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Superior Ethereal Armor/Polearm Questions
I apologize ahead of time if this is the wrong place to ask such questions.
1) Do Superior Ethereal Armor or Polearms with 'Enhanced Damage' / 'Enhanced Defense' exist?
NOTE: I do know that superior eth items can include increased durability, but I have never seen one with enhanced defense / damage.
2) If you find an eth Polearm / Armor, and you socket it using quest (as to grantee highest socket amount) do you lose out on this so called 'bug' that re-applys extra damage / defense?
NOTE: I do know that when socketing Eth armor, you MUST use cube recipe to gain 'extra' bugged defense, but does this apply to polearms as well? The reason I ask is because someone told me they always use quest to socket eth polearms (because he wanted max sockets), but I think its worth the cube gamble if it gives another base 50% dmg right?
3) Obviously you cannot socket (any) Superior items in cube, so the only reason to use quest socket, is because you have a superior or unique item (or want max) that needs socket. So assuming superior eth items do not exist (other than durability), it would be almost pointless to ever socket Eth items using quest, correct?
NOTE: because you would lose the bugged defense or damage... (dmg only if dmg can be bugged on polearm that is)
4) Amusing that eth polearms with enhanced damage (%15) do exist, could they ever do more damage after being socketed with quest socket?
NOTE: Or will an eth polearm cube socketed (bugged) always do more dmg?
5) Is it possible to find an eth 3 OS Archon Plate with %15 ED? If so, could this be better than finding a regular eth AP and using cube to bug it?
6) Am I right to assume that to have an ED enigma, its armor must have been found, not created? Or are there worthy superior armors that with quest socket will get 3 sockets as max?
7) Amusing eth superior exists, but only support enhanced durability, these would be useless due to their un-bug-ability correct?
Thank you for taking the time to read/answer my somewhat noobish questions!
IMPORTANT: If you chose not answer all questions (which I really would appreciate if you did) please take priority to these 2:
*Do eth polearms get 'bugged' when socketed with cube?
*Can eth items have 'enhanced damage' or 'enhanced defense'? If so, could they do more dmg / have more defense than those which are norm eth bugged?

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Ethereal Enigma Guide

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