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Seeking the method on how to download apps without App store? Then, you have come to the right page as here we have given the method that let you download and install apps without App Store.

App Store Tips & Issue Fixes

Mac App Store: The Mac will only run apps downloaded from the Mac App Store. Mac App Store and identified developers: When you try to open a new app and it’s not on the list of identified. Download and install AnyTrans on your computer and here is the simple guide on how to download apps without App Store on iPhone. Run AnyTrans on your PC/Mac Connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer using a cable Then click on “App Downloader” option. Install Apps on iPhone without Apple ID via Tu Tu helper. Tu tu helper is one of the best alternate versions which helps you search for the app and you can download it easily without the need to enter your Apple ID. In the iOS Emu app, right at the bottom beside the letter ‘T’. All you have to do is tap on the ‘install’ option. How to Install an App Removed from the App Store. If you downloaded the app on your iOS device, you should be able to install it. Since the app has been removed from the store, you won't be able to re-download it, though. If you delete the app, it's gone forever — unless you've backed up iTunes.

App Downloading Tips
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App Store Issues

Sometimes, App Store shows unexpected error and you unable to download apps from it on your iDevice, especially when you update your iOS device to the latest version. If you are one of those users who is facing the problem with your App store, then AnyTrans can help you in this situation. It is a wonderful free tool designed to manage iOS content efficiently and smartly.

If you are facing trouble to manage your iDevice apps on a small screen, then you can use the tool that will help you to manage your apps with ease. Here, in this post, we have shown how to install apps on iPhone/iPad without App Store using this powerful tool.

How to Download Apps without App Store on iPhone/iPad

Mac Apps Store Download


AnyTrans comes with a lot of significant features and the best thing about the tool is it provides feature what it claims. As a powerful and professional iOS data manager, it is a simple and easy-to-use tool that let you search and download apps from App Store. You don’t have to be a tech-savvy person to use the tool. Here are the main features of it:

  • Download and install apps on your iPhone or iPad directly without App Store.
  • Delete and uninstall the unwanted apps on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Back up apps on your iPhone/iPad, update and downgrade version of the installed app.
  • Install multiple apps to different devices in minutes. Once the apps are saved to your app library, you can select and install them to any iDevices as many times as you want.
  • It is compatible with all iPhone models, including the latest ones such as iPhone XS (Max)/XR and iPhone 11.
AnyTrans – iPhone App Manager

Want to download apps without app store on your iDevice? You can easily achieve it with the iOS device manager – AnyTrans. It allows you to download apps and make your own app library. Keep reading on this post to learn more.

Download and install AnyTrans on your computer and here is the simple guide on how to download apps without App Store on iPhone.

Step 1. Run AnyTrans on your PC/Mac > Connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer using a cable > Then click on “App Downloader” option.

Click on App Downloader Option in AnyTrans – Step 1

Step 2. After that, sign in your Apple ID. You need to enter your Apple credentials, such as its ID and password.

Step 3. Search for the app you want to download > The list will be displayed matched with search keyword > Click on the “Download” icon of that app you want to download. And it shall be saved to your app library.

Search App and Download in AnyTrans – Step 3

Step 4. Next, click on “App Library” option to see the downloading process. Once the download is finished, click on the “Save to Device” button to install the app on your iDevice.

The Bottom Line

Thus, the guide has provided a simple way on how to download apps without App Store. AnyTrans is one of the most powerful data or app management tool for iOS devices. With it, you can also transfer content between computer and iOS devices or between two iOS devices. Why not give a try now. If the post helps you to download your desired apps without App Store, then don’t forget to share it with others also.

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In this AdvicesAcademy guide we have gone through process on how to install Line App on Mac PC officially & unofficially.

For most of us social chatting is an inherent part of our routine and most people actively use different social sites. Facebook and Twitter are most popular but so are Viber, WhatsApp and Google+. With so many places to check out how uncool would it be if your device features permitted you to keep only one site open at a time! Apart from the already-here apps there’s also one that calls for attention simply due to its quality video-chat abilities. Line is a social-chat app that delivers many new features. It’s available on Blackberry, iOS and Windows apart from Android and officially for all PC users as well.

Download Line Mac Without App Store

Line can be installed on Mac using an APK file or directly after installing BlueStacks. This app is somewhat different from most other social apps. Though it’s got a Timeline like in Facebook, video chatting is central feature in Line that offers you HD calling that currently no other social app offers. It also lets users receive or send text messages using Network connectivity and is available officially for Windows or Mac.

Line App for iOS: Features

At Line you find all sort of famous characters in form of fun stickers that can be used in messages. Check out the other features Line has to offer:

Mac apps download
  • Video and Voice Calls for Free: With Line app installed on your iPhone you can make free and good quality voice calls from any location. This includes video calls. There’s no limit to talktime and like Skype international calls are for free.
  • Quick Message Delivery: Try out Line’s message function where you can send messages imbued with icons, photos or info on location. Line has a smart messaging platform that makes conventional messaging platforms like emails and SMS look outdated. Use stickers, emoji, photos, voice messages and other stuff.
  • Video Calling: Really the most important feature of Line, video calling offers a video-call quality that works great for personal or professional video calls.

Download Line for Mac

Download Line for Mac directly from iTunes Store. If the link doesn’t work, use the given steps to download-install it.

  • Download-install BlueStacks from the official site.
  • Install it on your PC.
  • Open BlueStacks and click on ‘Search
  • Look for Line, click on ‘Install’ on which Line will download, install.

If you’re using APK file then download it and double-click on the file that will initiate installation. Make sure BlueStacks is installed already.

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Download Line Mac Without App Store

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