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3D Insider is a leading technology publication covering the latest emerging news in topics such as 3D printing, drones, and virtual reality. Best of 2016 – Mp3 Songs & Lyrics 10th January 2017; Top 100 Trance & Dance Songs. DJ Splash – Flying High (Speed) Download & Listen. DJ Splash – New Life. Nick Fisker Nielsen, better known by his stage name DJ Splash or simply Splash, is a popular Danish producer. Popular songs by this producer include “Flying High”, “Bass Is Kicking”, “Always and Forever”, “Crying Soul” as well as countless others. Nick started using FL Studio in early 2002, when a friend recommended it to him. He started posting his tracks to his website (which.

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Hands Up

Comment by Shana

take me back to 2000s internet please! <3

Comment by Joonas Nurmla



Comment by HEEVV

Wow shit what is this amazing song

Comment by Saben

Brilliant tune this is started listening when I started secondary school

Comment by _bleed_ skywars

best song ever

Comment by Djxnbrs

Fan!! Cheers, Djxnbrs!!

Comment by Eeyanzai

good old days

Comment by Sensei Rip

Listen to RIP X Damage - Therapy by Sensei Rip on #SoundCloud

Comment by Sensei Rip

Listen to RIP X Damage - Therapy by Sensei Rip on #SoundCloud

Comment by Dj Teita

quien te quita el puesto splash? nadie

Comment by Dj Teita

jajajaja my master

Comment by Kata Budinszky

Ah, the Nostalgia! I miss this so MUCH!

Comment by AlejZ

This song takes me back to my childhood.. So many memories <3

Comment by gumball 123

1999 mix

Comment by HappoWelho

Dcx flying high dj splash remix mp3 download



Comment by rohan

still my favorite, even 'till this day.

Comment by Strawberry Candy ( Strawberry Doll )

ah the good song

Comment by Juji102

Memories! I listened to it at a much higher BPM though

Comment by ODELL

Ahhhh those old times..

Comment by Julianasari Rusli


Comment by Dan Weatherley


Comment by NextLvl


Comment by theDubandTrance2

The speed mix of this track is my favourite track, i'm not exaggerating when I say this either. It's bee my favourite track since I heard it.

Comment by DJ Zekno

Splash will always be the best

Dcx Flying High Dj Splash Remix Mp3 Download

Comment by B0untya

Dj Splash Flying High Mp3 Downloader

I prefert nightcore version

Comment by g_rod32

i heard this song at like 150-160 bpm it was awesome!

Comment by user549014152

Childhood memories :*

Comment by ZYa

I love dj splash ♥️♥️

Comment by ItsHotinBeirut

Insane man!!!

Comment by JeremyPain

Dj Splash Flying High Mp3 Player

Gotta love DJ Splash!

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