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To add and post photos to Facebook: 1. At the top of your News Feed, click 'Photo Album' to upload to a new album. Select the photo files form your Mac you want to add to Facebook. You can also: tag friends, share what you're feeling or doing, or add a location 4. Click 'Post' To add more photos to an existing album: 1. Saving photos and albums that you come across in Facebook can be an easy task if you use a proper Album Downloader software tool. Now you can save photos from Facebook social networking site using the Facebook Album Downloader tool. This tool helps users to save and backup photos found in various social networking sites. Check out this article to find the best Facebook Album Downloader tools. How To Download Album Photos On Facebook, recently I found this trick while I need to download some images from the facebook page. If I sit to download all t. Facebook is an average social media app that is nice for communicating with friends and family for free (via Messenger). But, with that being said, it is time for Facebook to release a major design update for the mobile app. Often, when I am checking the reactions to my posts on Facebook, the reactions never load, are miscounted, or not updated.


Facebook is by far the most popular social networking media site on the web with millions of followers. Many of them upload photos of different types on a regular interval on the site. If you desire to download and store photos from the Facebook site you need efficient Facebook photo downloader. Task accomplished by the Facebook photo downloader software is downloading the photos and graphic images from the site hassle free onto your system while maintaining their quality. Learning about 6+ best software would be useful to you in selecting.

Download Facebook Album Mac


Photo Grabber

PhotoGrabber is very efficient Facebook photo downloader software that is offered by You can organize photos by the user as well as an album with this Facebook photo downloader. Using the official API of Facebook to download photos with the highest resolution and has HTTPS certificate validation. This free software can download tagged photos and albums.

Fluschi Pranie

Fluschipranie is Facebook photo downloader developed by Tiberio Jonas and it not only download photos and albums with full image quality but also hides the ads. You can download Facebook albums online hassle free with this tool. It is basically used as Firefox add-on for downloading Facebook albums and tagged photos.


Pick & Zip is free Facebook photo downloader which you can download Facebook photos with high quality. You can download and backup photos which are downloaded from Facebook, and Instagram as well as Vine in one ZIP or PDF file using this software. The quality of the photos does not deteriorate on downloading and you can enjoy full features conveniently.

Download facebook album chrome

Photo Live Free

Photo Live Free is free Facebook photo downloader authored by It is a simple extension of zipping and saving the photos and albums by download from Facebook. The software makes download Facebook albums online easy and convenient. It is also safe since the account information remains secret and it also ensures that you download only chosen Facebook photos and albums.

Other File Transfer Software

The Facebook photo downloader software discussed above allow free download and are not specifically designed for any operating system. However, there is a couple of Facebook photo downloader that operates on specific operating systems like Mac and Android. The objective is to develop powerful software for mobile devices.

Photo Fetch for Mac

PhotoFetch is Facebook photo downloader specially designed for Mac and iOS and you can download Facebook photo high quality on your device. It is a nice tool for retrieval of lost photos uploaded earlier on Facebook and not traceable. Download Facebook photos and albums from any page you like with ease and convenience.


Photo Downloader for Android

Photo Downloader from Facebook is available on Google Play. This Facebook photo downloader allows saving photos from Facebook with a single click. Android users cannot directly save Facebook photos but this Facebook photo downloader software gives them that power. Therefore you can now easily save Facebook photos on your smartphone, tablet or other devices running on Android operating system.

Download Photo Albums – Most Popular Software

Download Photo Albums is Facebook photo downloader software available on Facebook as well as on site. The Facebook photo downloader is easy to install, use and can download any image, photo, or album from Facebook effortlessly. However, this amazing popular software used by millions across the globe might stop in the year 2017. Yet in terms of efficiency and quality, the software is unmatched as if now.

How to Install Facebook Photo Downloader?

While downloading Facebook photo downloader, first of all, check the system compatibility. You can download platform independent or OS-specific software. For downloading free software, you only need to access the provider site, click on the download tab and follow the instructions displayed on your monitor screen.

For licensed software, you may need to open an account and get your login id and password confirmed by providing basic information and by making required payments. The rest of the processes are identical to downloading the free software. The only difference would be getting the activation code from the provider in case of licensed software. You can also see Instagram Video Downloader

It is rightly said that an image speaks a thousand words. Downloading and saving images from Facebook can help you retain your favorite moments or other photos and albums you like. Facebook photo downloader facilitates the process and by going through this review it can help you to take an informed decision on downloading such photo downloader software.

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How to download entire photo albums from Facebook? Facebook has been widely used by its users to share their photos with friends, colleagues and other people. You can easily upload your photos to the Facebook album, but do you know how to download entire photo albums from Facebook? In this article, we compiled a list of free web services and applications allowing you to download Facebook photo albums and save them on your computer for backup or offline sharing.

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With FacePAD you can download whole albums from Facebook with a right-click. This Firefox add-on is completely invisible except for an addition to the right-click menu when you click on a Facebook photo-album link. When you click that, all the images inside the album are downloaded to your default images folder.

Fotobounce offers easy private photo sharing with face recognition. You can use it to download any of your Facebook photo albums with ease. It’s a free (for both Windows and Mac) utility that would help you manage photos in your Facebook and Flickr accounts right from the desktop.

Web Album Copier
Web Album Copier is specialized in downloading all images from a web photo album to your computer. After the application is installed go to your web browser (Firefox and Internet Explorer are supported), right-click on the web page containing the web album and select “Download with Web Album Copier”. This program will take care of the rest. It works with most image sharing sites such as Flickr, Picasa Web Album and many more.

FaceDown is another photo downloader that lets you download pictures from Facebook quickly and easily. You can download all the tagged photos of yourself or others. FaceDown adds the facebook picture caption and names of the people tagged to the photo metadata so that it is viewable in Picasa, Windows Vista Photo Gallery, iPhoto, Flickr, Picasa Web Albums, Photoshop, Irfanview, etc.

fbDownloader is a free Facebook photos download software that lets you download tagged photos, your photo albums, and your friends’ photos for free.

Download Facebook Photo Albums

Pick&Zip is a totally free online tool that will allow you downloading photos from Facebook in a single zip or pdf file. You can download photos where you have been tagged even if you have not uploaded them. If so you prefer, you can make a selection of the pictures you like best among your own, your friends’, your fan pages and those of the groups you belong.

Download Facebook Album To Computer


PhotoGrabber is another application developed to easily download pictures from Facebook. It’s free for both Windows and Mac users. Once installed, Photograbber searches wall posts for tagged photos of you and tagged photos of your friends. Simply choose which friend’s photos you want, click download, and that’s it.

Download Full Facebook Albums

Facebook Applications

Download Facebook Album Chrome

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