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  1. CNET Download provides free downloads for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices across all categories of software and apps, including security, utilities, games, video and browsers.
  2. Huawei HiSuite Android Smart Device Manager is a PC Suite for Huawei Smartphones. It is an Android Smart Device Manager which lets you manage your device. Download Huawei HiSuite latest version from below. Download Huawei HiSuite. Disclaimer: This file is completely free to use and distribute. All uploaded files and copyrights are properties.

HiSuite System Requirements. Windows 10 32 bit or 64bi. Windows 8.1 32 bit or 64bit. Windows 7 32 bit or 64bit. Windows Vista 32 or 64 bit. Windows XP 32 or 64 bit. 500M of available disk space; 1GB of RAM; Screen resolution of 1024x768, 16 colors; Legal Feedback 800-830-8300 / 400-830-8300. Direct Download link. There is the safe and direct download link is available free of cost, now you can download the latest version for PC. Download Android Multi Tools. No concerns, if you are a novice right now need to play out a few activities on your phone to upgrade user experience. Android Multi Tools doesn’t require any.

Huawei Mate 10 – along with the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, which aroused a general concern among the users, has also been released recently. As we all know, HiSuite is a program for Huawei mobile phone which allows users to efficiently use a desktop control center to manage data stored on their Huawei mobile phone. By using it, you can easily install and uninstall apps, backup phone data and restore them conveniently. Other features include taking screenshots, exporting and importing contacts and updating Android system efficiently. This diversified service therefore helped HiSuite win lots of reputation among Huawei users.

However, many people find it difficult to satisfy their specific needs. On the one hand, the music stored on your Android phone can’t be imported and exported to your computer. In other words, HiSuite doesn’t provide the service to manage the music on mobile phone. It is obviously a pity for those who are keen to listen to music. On the other hand, the detailed information it displays is not specific. You cannot gain more specific information about your Android phone. Therefore, many users are searching for the alternative to Hisuiter. Here are the best three alternatives which have better performance in regard of their features.

Best Alternatives to HiSuite

Huawei hisuite mobile usb driver

Apowersoft Phone Manager

Apowersoft Phone Manager is a HiSuite alternative application for users to manage all of their data on their phone, including music, photos, contacts and videos. It is also a helpful tool to transfer files between mobile phone and computer. What’s more, the phone screen can be mirrored on your PC in real time.

With this tool, you can import and export the music and set any music you like as your ringtone. The information of song is displayed in terms of name, size, time, artist, and album. Meanwhile, your photos, notes and videos can be imported and exported with one simple click. If you have countless photos on your phone, you can click on “Select All” to delete them or export them to the computer in a combined fashion which can make their modifications easier. On the Contacts panel, contacts can be created and deleted. More importantly, you can edit the basic information of the contacts, such as email, address and company. Moreover, the Message function allows you to edit a message and duplicate, delete together with transmitting messages. Apowersoft Phone Manager therefore makes it possible to manage all the data on your phone in an efficient way. On the button below you can download it directly.


  1. Backup and restore data
  2. Detailed information
  3. Multiple features

Cons: apps can’t be downloaded and updated online.

Wondershare MobileGo

Another similar software to HiSuite is Wondershare MobileGo. It is a professional program which makes it easy to manage the data on your Android device. It is also a superb program which can help to backup and restore the data effectively and conveniently.

MobileGo enables you to transfer and manage files between Android phone and PC. Also, you can go to the interface of Apps to install and uninstall your apps. More importantly, apps can be moved to SD card and internal storage as you like. Therefore, you don’t need to be concerned about your phone storage anymore. Similarly to the software mentioned above, all the photos, music, videos and documents can be imported and exported easily. It also allows you to send and reply to text messages directly from the computer. The most remarkable feature is One-Click Root which means you can root Android device with ease. Android users who have no iTunes may find it useful for making regular backups and managing phone data.


  1. One-click root
  2. Manage and backup data


  1. No detailed information about mobile phone
  2. Apps can’t be downloaded and updated.


SnapPea, another alternative to HiSuite, allows you to manage files and content on your Android device. Just like the other two applications, SnapPea is a good assistant for you to manage Android phone and enables you to get access to your phone from the computer without USB cable. Once connected, you can enjoy available different functions freely.

The apps section allows you to install and uninstall Android applications. Moreover, you can download new apps through your computer which means you may save much time. All the media files on your phone can be shown in the program and you can import and export them between SD card and internal storage conveniently. Additionally, you can enjoy a slideshow on Photos panel and you can remark a message as read when you go to the interface of Messages.


  1. Apps can be downloaded online
  2. Simple and easy interface


  1. Unstable connection via Wifi
  2. Contain many annoying ads


To sum up, you can choose any of the presented HiSuite alternative from the programs mentioned above. Obviously, if you want to mirror your phone screen to PC, you can choose Apowersoft Phone Manager. MobileGo is suitable for those who want to root their Android phones conveniently. SnapPea can be chosen by those users who prefer to download apps online. Overall, you can choose other similar programs when you are tired of using HiSuite.

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Can internet resource persons and companies do without a Mobile phone’s PC Suite? I doubt it. At a point in time in the course of using our phones, we may need to connect it to a computer in order to either manage its contents. By the time you are done reading this article, you will have access to where you can Download Official PC Suite for Mobile Phones. An official PC Suite or software performs a host of functions on the device. Such functions include but not limited to the followings:

  • Reads the device information.
  • Push Latest available firmware to the device
  • Synchronizes the devices with the computer
  • Back up the contents of the device to the computer or another external drive
  • Restore the said back up including Apps and settings in most cases.

Unlike a few days ago when I publish an article about Universal/generic PC suites, today, we are going to discuss Official PC Suites/Softwares. Now, what is an official PC Suite for a mobile phone?

What is a Mobile Phone Official PC Suite?


A Mobile phone Official PC suite is a window OS or MAC based PC application specially developed by the original equipment manufacturer for data transfer between your PC and Phone. In other words, for any PC suite/Software to qualify as an official PC suite, it must be developed and released by the phone manufacturer. A PC Suite for mobile is used to back up photos, contacts, messages, videos, and other important files. It is even used to synchronize your Phone and PC calendars. Install many applications to your Phone among other things. And you can even edit your contacts. Send text messages from PC.

Especially Relevant:Free Download Top 6 Generic Pc Suite for All Mobile Phones(Windows & Mac)

Nomenclatures of Official PC Suites/Software for Mobile

By nomenclature, I mean the body of names that are synonymous with the term “PC Suite”.

Download huawei hisuite latest version
  • Apple call theirs iTunes
  • We also have Nokia PC Suite/Nokia suite
  • PC Sync customer: Motorola
  • Microsoft Zune/ phone companion
  • Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant
  • HiSuite: Huawei
  • HTC Sync Manager
  • Samsung Kies/SmartSwitch
  • Desktop manager
  • PC Link and so on

Difference between a Service tool/Flashtool and A PC Suite

There is this overlapping of functions which in turn causes confusion with the distinction between a mobile phone’s flash tool and its service tool. Agreed, many pc suites also serves as a flash tool for example. You can use Apple iTunes to revive a dead Apple iDevice. Additionally, it can perform firmware restore/upgrade among other things. Apple doesn’t have a separate tool for flashing their devices. Similarly, Samsung smart-switch can be used to recover a bricked Samsung phone. However, Samsung has a special tool(ODIN service tool). Odin is Samsung PC application for flashing ROMs into its devices. Its work is clearly different from that of any of Samsung’s PC suites.

Huawei hisuite mobile usb driver

In addition, Sony also has its own Flash tool which is separate from its PC suite. The list goes on and on. Another difference is the fact that every PC suite comes with the required drivers needed for connecting the device to the pc while, you may need to download the USB drivers separately for Flashtool/service tools.

Furthermore, you must exercise great caution while using a flashtool. This is not necessarily the case with a PC Suite.

Finally, Service tools perform specific advances functions like bootloader unlocking, Rom flashing, carriers check and so on while PC suites perform simple but equally important functions like backup, restoring, syncing and so on.

Now that we are aware of the distinction between aflash tool and a pc suite. let us know a few its similarities.

  • They are both released by the same company
  • Also, both of them can successfully connect with the device.

Hisuite Phone Locked

Download Official PC Suite for Mobile Phones- Direct resumable links

Download Huawei Hisuite Latest Version

The first 5 links will be those of the most popular phones in the world. Subsequently, the links will be posted in no particular order. I beg to start with Apple iTunes.

  1. Download Apple iTunes for Windows and Mac here
  2. Samsung Kies and SmartSwitch can be downloaded here
  3. Sony PC Suite is available here for download
  4. Huawei also has its own PC Suite. Remember it is already a tough competitor for Apple and Samsung. You can get Huawei HiSuite PC Software here.
  5. Despite the fact that HTC has slowed down, they are still a force to be reckoned with. Little wonder you can download HTC Sync manager from there site.
  6. LG Electronics has always been in the heels of Samsung. They also have their phone lines. You can download LG PC software here
  7. Nokia has three links to their PC Suite. Download Nokia PC Suites: link 1, Link 2 and finally the link to download Nokia PC software for its Windows phones.
  8. Older blackberry phones up to BB10 have Blackberry desktop manager as their PC suite. you can download blackberry desktop manager here. Unfortunately,
    there is no BlackBerry Link for BlackBerry Android OS. Google Drive, Box, DropBox, etc. are your best options to transfer and/or synchronize files between devices.
    Luckily for Blackberry Android users, almost anything is possible. just read my article on the best universal PC suite for mobile phones.
  9. Google owns the Pixels flagship phones. If you ever wish to transfer files between your google pixel phones and PC, follow the instructions on this link.
  10. Download Motorola PC Sync here
  11. I won’t leave Xiaomi users empty. Download Xiaomi MI PC suite from this link.
  12. Amazon kindle fire phone series also has a way of upgrading their software. You can also supports from the link above.
  13. Download Microsoft phone companion for all Microsoft phones here. Learn how to use it here.
  14. Oppo is a brand name phone maker. Here is the link to Oppo App software Update.
  15. Download Asus PC Link from this directory. You can learn about how to use it here,
  16. Benq PC Software partner direct download link.
  17. Gionee has mobile drivers that will enable a PC to recognise your gionee phone. Download this on their official site now.
  18. For HP phones, visit the link for your PC Software.
  19. In case you are not aware, Nvidia also has its own line of mobile phones. nVidia calls their phones “shield”. If there is a need to hook this to your PC, consider downloading this driver first.
  20. Here is the link to Micromax phones where you can download its PC Suite.
  21. Where you have HP, you will likely also have Dell. Download drivers for Dell phones here.
  22. Also, you can download the PC drivers for Lenovo’s Phones here.
  23. Lastly, download USB drivers for lava mobiles here.

Huawei Hisuite Mobile Usb Driver


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