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Fumiko KAWASHIMA's research while affiliated with Kumamoto University and other places. Such as the propagation of crack-like defects. In this paper, an outline of the micro - macro combined. Uncover the secrets this world tries to hide from you: an artificial intelligence named Fumiko! Add file Fumiko Demo Win 64. This demo has been archived by the uploader because it is out of date and no longer supported. We recommend you browse the file list for the latest demo. Location Games: Fumiko.

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Japanese sources differ on Hayashi's year of birth. The dictionary Kojien, for example, gives 1904, while Daijirin gives 1903. This discrepancy is noted in the encyclopedia Nihon Daihyakka Zensho. The date in this article has been revised back and forth several times; I have now changed it back to show both years. Tomgally 03:52, 28 February 2006 (UTC)


The precise dates of her publications seem inaccurate; while there is some room for variation, as works like Horoki were published in serial form before appearing as an individual book, its not clear what the dates here represent. It currently says 1927 for this work, though the Japanese Wikipedia says 1930, which is the year the serialized version was completed and the book published (by a different publisher). The dates on other publications are also a little suspect, perhaps in part because they follow the reference to one of her works being made into an anime (a 30 minute anime, which was released in 1986--but its unclear if that is a US release or a Japanese one), an undated event which happened many years after her death, and after the work had appeared as a film at least once, and presented on stage 1000s of times). More precise statements, and if possible, citations, are very much needed.

The cited source (Joan E. Ericson's book) is much clearer on these points.(Dewobroto (talk) 13:54, 27 May 2014 (UTC))

Japanese military government[edit]

Fumiko! Crack

What is being referred to as 'Japanese military government' is unclear here. At least at one point, she did take a trip sponsored by the Japanese military to Southeast Asia in which she spent one night in Shanghai during her return trip (in 1942-3), but earlier trips were probably sponsored by the central Japanese government (between 1937-1941). Her earliest trip to Taiwan was sponsored by the Governor-General's office. I'm not sure what the correct term is, but 'Japanese military government' seems either overly informative (when exactly did Japans government become military?) or simply intending to be derogatory.

Additionally, the reference to 'trips to China' is probably meant to refer to her trip to Nanjing in late 1937, but she also took trips to other areas in China, Chosen (as it was known then) and Mongolia. I am not making the changes now, as I don't have the time to find the exact dates, places, and sponsors, but this would also greatly improve the accuracy and usefulness of this article.(Dewobroto (talk) 14:17, 27 May 2014 (UTC))

Retrieved from 'https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Talk:Fumiko_Hayashi_(author)&oldid=983492717'

There's a lot that Izzy didn't particularly enjoy. In fact, she could probably sit down and write a list of all the things she didn't enjoy. It would even have little notes and maybe even anecdotes. At the very top of Izzy's list of things she didn't enjoy was manhandling. Clearly Aunt Chihiro didn't get the memo. Or, knowing her Aunt, she did get the memo and decided to just ignore the hell out of it. Izzy was practically yanked out of the car and shoved into the house. Chihiro was speaking rapidly to the maids. Behind them, Fumiko trailed in calmly.

Izzy was extracted out of her God awful dress and spun into a deep blue kimono paired with a white obi. Her hair was wrestled into a very thick bun that put a strain on her neck. They added decorative hair ornaments, weighing down her hair even more. Izzy drew the line when they came at her with makeup. She didn't hate it but she wasn't going to wear it to meet her Grandparents. 'My, don't you look beautiful?' Chihiro chirped when the maids deemed Izzy ready. Izzy only frowned at her aunt, clearly not impressed.

'The kimono is too tight, Oba-chan.'

'No it isn't,' Chihiro waved her niece's sour attitude off. Izabera was like a surly but nurturing blend of Masami and Alphonse. Chihiro liked to think that she could easily handle Izzy just as well as her parents. 'Your breasts are just too big. Take small breaths. Now come along, Okaa-san is expecting us and she doesn't like to be kept waiting.'

Izzy sputtered behind her but followed after the woman. 'Why do we have to wear kimonos? This isn't some special occasion or festival,' Izzy pointed out while taking careful steps behind her Aunt all the way to their waiting town car.

Chihiro reached over to fix a rebellious curl that managed to come undone from the brunette's hair style. 'Because your grandparents think that a good Japanese woman still dresses like a Japanese woman, no matter what type of life she lives.'

'Do I really count since I'm only half?'

Chihiro did not look impressed. Izzy pouted and almost slouched but thought better of it. There was no doubt Chihiro would slap the slouch right out of her. Instead she continued to pout and wondered how the hell did her mother wear a kimono in her teenaged years. The car ride wasn't long, seeing as how Hiroki and Shinobu's massive estate wasn't far from Chihiro's home. Izzy wasn't sure if she was nervous or not with the impending meeting but these were the people who essentially turned their backs on her Mother.

Chihiro reached over and patted her hand. 'Things were a little rocky between your Mother and our parents for years but there's no ill-will towards you, honey,' Chihiro stated while patting at Izzy's hand. Izzy tried hard not to frown. Even if that was the case, she was still protective of her Mother. The car came to a slow crawl until finally stopping in front of a massive Japanese manor. Izzy frowned at the sight, feeling very uneasy. From the few phone calls from her Grandmother, Shinobu seemed like a kind woman. But then again, she didn't know the woman.

They're greeted by a rather severe looking woman at the door. She offered Chihiro a sort of fond expression but frowned down her nose at the sight of Izzy. The brunette didn't really care. Even if her grandparents accepted her, the rest of the family wouldn't. But Izzy was always aloof and cynical and wasn't impressed with their behavior.

Chihiro led Izzy down a series of long hallways until they finally reached a family room. It seemed as if it wasn't used on a regular basis. That made Izzy frown thoughtfully. In Italy, their family room was used on a regular basis. Her Father's side of the family was almost comically huge and they tend to flock to Alphonse's home. Although some of them weren't impressed with his Asian wife, Masami proved to be a fantastic hostess.

A bout of homesickness weighed her shoulders down.

'Finally!' a worn voice shattered her homesickness, pulling her out of the dark corner her mind wandered off to. She's rather small, somewhere around Fumiko's height. Next to her, Chihiro bowed and Izzy found herself thinking that quite odd. Every time her Nonna saw Alphonse, she cooed and wrapped her big son up in her arms. She treated Masami the same, hugging her tightly. And then she would cover her and her brothers in red stained kisses.

Fumiko crackhead

But this was not her Nonna Serafina. This is her Obaa-san, Shinobu.

'Hello, Okaa-san,' Chihiro smiled pleasantly but Izzy eyed the smile with a frown. That was not a genuine smile. It was empty and polite. Izzy wondered about the truth of their relationship.

'Good to see you, Chihiro. The company is prospering, I see..' Shinobu commented. Chihiro only nodded. 'I often wonder how it would fare had Masami stayed.'

It wasn't a jab at her Mother but at Chihiro. And although it could be considered a compliment towards her Mother, Izzy still felt herself bristle. She opened her mouth to defend her aunt but Chihiro subtly brushed her hand across Izzy's lower back, halting her from going on her infamous tirades. 'How is Otou-chan?' Chihiro asked, completely bypassing Shinobu's snark. 'I haven't talked to him since Sunday evening but he said he was doing okay. He's excited to meet Izzy,' Chihiro spoke through that polite smile. Izzy wasn't sure of the dynamics in the Morimoto family but she was sure she didn't like it.

'Hiroki is doing just fine but he hasn't really mentioned meeting Izabera,' Shinobu sniffed. Izzy watched the woman's face, wondering if that tight bun had anything to do with her short personality.

Chihiro's shoulders straightened. 'Well, he told me he was very excited to meet his granddaughter. Is he awake?'

For a long moment, Shinobu said nothing. Izzy looked in between the two with a small frown. The women said nothing for a good couple of minutes while Izzy's patience fizzled out. The brunette clapped her hands loudly, creating a loud clap to break the women out of their staring contest. 'Not that this isn't fun…' She trailed off with a quirked brow. 'But Oji-chan is expecting me. I would hate to keep him waiting.'

There was a spark of amusement in Chihiro's eyes but Shinobu didn't seem impressed. 'Why don't you wait here with Chihiro and I will go see if he is up for it.'

Shinobu turned sharply and left the two in the unused family room. Izzy waited a good three minutes before turning to Chihiro. 'What just happened?'

Fumiko! Crack

Chihiro ran her hands down the skirt of her kimono, green eyes glittering. 'You met your Obaa-san. Lovely, isn't she?' She asked with a quirk of her lips.

Fumiko Crackers

'She barely spoke to me. Is it...is it always like this?' Izzy asked slowly. She couldn't really fathom the idea of having a bad relationship within family. She wondered if it had anything with the different cultures. Family was highly valued in Italy. Perhaps things were different in Japan?

'Basically,' Chihiro shrugged, rustling the heavy fabrics of her kimono. 'But don't worry, Okaa-san is not one to entertain guests frequently. We'll only visit when absolutely necessary,' She explained nonchalantly.

'Absolutely necessary?' Izzy parroted. 'But we're family, a visit shouldn't have to be absolutely necessary,' the brunette pointed out in exasperation. 'We visit just because we can or we want to. Not when it's absolutely necessary.'

A rueful smile pulled at Chihiro's lips. 'This is your Mother's family, this is not Alphonse's family. There's….reasons why it was so easy for Masami to leave, perhaps you may begin to understand why.'

Before Izzy could reply, Shinobu shuffled back into the family room. She was smiling but Izzy felt as if the smile had been painted on her face. 'Hiroki is up for it but be mindful of his health, Izabera. Ogen will take you his room while Chihiro and I discuss some things,' She motioned behind her. The severe woman from earlier appeared with that tight expression. For a moment, Izzy wondered if she'd rather deal with Shinobu than Ogen. The brunette frowned but followed after Ogen anyway.

The maid led her down more hallways, making Izzy wonder just how many people lived in this giant mansion. If it was just her grandparents, was having such a large estate necessary? That just seemed like a waste to her. 'Miss,' Ogen looked over her shoulder at Izzy, breaking her out of her thoughts. Izzy met her gaze, ready for some scathing remark about her darker skin or curly hair. 'How is Ms. Masami?'

Izzy's lips puckered into a small 'o', any defense to her exotic appearance dying on her lips. 'Mom...she's doing great,' She said slowly, kind of surprised Ogen would suddenly inquire about Masami. But then again, it would have been inappropriate to ask about the runaway daughter in front of Shinobu. 'She's very happy….I could tell her you asked about her, Ms. Ogen.'

Ogen seemed a little surprised that she would offer to tell Masami about her. Or maybe it was how she respectfully referred to her as Ms and not just by her name. Izzy frowned in thought. She was always taught to call the maids and butlers back home Ms, Mrs or Mr and by their last names. Shinobu called her by her first name without honorifics attached to it. 'That would…' Ogen started with pinched lips. 'I would appreciate that, young Miss.'

The rest of the walk was spent silently and Izzy wondered if she'd made an ally out of Ogen. The older woman stopped in front of grand double doors, frowning slightly. 'Be mindful of Hiroki-sama's health, young Miss.'

Izzy nodded slowly and stepped by her to slide the double doors open. The room was large and decorated in expensive Japanese art and furniture. The large bed surrounded by complicated medical equipment was pushed near the equally large window. The room overlooked a peaceful lake where a group of red crowned crane were located. Izzy watched the birds, feeling a sense of peace overtake her

'They're among the rarest, did you know?' a gravelly voice pulled her from her serene thoughts. She visibly jumped and looked towards the ornate bed. Izzy wasn't exactly sure of what she was expecting—a sick man obviously—but was a little surprised to see Hiroki. He was a large man and was probably around her height, if not taller. 'Mami and Chichi loved them when they were just small girls.'

Hiroki offered Izzy a slow smile. 'Don't be scared, Izabera. Come here, let me see you,' He beckoned her towards him. And although Izzy didn't like being told what to do, she found herself approaching his bedside. She sat down slowly, mostly because the kimono restricted most of her movement. Once she was comfortably settled at his bedside, Hiroki reached for hand. 'You look just like your mother,' Hiroki said, curling his larger hand around hers. Izzy knew that had to be a lie. She didn't look a thing like Masami except for the shape of her eyes and the beauty mark they both shared. Masami was short, petite and pale. Her black hair was cropped shorter to her shoulders and straight and her eyes were the same green color inherited from Hiroki himself.

Izzy, on the other hand, was tall, tan and shapely. Her hair was waist-length, wild, curly and brown with splashes of blond. Her eyes, the same shape as Masami's eyes, were hazel brown just like her father's eyes. Her mark sat at bottom corner of her right eye, while Masami's mark was just below her lip.

'You're the first to think so, Oji-chan,' Izzy spoke, trying not to flinch when she heard her Italian accent bleed into her Japanese. She was usually so proud of her accent but now it just sounded odd.

Hiroki only looked at her, aged eyes seemingly digging deep into her. 'You're seventeen, aren't you?' He asked, not waiting for an answer. 'I remember when Mami was seventeen,' He smiled fondly, confusing the hell out of Izzy. What in the world did that have to do with anything right now? This entire visit was odd. 'I'm quite shocked to see you dressed in a kimono. Was that Chichi's doing?'

'She said a good Japanese woman dresses like one.'

Hiroki let out a laugh, pulling his hand away when a coughing fit seized him. Izzy began to stand in alarm, thinking to call Ogen. Hiroki waved a fleeting hand, seemingly getting the fit under control. 'You seem rather uncomfortable in a kimono, Izabera.'

'I am,' Izzy answered flatly. 'They're very constricting and hard to walk in. I'm not really used to it,' She answered truthfully. Of course she didn't mean to offend him by disliking Japan's traditional dress but hell if she would lie.

Hiroki nodded in thought. 'You look quite lovely in a kimono but if you're uncomfortable, feel free to dress comfortably in any of your visits.'

Izzy blinked in surprise. Chihiro suggested they'd visit only when absolutely necessary. And although she rather not interact with her grandmother, her grandfather seemed totally different from his sour wife. It made Izzy wonder what exactly happened between Masami and her parents all those years ago. 'You know..' Izzy began to say, pursing her lips thoughtfully. 'Family should use nicknames. You can...you can call me Izzy or Bera. Or anything else, really,' She began to ramble. 'Mama and Papa call me Izzy Busy-bee, or just Bee.'

For reasons she can't quite understand, Hiroki's smile makes her smile.

Izzy was somewhat relieved when Chihiro announced it was time to leave. She let her aunt have a few minutes alone with Hiroki before the two left.

'That...was not what I was expecting,' Izzy said after a long moment of shared silence in the town car. Chihiro reached up and undid her complicated hairstyle, sighing when waves of ebony dropped down past her shoulders. Chihiro motioned for Izzy to turn, quick fingers undoing the heavy bun weighing down on her neck. Wild curls of toffee and gold sprang free, causing Chihiro to smile broadly.

'No, I suppose it wasn't,' Chihiro nodded, sitting more comfortably now that her hair wasn't scraped into a tight style. 'I should have warned you about Shinobu.'

'You call her by her first name?'

'As does your Mother.'

Izzy blinked, pulling at her memories. For the most part, Masami always called Shinobu 'your grandmother' whenever she spoke to Izzy. She couldn't recall a conversation about Shinobu where Masami called her 'Mom' or 'Mother' or anything.


'Shinobu is always a businesswoman before anything. Before a mother, a grandmother or even just a regular woman. Always remember that in your future encounters.'

Izzy frowned and sat back next to Chihiro. She thought back to all of her older cousins vying for Alphonse's fortune even though they had nothing to do with building it up, eager to get their hands on the company. She remembered how they showered her with gifts she had no need for and compliments dipped in sugary-sweet acid, like buttering up a child would help them achieve anything. She'd been a child who could easily see their acts and while she graciously accepted what she didn't need, it was always known that Isabella knew exactly what was going on around her.

'And Oji-chan? He seems to be the complete opposite of...Shinobu,' She spoke carefully, not wanting to offend Chihiro. Shinobu was still her mother, after all.

'Your grandfather has much to answer for. He knows this and it's one of the reasons that he insisted that he and Shinobu reach out to Mami-nee,' Chihiro answered cryptically. 'If only he didn't love Shinobu so fiercely, I'm sure all of our lives would be much different.'

Izzy blinked, for once not really understanding anything. Just what was Chihiro trying to say, exactly? Was all the bad blood between Masami and her parents mostly Shinobu's doing? All of this speculation had her head spinning.

'Try not to worry too much, honey,' Chihiro clapped her hands and Izzy fixed her with a dry look. How could she not worry? Her Japanese side was just as bad as her Italian side when it came to these sort of things. 'As I said before, invitations are only extended when absolutely necessary. Nine times out of ten, Dad will probably just call on the phone to speak with you.'

Izzy thought back to Serafina and Osvaldo. She thought of their warm embraces, their humble home and their smiles. She thought back to when she and her brothers would randomly visit them, hanging out with whoever had the same thought to visit the older couple. It was never absolutely necessary to visit her grandparents. They just did. Often.

'I wasn't prepared for how different Mama's family is from Papa's family,' Izzy remarked slowly. 'Papa has eleven brothers and sisters and they're all quite close to my grandparents. Mama has two siblings and none of you seem that close with Hiroki and Shinobu.'

Chihiro's lips thinned in distaste. 'I'd say your Uncle Takuma is quite close with Shinobu. But lately he's been in an awful mood. They've been butting heads but I've mostly kept out of it.'

Izzy's frown became deeper at the mention of her mother's youngest sibling. Her parents didn't speak of Takuma at all. Izzy hardly knew a thing about the man. It was only thanks to his wife, Kioka, that Izzy had even spoken to his son Katsu. Manami never confirmed it but Izzy knew Takuma disliked her marriage to an Italian man and mixed daughter.

'I know things are different here compared to Italy. I know you don't have many family members here that will support you and shower you with acceptance and love. I know this but I want you to know that you do have Fufu and myself and Dad—somewhat. I know it's not much but I'd like to think it's enough.'

'And Uncle Shunsuke,' Izzy quipped, mentioning Chihiro's big-shot lawyer of a husband. At the mention of him, Chihiro smiled widely.

'He's in Kyoto right now for a client but he mentioned he'll be home sometime this month. He's excited to see you, it's been so long.'

'I'm excited too.'

'That's an awful face to make,' Fumiko grinned widely as she sauntered into Izzy's room. As soon as they'd arrived home, Izzy spun her way out of that damn kimono in favor of a nice dark blue blouse and comfortable yoga pants. She was currently sitting cross-legged on her bed, trying (and mostly failing) to finish her History homework. 'Shut up and get out,' Izzy waved her away, glancing up briefly to look at Fumiko. 'That shade of red looks terrible on you, by the way. Makes you look washed out.'

Fumiko gasped loudly as she all but flopped down on Izzy's bed, barely wrinkling the thick blankets under her. 'It does not!' She protested sharply. 'Does it? Does it really make me look washed out?' She asked self consciously.

'Yep,' Izzy popped her lips. 'Go for more of a burgundy red if you want to wear red. Dusty pinks would look good on you. And purple. You're really pale with dark hair and eyes so go for more clear winter colors.'

Fumiko looked thoughtful, pinching the fabric of her blouse between her fingers. 'You seem to know an awful lot about fashion, Izzy. You always came off as a tomboy to me.'

'Remember my aunt Viviana is a fashion designer. She has four sons and her and my Papa are best friends so I spent a lot of time with her,' Izzy reminded Fumiko about her favorite aunt. She wasn't sure if her aunt Vivi's reputation spread to Japan but she was easily a big name in the fashion world, especially Italy.

Fumiko made an odd noise in her throat. 'I hear she's supposed to collaborate with Hitachiin Yuzuha in an upcoming fashion show,' Fumiko's attention strayed as she thought of all the possibilities that could steem from two big names of fashion. Izzy seemed less impressed.

'I don't know,' the brunette shrugged carelessly. Izzy often modeled Vivi's prototypes since she was a young girl. It wasn't fun but it did somewhat teach her to have a lot of tolerance. It didn't teach her much because Izzy was almost infamous for her impatient attitude but it did her enough, she always thought. 'And didn't I tell you to get out?'

'Oh, Izzy, you don't mean that.'

'I do, Fu. I really mean it. Get out,' Izzy pushed at Fumiko's shoulder. It wasn't strong enough to actually move the younger girl. Despite that, Fumiko frowned.

She pushed Izzy's hand away with a huff. 'How was meeting Oba-san and Oji-chan?' She asked after of silent pause of Izzy reading whatever text that had her so focused.

Izzy frowned even harder at the mention of the meeting that took just two hours ago. 'Odd. I don't think Shinobu likes me very much.'

'Shinobu doesn't like anyone that much. What about Oji-chan?' Fumiko prompted smoothly. Shinobu often thought that Fumiko was still much too childish for her age. It was a battle she and Chihiro constantly waged. Izzy tilted her head thoughtfully, noting that Fumiko also used Shinobu's name.

'I thought he would be the problem but he seems like a nice old man,' Izzy replied simply. She really didn't a good enough read on Hiroki to really know what he was like. He seemed more complicated than Shinobu.

'He's a lot easier to deal with than Shinobu,' Fumiko nodded with soft smile. 'She's easier to deal with in his presence,' She shared, reaching for Izzy's math workbook. 'You certainly know your math,' She commented, glittering eyes going over the complicated math problems.

'Math and science is universal, the language does not affect anything. It's Japanese literature and history that gives me problems. Of course Italian curriculum for literature and history is completely different from Japanese.'

'I wish I could help you,' Fumiko admitted out loud. 'Perhaps a classmate can assist you,' She suggested while still reading over the math problems. 'Although that's probably easier said than done. It's not like anyone really takes their school work seriously.'

Izzy glanced up a second time, eyebrows knitting together. 'Why wouldn't they take school work seriously?'

Fumiko looked at her older cousin with a funny look. 'Well, I suppose they do but the majority of the students in the top classes are put into those classes because of lineage, wealth, influence and intelligence.'

Izzy made a noise of discontent in her throat. 'So academics barely matter?'

'Well, it does matter...just…'

'Not as much as lineage, wealth and influence.'

Fumiko smiled weakly, realizing how odd that sounded to someone who didn't attend Ouran long. Izzy threw herself backwards, plopping loudly against her bed and groaning loudly. 'This school is ridiculous!' She whined, pressing her hands to her eyes. 'Are you kidding me? Academics is literally last on the hierarchy. Why does that make sense to anyone? Who in the world decided to implement such a thing?'

'You're being dramatic,' Fumiko sung.

'No, Fu, I'm really not. Any normal person can see the flaw in Ouran's hierarchy,' Izzy insisted with disgust. 'I should have just went to Lobelia. Their uniforms aren't as ridiculous as Ouran's either,' Izzy muttered sullenly. 'Is it too late to transfer?'

'Izzy!' Fumiko gasped in indignation. Izzy didn't seem to care for the reaction, blankly brushing it off. She wasn't expecting Fumiko to hit her in the face with a pillow and it caused her to squawk in surprise. 'Lobelia isn't that great!'

'Oh real mature, Fu,' Izzy grabbed at the pillow and threw it back at her. 'A commoner's school would be better than Ouran at this point.'

Fumiko scowled at the brunette and shook her head. 'Well, more importantly,' She began said, twirling an obsidian lock around her finger. 'Will you attend the Host Club with me again?'

'How is that more important than anything at all, Fufu?' Izzy sat up, shooting a look of bemusement at her younger cousin. 'There's more to life than ridiculous boys, you know.'

'Well of course there is,' Fumiko replied. 'I'm just not interested in any of that right now,' She continued in an airy tone. Izzy snorted and threw another pillow at Fumiko, grinning when Fumiko started to giggle. 'Oh, come on, Iz! It wasn't that bad. You enjoyed spending time with Haruhi-kun,' Fumiko reminded her sourpuss of a cousin.

'He's a nice young boy. Normal, at least. Although I find him odd,' Izzy replied while grabbing at her unfinished work. Bottom of the hierarchy or not, Izzy took her studies seriously. Just because her classmates were a bunch of spoiled, entitled idiots didn't mean she would follow suit.

'I think you find Japan odd,' Fumiko remarked with an amused grin. 'Although I will say Haruhi-kun is the most normal host. He is a commoner, after all, so it's to be expected…'

Fumiko Carney

'I'm surprised the girls are willing to interact with a commoner.'

'It was a little bumpy at first but we've all come to adore Haruhi-kun,' Fumiko smiled broadly. 'He's so nice,' a touch of red smarted at Fumiko's cheeks and Izzy's interest piqued.

'Maybe you adore him a little more than appropriate?'

Fumiko flushed a little harder and laughed. 'Well, I might have developed a crush on him when we first met but I've gotten over it.'

'In favor of someone else?' Izzy asked innocently. Fumiko's face darkened even more, sending Izzy into a fit of laughter. 'Have I met him? I doubt it since today was only my second day…'


Izzy's laughter halted. 'That devil boy?' She asked with raised eyebrows. 'Really, Fu? That's who you have a crush on?' Izzy tutted. 'Honestly, Tamaki would probably be better to crush on.'

'You barely spoke to Ootori-kun, you can't just judge him like that,' Fumiko reprimanded Izzy's judgemental attitude. 'You don't even know him.'

'Il diavolo,' Izzy hissed like an old wife before her face broke into a goofy grin. 'That boy is evil, I can just see it in his eyes. You're much too nice for him, Fu. Besides, with that hosting gig he's got going on, he probably isn't open to relationships.'

Fumiko pouted and hunched into herself. 'I know, that's why I usually designate Haruhi-kun or Tamaki-kun,' She admitted while playing with her fingers. 'It's easier to talk to them since I don't really have feelings for them,' She shrugged. Izzy only quirked a brow at her, reaching over to stop her from picking at her nails.

'You've got terrible taste in men.'

For the rest of the week, Izzy religiously avoided the Host Club. Fumiko, Yuna and Ayame tried their best to talk her into joining them but she ignored their pleas. It just seemed like a waste of time. She had more important things to focus on, like her grades. 'It's just not sticking,' Izzy practically growled in frustration. 'No matter how much of the material I read, I can't seem to remember any of it,' She vented her frustration, not realizing that Yuna was leading her in the opposite direction of the library.

'Why don't you take a break from studying?' Yuna suggested kindly. 'Perhaps join us at the Host Club?'

'No,' Izzy replied flatly. 'It's a waste of time,' She stated with a wave of her hand.

'But they ask about you all of the time!'

'I don't care.'

'Oh but Bera-chan, you hardly gave them a chance,' Yuna pointed out evenly. Yuna and Ayame had taken to calling her 'Bera' instead of 'Izzy'. She supposed it was easier and less awkward to pronounce in Japanese. She didn't mind but it was taking some getting used to.

'I did too give them a chance,' Izzy replied stubbornly.

Yuna hummed thoughtfully before clapping her hands together. 'Oh! I've got a wonderful idea,' She smiled widely. 'Why don't you ask Mori-senpai to tutor you?'

Izzy quirked a sculpted brow. 'And why would I do that?' She asked slowly. She wouldn't admit it but her tall classmate intimidated the hell out of her. He was just so quiet and freakishly good looking. It bugged the hell out of her and she tried her best to just avoid interacting with him. Unfortunately, his constant companion, Honey-chan, made damned sure that avoidance was damn there impossible.

'History is one of his best subjects,' Yuna informed her cheerfully. 'It's also one of his favorite subjects as well,' She clutched a book tightly to her chest. Izzy wondered if Yuna was afraid someone would snatch it right out of her arms.

'Why do you know that?' Izzy asked with a disturbed expression. It didn't take long for Izzy to realize that Yuna was a timidly quiet girl herself so her odd knowledge didn't sit well with her.

Yuna suddenly held the book away from her chest. 'Kyoya-kun and Renge-chan published a character bio on all the Hosts this month. It has things like their birthdays, their likes and dislikes, their favorite subject and foods…'

Izzy stopped in the middle of the large hallway, causing Yuna to stop along with her. The younger girl smiled shyly under Izzy's blank stare. 'That's...just disturbing,' the brunette said after a long moment of quietly staring at Yuna. 'They're not...celebrities or anything like that. They're normal boys.'

Yuna shrugged indifferently and continued on, forcing Izzy to follow afterwards. 'Even so, I think asking Mori-senpai to help you study is a good idea. He's great with history.'

Izzy's face darkened but she ducked her head down to allow her hair to curtain her face. 'Perhaps…' She trailed off slowly. She had no intentions of asking Mori anything. There's a chance he could force her into a blushing stupor and that was a chance she wasn't willing to take. Not because she liked him or anything. God no. 'But anyway...are you sure the library is this way...this seems awfully familiar….' Izzy tapped her chin thoughtfully.

Before Izzy could say much else, Yuna threw open double doors and with strength she didn't know the girl possessed, dragged Izzy into the one place she had no need to be in.

Music Room 3.

'Oh, you've returned!' of course it's Tamaki that noticed her first. She didn't have a chance to escape, too busy with fixing Yuna with an evil glare. She knew she had to be more mindful of Yuna but that sneak lured her right into a false sense of security.

'Oh, you're good,' Izzy hissed at Yuna. The younger girl giggled nervously and scurried towards Fumiko and Ayame. Fumiko was trying to come off as innocent while Ayame was full on grinning. 'And I haven't returned, I was just—oh!' Izzy wasn't proud of the girlish gasp that escaped her when Tamaki gathered her up in freakishly long arms. She almost felt like they were dancing when he spun her around and dramatically dipped her towards the floor. Blankly she stared at nothing while holding onto his shoulders. 'This is it, this is really my life right now,' Izzy muttered to no one in particular. 'Drop me. Please just drop me, maybe the floor will crack my head hard enough to send me to the hospital,' She pleaded in monotone.

Tamaki gasped and hefted her up against his chest. 'I'd never allow a princess to hurt herself like that,' He squawked into her face. She blankly blew at some hair that fell into her face. Izzy sighed heavily and rolled her eyes before tightening her grip on his shoulders painfully.

'Let me go, Tamaki,' She ordered in a polite tone layered in ice. The tall blond did so, nervously backing away from the intimidating brunette. He never met a girl so immune to his charms. Not since...well...his eyes strayed towards Haruhi.


'Izabera-senpai,' Haruhi wandered towards her, smiling courteously. 'We weren't expecting you but it's nice to see you,' He greeted her. Izzy's glare softened until she was smiling down at him.

'Hello, Haruhi-san,' She greeted just as obligingly. She actually did like Haruhi. She sometimes saw him in between classes and would exchange friendly waves. 'Yuna tricked me into coming here,' She explained shortly, spying her trio of friends. They were spread out with Fumiko sitting with Tamaki, Ayame with Kyoya and Yuna with the devil twins. 'But I'm here so…'


Izzy looked over Haruhi's head easily, grinning widely at the sight of Honey jumping up and down on the expensive couch. Mori sat next to him, not budging despite Honey's antics.

'Well…I suppose I could designate Honey-chan and Mori for today,' Izzy trailed off with that grin still in place. 'Maybe I'll join you next time,' She offered pleasantly. Haruhi nodded, deciding not to point out that Izzy usually insisted she had no business visiting. Honey ceased his jumping when Izzy ventured closer to their area. 'Hi, boys,' She greeted more casually. Usually Izzy tended to be more stand-offish but her sour disposition didn't stand a chance in Honey's company. 'May I join you?' of course she just wanted to run the other way and go home but she was here already...so why not try to enjoy herself? Honey and Mori weren't necessarily bad company, even if Mori scared the hell out of her.

Ozawa Hisa was present in the group of girls they were entertaining. Izzy tried to hide her displeasure with the girl. She usually wasn't one to hold a grudge but the honey blonde proved to be a terrible girl during their first meeting. The brunette just wasn't impressed with the other girl but she wouldn't go out of her way to start some banter with her. It was unbecoming for a young woman to engage in a pointless fight. At least that's what Masami and Chihiro usually told her. Her aunts Emilia and Marcella, notorious for their awful tempers, usually encouraged Izzy to always stand her. Lady or not.

There other girls seemed to be younger than both her and Ozawa, which annoyed her even more. They just seemed so...bobble headed. Either way, she opted to stay quiet for the duration of the Hosting hour.

It was there that she witnessed Honey devour an entire cake. The entire spectacle left her speechless. The other girls giggled and twittered but no one seemed really concerned. She was so surprised that she didn't stop herself from leaning forwards towards Mori. 'Um,' She opened her mouth but snapped it shut. 'Is...that….was that a normal occurrence? I feel like I should be concerned,' She admitted, eyes never leaving Honey. His cheeks bulged comically but he seemed pleased as he continued to devour any sweets in sight.

'It's fine,' Mori spoke, rumbling voice reminding her of thunder. She blinked owlishly, realizing that she started a conversation with the ever silent giant. She straightened back up, folding her hands neatly in her lap. The last thing she needed was for anyone to assume she'd developed a crush on him days after she transferred. She was far too old for crushes.

'It was an entire cake..' She trailed off, watching the pint-sized third year take a rather large slice of fudge cake to his plate. At this point, she didn't see any reason for the plate. He was just going to vacuum it up like some dementedly cute black hole.

'He brushes twice a day,' Mori continued, surprising her. She figured he was done speaking to her.

'It's not his teeth I'm worried about. That was just...alarming…' Izzy admitted, hand cupping her cheek in a worried fashion. Hisa suddenly leaned over, pressing her body into Izzy. Izzy looked at her, not appreciative of the lack of space.

'How are you liking Japan so far, Giovanni-chan?' Hisa asked with a sly smile. Izzy wondered if she could get away with shoving Hisa out of her space. The two weren't fond of each other so she wondered why Hisa was even bothering to start a conversation with her.

'It's quite fine,' Izzy answered primly. 'It's different but I'm getting along just fine, thank you for asking,' She said with an edge to her tone. For one reason or another, Hisa seemed content with the answer and leaned away.

'Do you like sweets, Berry-chan?' Honey asked with a bright smile. Izzy was positive that there were flowers blooming around his face this time. This time she knew it wasn't just her vertigo screwing around with her perception. Flowers were literally blooming around his face. She wondered if she should bother with asking the other girls if they saw it too.

'They're fine,' Izzy said after a moment of blinking down at him. 'I don't indulge in them too often, they're no good for my hips,' She let out a small laugh. 'But there's no such thing as telling my Nonna Serafina no when she bakes her desserts so…' She smiled weakly. Serafina took it as personal offense if someone didn't want any of her desserts.

Honey's eyes got exceedingly big. 'What does your Nonna Serafina bake, Berry-chan?' He asked, seemingly innocent. Izzy was not fooled. She almost laughed as he butchered the pronunciation of 'Nonna Serafina' but opted to continue smiling.

'Italian desserts. Cannoli, gelato, biscotti, oh! And tiramisu, she makes wonderful tiramisu,' Izzy perked up at the thought of Serafina's famous tiramisu. It was probably the only dessert she actually never tried to deny. Maybe it had something to do with her love for coffee. 'It tastes like coffee,' She added helpfully, noticing Honey's look of confusion. 'I like coffee a lot.'

Fumiko Crackhead

Honey's eyes brightened. 'Maybe Tama-chan will let us have Italian desserts.'

Fumiko Cracking

Izzy tried not to snort boyishly. 'Please, don't bother on my account.'

Mori chimed in with a simple, 'he means for himself.'

Fumiko Cracker

For the umpteenth time, Izzy wondered about what she had wandered into. She wondered if it really was too late to transfer to Lobeila.

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