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PUBG “Mac” system requirements. Unless you go with a streaming solution, system requirements remain critical. Especially for a demanding game such a PUBG. You won’t be able to find official PUBG Mac requirements, but if you’re thinking about using Boot Camp, the game’s Windows requirements are still applicable. Player Unknown’s Battle Ground, commonly known as PUBG, got viral as soon as it came out at the beginning of 2018. As the name suggests, it is a battle royale shooting game that is intense and gripping. You can play the game individually as a solo player, in pairs, or squads with your friends. It is a survival game. In PUBG, the game begins as in the game that inspired it. The player finds himself parachuted, at the same time as 99 others on an unknown island with only maps as his only reference point that will help him orient himself. The challenge is to survive as long as possible on the island by finding food, weapons, equipment and other supplies.

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Apple. For throwing, not eating!


The Apple is a piece of food in BATTLEGROUNDS.

Summary[edit | edit source]

A nice, juicy and plump apple more than fit for human consumption. But instead, everyone within BATTLEGROUNDS has deemed them to be more suited for throwing at each other while waiting in the lobby.

Apple. For throwing, not eating!
~ In-game description
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Imac Pubg

  • Apples existed in the game lobby during the Pre-Alpha and Alpha builds of the game. After this but prior to the Sanhok update, the item still existed within the game files but was no longer usable until the introduction of Sanhok where they are now automatically added to one's inventory during the pre-game lobby.

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  • UI icon

  • Apple in the lobby of the early alpha. The lobby building can be found at Map Section FL in Erangel.

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Mini 14 • Mk14 EBR‎‎ • QBU • SKS • SLR • VSS Vintorez
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Flare Gun • P18C • P1911 • P92 • R1895 • R45 • Skorpion
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