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So the Windows 10 technical preview is out and i was eager to test it out on my MacBook Pro. I am discussing only installation through bootcamp. While following the instructions that found on the web, i had to encounter many issues. Hence i am trying to consolidate everything i know or did, in this post.

1. Register for Windows 10 technical preview.

Windows 7 Boot Iso Download

2. Download the Windows 10 technical preview ISO file from the windows website.

3. Lauch Bootcamp Assistant (Applications > Utilities > Bootcamp Assistant) and click continue.


Basically it should look like this:

4. “Create a Windows 7 or later version install disk”

Download Windows 7 Bootable Iso

If this option is available, you can use the ISO file directly in the next step and continue with the installation.

If this option is not available you are left with two choices:

Oct 20, 2020 The Boot Camp Assistant will help guide you through the process of adding Windows to your Mac. For an easy way to begin, click, the Spotlight icon. In the search bar, type boot camp assistant, and press Enter. The next screen describes what Boot Camp assistant does, and warns you to back up your disk if you haven't already done so. Jun 05, 2020 Boot Camp lets you install Windows on a Mac computer in its own partition, so you can use either Windows or Mac OS X on your Mac computer. The Boot Camp Assistant application creates a Windows partition on your Mac and then restarts your Mac using your Windows installation disc. Make sure you have either Mac OS X v10.7 Lion or Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard installed for any.

Dec 29, 2019 1a8c34a149 Apple addresses issues with Windows 7 installations via Boot Camp. That this particular update is “highly recommended” for all users of Boot Camp 3.0. Download Boot Camp Software Update 3.1 for Windows 32-bit. I don't think Boot Camp is available for download. It's built into the Mac. May 17, 2017 For Mac users who also need to use a PC at work, home or just with specific applications, there is a solution. Using Boot Camp Assistant, you can install Windows 7 on your Intel-based Mac computer in its own partition. You’ll have a dual-boot system with your Mac OS on one partition and Windows on another.

a. Enable the option

Close the application. In Finder, go to Applications > Utilities. Right click on Boot Camp Assistant, select ‘Show Package Contents’

Bootcamp Windows Iso File

Right click the “Contents” folder, select ‘Get Info’. In ‘Sharing & Permissions’ section, enable ‘read & write’ for all and add one more entry admin with ‘read & write’ privilege. [For this you need to unlock the folder by clicking the lock symbol and prompt for the password will appear. You can use your admin password to unlock]

Once you have updated the permissions for “Contents” folder, open the folder and do the same ‘Sharing & Permissions’ changes for the “Info.plist” file.

Now open the “Info.plist” file using TextEdit or Xcode application. You need to make modifications in below sections:

<key>DARequiredROMVersions</key> : Here you need to add you computer’s Boot ROM Version. You can find this by clicking the apple icon (top left corner) on the finder window, select ‘About this Mac’, then ‘System Report’, then ‘Hardware’

Note down the ‘Model Identifier’ and ‘Boot ROM Version’

In Info.plist file section add you computer’s Boot ROM Version like below: (Please ensure its in the logical order)

<key>PreESDRequiredModels</key> : Here do the similar addition. Instead of Boot ROM Version you add the Model Identifier (MacBookPro7,1) /first section of your Boot ROM version (MBP71).

<key>PreUEFIModels</key> : Here also add Model Identifier or first section of Boot ROM Version as suited.

<key>USBBootSupportedModels</key> : Do similar addition in this section too.

Note: If you file has PreUSBBootSupportedModels as the section, remove the ‘Pre’

<key>Win7OnlyModels</key> : Remove this section

Download Windows 7 Iso For Mac Bootcamp

Save the file. Now saving the file just won’t get the work done. You need to sign the file. For that goto to Applications > Utilities > Terminal

Run the command:

sudo codesign -fs – /Applications/Utilities/Boot Camp

You will be prompted to enter the password. Do the same and click enter. Now your boot camp assistant is updated. Reopen the application and try.

b. Create a installation disk and use it.

You can create an install disk for Windows 10 using the Disk Utility application in Mac. (Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility) Choose the burn option and select the ISO image and burn it to the dvd. This will be your installation disk.

5. Continue with the instructions on screen the Boot Camp Assistant, plugin the USB drive that you are going to use. (Remember this drive will be formatted during the installation) The USB drive can be of size 8GB or more.

Insert your flash drive and then select the ISO file’s location. Boot Camp will then download all the necessary drivers to run Windows and transform your USB drive into a boot disk. This step takes a while, so be patient.

You’ll then be asked to partition your hard drive. This is a critical step, as you can’t expand or shrink the storage later on. Instead, you’ll have to wipe that part of the drive and start from scratch. It is recommended you select at least 20GB, but 30GB or more is best, as Windows 10 itself will take up a sizable chunk.

Partitioning will take time as well as installation.

Download Windows 7 Iso Image

When you’re done, click Install to start installing Windows 10.Computer might restart several times during the installation and you don’t have to worry about it. If for some reason your computer boots back to OS X, reboot and hold the Option key. This brings up a menu where you can select which operating system to launch.

Enjoy trying Windows 10.

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