Honda Accord Front License Plate Bracket Install

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Front license plate holder bracket installation. We found a front license plate holder under the cargo floor in the cubby space. Honda Passport Forum is the. Honda Accord 2001-2002 Front License Plate Bracket. If you'll notice in the pictures, this bracket is formed to fit the exact curvature of the bumper. Customers are reporting a install time of about 30 minutes. You will notice that this bracket does not come with any hardware.

I know it'll be cheaper to install it myself, but I'm afraid to damage the front bumper since I have to drill holes to attach the bracket. If a dealership does it they'll know exactly how to do it since they do it all the time.


It's Honda that I'd be dealing with. I know they're expensive, but would a bracket installation really be that bad through them?

I've seen people ruin their bumpers and also drill right through the AC condenser trying to mount a front license plate. You would be better off just putting the license plate in the trunk and driving with out it mounted!

Dealer is your best bet


Get a body shop to do it, it will be cheaper, just make sure it is centred as opposed to the far left or right, rice boy.

Honda accord front license plate bracket installers

It's not called a bumper, but a fascia. Look for small dimples in it where the bracket is supposed to go. The dimples are where you are supposed to drill the holes. Most car fascias have them.


Honda Accord License Plate Frame

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