Ground Handling Deluxe Free Download

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This is Ground Handling Deluxe plugin by JARDesign v.4.230618 distributive (Win 7/8, MAC OS 64 bit)

What new:

+ XP11.20 compatible
+ new Visual Control Panel
+ VR-compatible
+ liveries loading issue fixed
+ XP11.32 compatible
+ JD330 GPU operation fixed
+ JD330 MCDU MENU operation fixed
+ XP11.35 compatible
+ JD330 v.3.2 compatible (add baggage carts in set)
+ jD320 v.3.4 compatible (add baggage carts in set)
+ macOS Catalina compatible

Ground handling deluxe sets

Boeing 777 CARGO - Flight Factor
Boeing 777-300ER - Flight Factor
Boeing 777-200LR - Flight Factor
Boeing 777-200ER - Flight Factor
Boeing 727-100 - FlyJSim
Boeing 727-200 - FlyJSim
Boeing 757-200 - Flight Factor
Boeing 757-300 - Flight Factor
Boeing 757 CARGO - Flight Factor
Boeing 767-300ER - Flight Factor
Boeing 737-200 - FlyJSim
Boeing 737-300 - IXEG
Boeing 737-700 - EADT
Boeing 737-800 - X Plane 11
Boeing 737-800 - Zibo Mod
Boeing 737-900ER - Ultimate
Boeing 787 - Dreamliner
Boeing 747-400 - X Plane 11
Boeing 747-8i - SSG
Boeing 747-8 CARGO - SSG
Airbus A319 - ToLiss
Airbus A320-Neo - JARDesign
Airbus A320-114 - Flight Factor
Airbus A330-200 - JARDesign
Airbus A350-900XWB - Flight Factor
An 24RV - Felis
Beechcraft B1900 - Carenado
Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 - FlyJSim
Bombardier CRJ-200 - jRollon
Douglas DC-6B - PMDG
Embraer E-170LR - SSG
Embraer E-175 - Marko Mamula and Steve Wilson
Embraer E-190LR - SSG
Embraer E-195 - Marko Mamula and Steve Wilson
Il 96-400 - Ramzzess
McDonnell Douglas MD-82 - X Plane 11
McDonnell Douglas MD-80 - Rotate
SukhoySuperJet SSJ-100 - Ramzzess
Tupolev Tu-154M - Felis
Lockheed L1011 Tristar
Yakovlev Yk-40 - Felis

Ground Handling Deluxe free. download full Game Popcap Games

Update: this Tutorial really was only meant for when v4 came out, since v3 sets didn’t have the widget. Which made the widget look weird and empty. This archive contains version 5.0 of my 'groundhandling' gauges, like automated pushback with conversation sounds, a Taxispeed controller using throttle AND brakes, and more; it can added to any aircraft. Accurate interworking with the new FSX pushback tugs. YES, finally:-)!!! Reworked Brakes gauge. Taxispeed gauge now has a built-in ARM function.

Download link

- Please follow Manual.pdf inside ZIP
- Please not mix with old version
- to update from old v4 (v.4.140618 -> v.4.070319) need replace only win.xpl and mac.xpl files

Ground Handling Deluxe Free Download

- Please follow Manual inside ZIP

Ground Handling Deluxe Free Download

- put your old custom .set file to ../X-Plane/Resources/plugins/GndHandling/Sets/Custom
- load aircraft what should work with this .set
- Open Control Widget using Menu->Plugins->GroundHandling->Show Control Widget
- As you see may be all cars have wrong heading
- Click DRIVE ALL and wait until all cars will take place and be solid
- Open X-Plane settings and assign some Keyboard Key to jd/ghd/CommandSetPoint
- Select Menu->Plugins->GroundHandling->Tools->Draw Countur
- put mouse pointer to aircraft nose and use selected Keyboard Key to set first point
- put mouse to next point along aircraft countur and use selected Keyboard Key to set next point
- follow right side of aircraft to draw countur and set last point on the tail aircraft center
- Select Menu->Plugins->GroundHandling->Tools->Save Countur to save it to .set
- Reload aircraft and check result
- Redraw countur if need

Ground handling deluxe crack

If you want post own liveries for GHD, you may use

Please read a FAQ before you post a bug

Ground Handling Deluxe Key

Ground Handling Deluxe Free Download

FSX/P3D – Groundhandling V 6.0. This archive contains version 6.0 of my “groundhandling” gauges, originally created for FS9: automated pushback with conversation sounds, Taxispeed control and more. New in V6.0: – Works with FSX (all versions), P3Dv2/3 AND P3Dv4 (bit64). – Two Pushback versions: the original version (with preset turnangles and scenery pushback truck interaction), and a free-control version that allows you to control pushback heading with rudder input. – A revised Taxispeed gauge; works much more accurate, for any aircraft. – Tow operation, with all engines Off. Easy to install, and fully documented. Requires the Microsoft “Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable” to be installed.

By Rob Barendregt

Ground Handling Deluxe Sets

500 Kb

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