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Contentsshow Introduction Alexandros knew. The key to his empire lay in Babylonia, not in Makedonia. After his death, Seleukos, another Makedonian, fought to regain Babylon for himself, and in 312 the city welcomed him with open arms and great joy. He repaid that generosity, retaking Susiana and then Media, pushing the limits of his new empire back to the Indos and then west to Syria. Europa Barbarorum II a total conversion of Medieval II Total War Auferre trucidare rapere falsis nominibus imperium, atque ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant. To steal, to butcher, to plunder, is called the false name empire, and where they make a desert, they call it peace.

Forum members and lurkers alike, Europa Barbarorum fans all.
You may have seen several mod packs, some planned, some made; some good, some buggy, some useless; and many small.
However, You've never seen Mini Mod pack so large, that it must be named Mega Mod Pack. You have now.
One that will completely change the way you play and feel the game, that will upgrade your experience to a whole lot better.
Jirisys' Europa Barbarorum Mega Mod Pack
With two versions:
Jirisys' Rome: Total War - Europa Barbarorum Mega Mod Pack
Europa barbarorum 2 guide osrsCurrent version is 1.02

Europa Barbarorum 2 Guide Mods

With 22 Mini Mods, Mega Mods, Fixes and changes included and bug tested to be compatible with each other.
Release Notes:

v. 1.02
*Removed bugged mods
*Removed the preferences.txt file
*Edited the ReadMe
v. 1.01
*Corrected mispelled name in the ReadMe.
*Corrected mispelled mod name in the ReadMe.
*Added Rome sign on both installation images.
*Added .exe at the end of Rome in the Installation's program name.
*New Splash Screen.
*Edited Typographical error in the ReadMe
*Added several new mods

Jirisys' Rome: Total War - Alexander - Europa Barbarorum Mega Mod Pack
Europa Barbarorum 2 GuideBarbarorumCurrent version is 1.03
With 27 Mini Mods, Mega Mods, Fixes, changes and the capability to run EB on the Alexander expansion engine, with more stability and greater units, the one recommended by the creator (if you have the Alexander expansion).
Release Notes:

v. 1.03
*Removed bugged mods
*Corrected an EDU entry
*Removed the preferences.txt file
*Edited the ReadMe
v. 1.02
*Corrected mispelled name in the ReadMe
*Corrected mispelled mod name in the ReadMe
*New Splash Screen.
*Edited Typographical error in the ReadMe
*Added several new mods
v. 1.01:
*Added missing name from an uncredited mod from Atraphoenix to the mod list.
*Edited several typographical errors in the ReadMe and Install.
*Changed the name to 'Jirisys' Rome: Total War - Alexander - Europa Barbarorum Mega Mod Pack' in order to distinguish from the Rome: Total War version.
*Added Atraphoenix' Extended Offices Mod and Atraphoenix' Roma Surrectum Legions Adaptation Mod to the installation
*Corrected a Typographical error in the 'Saka Late Cataphract UI Correction's folder name.
*Added an Alexander sign in both installation images.
*Correctly replaced an old modified 'descr_cultures.txt' with an error for a fully functional one.
*Added the Force Diplomacy 1.2 ReadMe inside the root folder, it was stated that it was already there, but it was forgotten.
Europa Barbarorum 2 Guide

However, there is no planned version for the Barbarian Invasion engine since it has mostly the same properties as the Rome: Total War engine

Europa Barbarorum 2 Guide

The list of mods that are contained in common between each other are as follows:

Europa Barbarorum 2 Guide Download

  • EB 1.2 Official Script, Sprites and EDB fixes.
  • Darth Vader's AI Formations v. 16.2 for EB.
  • Cute Wolf's Garamantine and Habukoz Scandinavian Fix.
  • TuCoT's Eastern Hellenic Portrait Pack.
  • Jarardo's ForceDiplomacy Minimod.
  • Jirisys' Phalanx Mod Reduplication.
  • New EB Quotes.
  • Tellos Athenaios' Unnoficial Trivial Script Update.
  • Vartan's EB Online MP EDU 1.1
  • Megas Methuselah's Watchtower/Village Mod.
  • Jirisys' Watchtower/Village UI Mod Addition.
  • Centurio Nixalsverdrus' Getting Rid of the Giant Trees Mod.
  • LDC Historical Battles Pack Mod 2.0
  • Jirisys' Saka Late Cataphract Unit UI Correction.
  • Atraphoenix' Realistic Movement Mod.
  • Atraphoenix' Extended Offices Mod.
  • JEBMMP's splash screen for Rome: Total War.
  • socal_infidel's Strat and Battle Map Mini Mod.
  • Hannibal Smith's Roma Surrectum 2 Environements for EB (Only water is included).
  • Archer's Skymod (Only lens flare).
  • konny's Trait Changes (only command stars).
  • Jirisys' Polybian Triarii and Pedites Extraordinarii Unit Size Correction.

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