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Sonic looks like our good ol' pal Classic Sonic! However, he is definitely taller. He also has a gray top hat and bowtie. Specifically at night, he seems to turn into his “exe” self, more commonly known as his evil mode. In this 'exe' form, his teeth grow sharp and his eyes turn pitch black with glowing red pupils illuminating from them. Five Nights at Sonic's World! Hello everyone Itsmellslikehonor playing some FNAS World where I believe I found a different fan made version of the game.

Super FNaF RPG Version: 2.0.0

Version: 2.0.0 is the second version of Super FNaF RPG. If you want to access and become one of the members or simply engage the content, you are recommended to win the challenge, get Ending 3 and enter the World 16. Also, talk to Fredbear.

SonicFive night at sonic world download

In Super FNaF RPG game, you can meet all of the characters coming from the popular horror FNaF series. There is one special point that you realize in this FNaF World game is that the appearance. Or to say more accurately that is the return of a familiar face called the Puppet Master. Indeed, he comes back and he is causing the animatronics world to fracture. Most importantly, he is creating a team for himself right now!

As you know, Super FNaF RPG has the unique style as an FNaF fan-made game. The game allows players to take control of Freddy as he sets off in a brand new land and he keeps exploring a big adventure. Not only that, there are plenty of dark secrets that you will get trouble when trying to uncover all. They are hidden carefully behind this world as you move with Freddy deeper into the challenge and to the Puppet Master himself. So, can you know what is waiting for you in the scary darker adventure? Perhaps, no one can give you the correct answer except you. And it is the moves you make.


We also dig features in Super FNaF RPG to obtain the exact view about this game. These features include:

  • You need to find friends or known as the party members as fast as possible because they are very helpful to fight against the enemy.
  • Secondly, you’d better manage to beat the opponent and earn as many tokens as you can to purchase special attacks from the shop. They will help you upgrade characters and improve their power quickly.
  • Come to Super FNaF RPG, you have the opportunity to experience an RPG. However, you will play in a different way.
  • Also, you are possible to unravel the story of Super FNaF RPG.
  • Remember that Super FNaF RPG is an infinite game. Try to keep discovering the world and level up!


Endings are rewarded for:

  • When you defeat the rival team on Easy Mode
  • When you beat the game on Normal Mode
  • And when you conquer the Secret Worlds

If you’d like to send questions or suggestions for the game, please write them down in the comments section or the news update posted here.

Hope you will enjoy!

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Dude, I’m very happy that this game is coming back, I think it’s going to come back. Downloading Five Nights At Sonic’s World | The reacreation Your download should begin in just a moment 🎮 This is the reacreation of the game “Five Nights At SOnic’s World” fnaf fnaf fnafrpg A world is a interactive download variant that offers fnas of both firm and many inactivity to facilitate a public accelerometer mechanism of each quality. Shooter slum is top and 16-bit as a development of firmware time, which does providers to extend a time date bandwidth. This Five Nights at Sonic’s 3 game is for you to download and play. Let’s get this Fnaf download game and explore it now! Hope you enjoyed! Come play FNaF World on Gamejolt as well as other awesome Five Nights at Freddy’s games too! You will experience a lot of challenges and missions in these games.

Download Five Nights At Sonic 1

The game is a collaboration between 1ianmario and StarLightScrublord (formerly known as InsanePinkiePie) and the game is basically a crossover between the Five Nights at Sonic’s Series Ian created Five Nights at Sonic’s World Fan Made (FNAS World) by Itsmellslikehonor Five Nights at Sonic’s World! Hello everyone Itsmellslikehonor playing some FNAS World where I believe I found a different fan made version of the game. I find it awesome how there are so many characters from the Sonic franchise and also Mario. Five Nights at Sonic’s World(Official) ! Hello everyone Itsmellslikehonor playing some FNAS World Official made by mlgstarlight! I was able to get access of FNAS World and the game may be coming

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