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  • As a result, Counter-Strike has recently had its biggest upheaval since 2004, when its engine was swapped for Half-Life's GoldSrc to Source. The nuts and bolts of the world's most famous hostage rescue game have been changed from old Half-Life 2 code to Orange Box, meaning it now runs the latest version of Valve's engine that supports Windows.
  • Counter-Strike: Source blends Counter-Strike's award-winning teamplay action with the advanced technology of Source™ technology. Featuring state of the art graphics, all new sounds, and introducing physics, Counter-Strike: Source is a must-have for every action gamer. Note: Counter-Strike Source is available for Linux and Mac via Steam.

Counter-Strike: Source blends Counter-Strike's award-winning teamplay action with the advanced technology of Source™ technology. Jun 01, 2018 Mac OS X Yosemite Full Download. Mac OS X Yosemite Full Version Installer Download has a cleaner and more eye catching dock. Counter-Strike for Mac, free and safe download. Counter-Strike latest version: The classic community online shooter.

The #1 online action game in the world, Counter-Strike: Source (CSS) has just received a major update and is now available for the Mac. CSS is a SteamPlay title, so if you own it on the PC – you own it on the Mac. Mac cross-platform play, this update also adds achievements, stats, engine updates and more.

Counter-Strike 1.6 is a first-person online shooter video game, released on January 29, 2013. It was developed by Valve Corporation and published by Sierra Entertainment.

Counter Strike 1.6 Download

CS 1.6 encourages you to choose one character out of eight. There are two teams viz. terrorist and anti-terrorist. Before the game starts, you’re allowed a few seconds. This is because when a warrior enters into the battlefield, he needs some time to prepare himself and to check his weapons. During this grace period of time, you ready yourself and buy equipment. Additionally, during this period, called ‘freeze time’, no member of one team is permitted to attack the member of the other tea+m, but rather they must wait for the time to end.

CS 1.6 Game Play

The game will advance through by following the map on the screen. Since it is all about shooting, yet if you run out of bullets, it is better for you to come back to the same place where you bought equipment/weapons. There is a score board, indicating your name, kills, deaths, and ping. If you’re carrying something with you, it also reveals. If you’re dead, then you wait for the round to complete. It means that you cannot continue the round, in which you’re once killed, but rather, you will resume playing in the next round.Counter-Strike 1.6 is completely based on team-orientation. It is important to note that the pace of this game is fast. As mentioned above that there are two teams, one team tries its utmost to eliminate the other. Every member of one team has a quench to kill the member of another team. If all the members of one team have killed the members of another team, then the former will be declared as a winner. There are dangerous weapons and equipments available for both teams. Another new version Counter Strike 1.8 PC Game and Counter strike Condition Zero Game is also available to download for free.

Download counter strike source maps

counter strike 1.6 System Requirements

Windows Xp,7,Vista
Ram: 128MB
Video Memory: 16 MB
Cpu: 500Mhz


Counter-Strike: Source (often referred to as CSS) is the update (or rather a remake) of the timeless online team-play shootout, packed with action and filled with hundreds of game modes to play due to the really huge game community. The game is a clear example of what players want out of their action shooter games. November 1, 2004, is the Counter-Strike: Source release date for Windows. In June 2010 Counter-Strike: Source became available for Mac.

In Counter-Strike: Source, players deal with the same missions as in the original version of the game, so the essence and the main idea of the gameplay haven’t changed. With Counter-Strike: Source, however, Valve finally dropped the outdated Half-Life platform for their cutting edge then-newly created Source engine. Download the Counter-Strike: Source game to enjoy sophisticated visuals, improved audio effects and smoother gameplay.

Counter-Strike: Source Gameplay 5/5

Very little has been altered in the Counter-Strike: Source gameplay compared to the original CS. For example, this update focuses on the importance of headshots and allows experienced players to salvage a seemingly lost round. The classic team-oriented objective-fueled 1st-person shooter gaming experience that has initially stolen our hearts continues to take our breath away in Counter-Strike: Source.

Counter-Strike: Source Graphics 5/5

More responsive characters, superior AI and impeccable highly realistic graphics - now that’s where all the major changes within the Counter-Strike: Source game take place. The visual improvement from Counter-Strike: Condition Zero to Source is truly awesome.

Counter-Strike: Source Sounds 5/5

Enhanced sound effects represent another important change within the Counter-Strike: Source gameplay. The updated audio effects blend with the fundamental game concept beautifully, boosting your gaming experience and performance.

Download Counter Strike Source Mac

Controls 5/5

The game boasts undisputedly solid controls. Just do your best not to download the Counter-Strike: Source torrent version, since it may disappoint you both in terms of controls and the gameplay quality in general.

Replay Value 5/5

With each game installment, Valve has done its best to extend the game’s replay value. Visual enhancements, multiple developer and community mods, weapon tweaks and a huge level of customization - these and many other enhancements make players constantly come back for more. In other words, just like almost every Counter-Strike: Source review states, the game never gets old.

Download Counter Strike Source Maps


Cutting to the Chase

The Counter-Strike: Source awesome update renews our fascination with the game, spoiling us with the improved AI, updated stellar graphics and enhanced sound effects.


Counter Strike Free Download For Pc

Download Counter Strike Source Mac
Excellent graphics;
Fantastic multiplayer experience;
Immersive and realistic gameplay;
Never gets old;
Huge mod community.
Counter strike free download for pc Cons
CounterStrike: Source system requirements are higher than those of the CS 1.6;
Some players call the game monotonous due to the linear maps.

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