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Screenshots can be captured using any of the tools found in web browsers or you can also go for an application if you need to organize them. If you’re looking for an application which can help you capture screenshots, just search snipping tool for Mac free download. This article mentions some of the best Snipping Tool for Mac tools that are currently being used by millions of people worldwide.

Screen capture tool. Albanian - Shqip. Download for Mac. Lightshot downloads. Install lightshot in your most advanced Mac OS X operating system. Capture screen images and share them via Facebook and Twitter with your Macintosh. Mac hotkey is ⇧⌘ 9. Ubuntu Lightshot Application. Best of all, you can attempt to obtain all these snipping tool download apps, and determine which one you want probably the most free of charge because all of them are available by Setapp, a platform for over one hundred fifty greatest-in-class Mac apps for any job. Download Snipping Tool Right Now. Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Snip & Sketch.



Skitch is the new addition to Evernote that helps you capture and annotate screenshots that are saved in Evernote. If you’re opting for Snipping Tool for Mac, then this is one of the most recommended tools. You can also save images to Evernote using this snipping tool. New updates are being introduced for better results.


This Snip is a simple and effective Snipping Tool for Mac. This handy snipping tool lets you capture scrolling windows, images and it supports retina display. The captured images can be shared with your friends. It also comes with an auto detect feature, editable tags and gives you access to QQMail.

Web Clipper

Web Clipper is a neat Snipping Tool for Mac which is used to clip web pages as you browse the web. This tool serves as the best alternative to bookmark. It allows users to keep all clips in one place. Just click the save button to save a clip and share them instantly.

Sharpshooter 2

SharpShooter 2 is a Snipping Tool for Mac which is used to capture and organize screenshots. It comes with features that enable users to rename the screenshot, automatic rename, move the image to another folder, open the screenshot with another application, change the format of the image and add modifications to the image.

Light Shot

LightShot lets you capture screenshots in the fastest way possible. This Snipping Tool for Mac supports various platforms and can be downloaded online. It is easy to use application which provides fast screenshot capturing option and quick sharing of screenshots. Image search options and the powerful editors are the other features of this tool.


Briss is a Snipping Tool for Mac which is mainly used for cropping PDF files. It comes with a simple interface and lets you crop the file in very precise and efficient manner. The SourceForge website can be accessed to download this snipping tool.


Download Snip Tool For Mac



How Do I Download Snipping Tool For Mac

Tiny Grab

Snipping Tool

Apowersoft Mac Screenshot – Most Popular Software

This is the most popular choice for Snipping Tool for Mac and it helps you capture screenshots with utmost ease. Use this tool to share your record game score, make annotations or capture other vital information that your find in the websites. It also comes with a window detection feature and provides an option for multiple screenshots.

How to Install Snipping Tool for Mac?

Snipping Tool for Mac tools can be easily downloaded from any of the various websites. Just click on download and run the application in your device. If you come across any useful stuff on the web, make a simple click on the capture button. The captured screenshots will be organized automatically and you can access them instantly. Find the best Snipping Tool for Mac for better capture of screenshots. You can also see Video Editing Tools

Snipping Tool for Mac tools can be downloaded for free or accessed online. Search for open source software tools if you need a free tool for capturing screenshots. Be it a grab tool Mac or a snipping tool for iPad, you can find it online. Install the snipping tool on your device for quick capture of screenshots.

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In simple terms, a snipping tool software is essentially a screen capture software. It would allow you to take a screenshot of everything that’s on the screen, or even a portion. You can take a screenshot to show something to your friends, to maintain a record or even to simply capture an image that cannot be saved.


  • Webcam Capture Software

Whatever the reason, a screen capture software is extremely useful. If you’ve been looking for a great snipping tool software, then you the article below is for you.


Lightshot is another popular snipping tool software application and allows you to take a screenshot with utmost ease. Once you install the software application, you will be able to take a screenshot of the entire screen or even just a part of it with the click of a button. The images you get will be of top notch quality.


This is one of the best options you have if you want to print your screen. If you have come across something interesting online that you want to save and share with your friends, you can easily do so with the help of this snipping tool software application. All you have to do is download and install the software.

Snipping Tool++

This is a professional and easy to use snipping tool software that would allow you to take screenshots. Not only will you be able to take screenshots, you would also be able to annotate them and save them the way you want to. Moreover, you will certainly be able to share the screenshots across different platforms.


If you’re talking of screenshot capture software, it would be wrong not to talk about Skitch. This is a popular software application that allows you to take an image of whatever there is on the screen and also use it as you want to. You will be able to annotate it like your other photographs, apart from the usual features of saving and sharing.

Snipping Tool Software for Various Platforms

All devices have different requirements when it comes to taking screenshots. For example, the procedure followed by Mac users will be very different from that of Windows or Android. Naturally, you need to be cautious about the kind of snipping tool software you’re downloading. It should be compatible with the device you’re using.

Free Snipping Tool Software for Windows – DuckLink

This is one of the best snipping tool software applications right now. It would allow you to take screenshots of the entire screen, or even just a part of it. You will be able to annotate them, add captions, save them onto your device and then share them with your friends. You can even use it as a screen recorder as well.

If you’re using Windows devices, then you have quite a few options when it comes to snipping tool software. For example, you can use the software called Duck Link. This software application allows you to take a screenshot of the whole screen or a specific area on your screen. You would also be able to annotate them.

Free Snipping Tool Software for Android – Fastone

Fastone happens to be a simple, elegant yet powerful snipping tool software which allows you to get the best quality screenshots. It helps you capture an image of your screen seamlessly without the additional hassles associated with it. Also, it functions as a screen video recorder which might come in handy.

When it comes to Android, you have the largest number of options for snipping tool software. But if you’re asking about the best of the lot, we would recommend to you Fastone. This software application not only lets you take an image of what’s on screen but also works as a screen recorder.

Free Snipping Tool Software for Mac – SNAGIT

Free Snip Tool For Mac


Snip Tool Mac Command

This is one of the most popular snipping tool software applications owing to a large number of cool features it offers. It is, at present, one of the best screen capture software on the market. It would allow you to take an image of whatever is on the screen and even record all that is going on screen. You will be able to save and share the images captured.

Mac users would know that Apple offers a flawless image quality to all its devices. Naturally, to make the most of it, you should only go for the best screen capture software on the market. When it comes to Mac users, we would suggest you to try Snagit. This software runs equally well on Mac and Windows devices. It would allow you to both record and capture what’s on the screen.

Most Popular Snipping Tool Software in 2016 – Green Shot

If you’re talking about free snipping tool software you really cannot afford to miss out on this one. It would allow you to take screenshots seamlessly without worrying about their quality. This application has received great ratings on all top tech sites, so you wouldn’t have to worry about the reliability factor.

If you’re asking for recommendations about the best and most popular snipping tool software in 2016, we would have to suggest Greenshot. The software application allows you to accompany your text with a screenshot. This software application also provides screen recording services in case you’re planning to take it one step further.

What is Snipping Tool Software?

Before you get confused about the terminology, a snipping tool software is basically a screen capture software. It would allow you to capture an image of all that is on the screen or even a part of it. If you’ve come across something on the net that you want to share with your friends or if you have an important bank transaction that you need to save, you can simply take a screenshot.

All you’ll have to do is click one button on your keyboard and the screenshot will be taken. Screen recording is another feature offered by most of the snipping tool software applications. Such features do not simply allow you to take a screenshot, but also record anything that’s happening on screen.

How to Install Snipping Tool Software?

We assure you, you’re going to find installing snipping tool software really easy. All you have to do is pick the software application you like. Once that’s done, you must visit the official website of the software application and download it from there. Before you do, make sure you read up on all the features that such snipping tool software provides.

Benefits of Snipping Tool Software

While browsing through your social media profile, you may have come across an important message or a funny joke and you want to have a laugh over it with your friends. Or, you may have purchased something online and you want to keep a record of the transaction for your peace of mind. Earlier, these would have been impossible because you couldn’t save them. But now, there’s no need to go to all that trouble of actually saving stuff.

You can just take a screenshot. They’re as good as other images, if not better. You will be able to take a screenshot of all that is on your screen, even just a portion of it, with the help of snipping tool software. You will not only be able to save the images, but also share them across different platforms.

With the help of snipping tool software, taking screenshots becomes a whole lot easier. You now do not have to depend on the low quality, slow screen capture process of your device and let’s not forget, most devices do not even have this feature. You could use snipping tool software applications to take high quality, pristine screenshots from now on.

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