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Flat Package Editor For Mac Download

LaTeX is free software under the terms of the LaTeX Project Public License (LPPL). LaTeX is distributed through CTAN servers or comes as part of many easily installable and usable TeX distributions provided by the TeX User Group (TUG) or third parties. If you run into trouble, visit the help section.

LaTeX is not a stand-alone typesetting program in itself, but document preparation software that runs on top of Donald E. Knuth's TeX typesetting system. TeX distributions usually bundle together all the parts needed for a working TeX system and they generally add to this both configuration and maintenance utilities. Nowadays LaTeX, and many of the packages built on it, form an important component of any major TeX distribution.

  • The LaTeX Git Repository

The LaTeX team cannot guarantee that TeX distributions, even recent ones, contain the most recent version of LaTeX. It may happen that you need a more recent LaTeX than the one that your favourite TeX distribution carries, e.g., in order to get a particular bug fix. In that case you will need to fetch LaTeX from CTAN and install it on top of your distribution. See below for details.

Flat Package Editor For Mac Download

TeX Distributions

If you’re new to TeX and LaTeX or just want an easy installation, geta full TeX distribution. The TeX Users Group (TUG) has a list of notable distributionsthat are entirely, or least primarily, free software.


Check your Linux distributions software source for a TeX distribution including LaTeX. You can also install the current TeX Live distribution directly---in fact this may be advisable as many Linux distributions only contain older versions of TeX Live, see Linux TeX Live package status for details.

Mac OS


The MacTeX distribution contains everything you need, including a complete TeX system with LaTeX itself and editors to write documents.


Check out the MiKTeX or proTeXt or TeX Live distributions; they contain a complete TeX system with LaTeX itself and editors to write documents.


LaTeX online services like Papeeria, Overleaf, ShareLaTeX, Datazar, and LaTeX base offer the ability to edit, view and download LaTeX files and resulting PDFs.


You can obtain LaTeX from CTAN, which is theprimary source of distribution for LaTeX. In order for your downloadedLaTeX to be of any use, you have to obtain and set up a TeX systemfirst. You can either install a TeX distribution (see above) or get aTeX system from CTAN. Ifyou use a TeX distribution then it will include a version of LaTeX sothis will probably make things easier for you; but you may have areason not to do this.

The LaTeX Git Repository

These days the LaTeX development sources are kept in a GitHubrepository (previously we used SVN).

Anyone can access it and download the files, butsubmission is restricted to team members. The repository is located at https://github.com/latex3/latex2eand from that browser page you may explore the files, clone therepository or download the files in a .zip archive (roughly 25Mb) byusing the appropriate buttons.

If you are familiar with Git you can also clone the repository using thecommand line or your favorite Git fontend tool, e.g.,

which needs about 50Mb of space.Alternatively, you can do a Subversion checkout from the command line, e.g.,

which will just checkout the current files.But be aware that a SVN checkout of the form

will download all files including theirhistory (back to 2009) and amounts to roughly 1.4Gb so that is quite large.

Note: If you had bookmarked the old SVN repository please update thatbookmark to the new GIT repository as we have finally removed it.

A note on Git pull requests

Git repositories support distributed development and allow people toprovide change sets that are made available through so called pullrequests, so that the maintainers of a program can “pull the suggestedchanges” into the main repository.

While we appreciate contributions, we think that for the core LaTeXsoftware pull requests are usually not a good approach (unless thechange has be already discussed and agreed upon).The stability of LaTeX is very important and this means that changes tothe kernel are necessarily very conservative. It also means that a lotof discussion has to happen before any changes are made. So if you dodecide to post a pull request, please bear this in mind: we doappreciate ideas, but cannot always integrate them into the kernel andit is quite likely that we reject updates made in this way.

Pdf Editor For Mac

If you want to discuss a possible contribution before (or instead of)making a pull request, we suggest you raise the topic first onthe LATEX-L list or drop aline to the team.

Best Video Editor For Mac

Historic LaTeX

Ulrik Vieth has collected historic versions of LaTeX from LaTeX 2.0for TeX 1.0 (released on 11 December 1983) onwards. You can find thematftp://ftp.tug.org/historic/macros/latex-saildart/.There might even be some earlier versions. All files have been pulledfrom the SAILDART archive site at http://z.baumgart.org/ (no longeronline) which was based on archive tapes from SAIL at Stanford.

Free Photo Editor For Mac

More historic material can be found at ftp://ftp.tug.org/historic (you may not be able to open this in all browsers — alternatively try https://www.math.utah.edu/pub/tex/historic/).

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