to 50 percent or less, then press 'Play.' Adjust the volume to a suitable playing level and let the song play through.


Press 'Play' again in the second window when your first song is within a few seconds of ending. Reduce the volume in your first window slowly for a few seconds, then raise it slowly in the second window until it reaches a playing volume comparable to the first song.


  • To continue the process, load a third song while the second is playing. You won't have the opportunity at this point to cue it and eliminate any dead air, but you can minimize this by starting the song a few seconds earlier or previewing your audio files beforehand or editing out any silences.
  • If you're playing a song that has a slow fadeout as part of the original recording, you can slowly increase the volume of your second source without manually fading out the first.
  • The correct volume might vary substantially between songs, depending on the source material. Use your ears, rather than the percentage indicator on VLC's volume control.


  • If you're using VLC on a version of Ubuntu with the Unity interface, the global menus at the top of your desktop will apply to whichever Unity window is selected. Be careful not to interrupt playback of your current song by selecting a new one with the wrong window active.

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I´ve spent some time to get a DJ double player on top of the VLC Moz plugin.
It was a little bit tricky to realize the autocrossfader, but it works as a charme now.
I named it MrMCMedia´s MediaStormXXLDJP.
Here you can see a lowres preview of it:
If enough people are interested, maybe it will be released.
The requirements for the player are:
( apache ) webserver with php, current IE, Opera or Firefox Browser, Google crome doesn´t work with to VLC instances.
VLC >= 0.9 with enabled Mozilla plugin ( enabled checkbox while installing )

Vlc Media Player Release Date

After extracting the MrMcMedia folder to your web root, you have to put some music or video stuff to the subfolder media
and to call the local or in your lan positioned website of the player.
There are features like timer start, video fullscreen switching, auto fadein /out auto crossfading, speed change, cue play, shuffle play and so on.
The fader modes are single player fadeout/in, double player doublexfade and loop playing for both modes.
The goal was to get a nice webplayer for my EMTEC Movie Cube.
I´ve also tested on a AVM FritzBox 7270, a Win 7 PC and an Ubuntu Linux.
It´s almost platform independant.

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