Ir2110 Mosfet Driver Circuit Diagram

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The IR2112 is a high voltage IC that acts as a MOSFET driver and IGBT driver. It has independent high and low side referenced output channels with a threshold voltage of 600 V. Bootstrap feature makes it compatible for high side driver applications. Additionally, it has Schmitt triggered inputs that are compatible to the standard CMOS and LSTTL outputs. IR2112 is basically a low and high side driver IC with a voltage range of 10V to 20V.

Ir2110 schematic

Furthermore, it has applications that require the circuitry of both high and low-side drive, for example, half-bridge and full-bridge circuits. It is available in 14 Lead PDIP and 16 lead SOIC packages.

IR2110 is a high voltage (up to 500V) chip which is suitable to drive various types of the MOSFET and IGBT. This device contains both low-side and high-side half-bridge drivers. You can find pins description and other parameters in datasheet. In the internal circuit diagram of IR2110, the low side and high side blocks are separated with a dotted line for simplicity. The upper half circuit works for driving high side MOSFET and lower half is for driving the low side MOSFET. As in accordance to the pin configuration of IR2110, the SD (shutdown) pin is used to shutdown the IC. SMPS circuit have 3 version of the 700w (+-50v 50khz), 800w (+-42v 60khz) and 900w (+-70v 50khz) circuit diagrams for the same smps pwm control output is used to drive the integrated MOSFET sg3525 ir2110, but according to some of the values are different, the forces of the output of the SMPS circuit voltajlarına has.

IR2110 Sine Wave on Zero Volts using H-Bridge MOSFET Drivers Posted by Circuit Diagram in General Circuits The use of MOSFETs which is arranged in an H-Bridge may generate a sine wave centered on 0 Volts with positive and negative voltage on the loads and IR2110 high speed power MOSFET IC can make such this configuration. Jan 20, 2013 Using the high-low side driver IR2110 - explanation and plenty of example circuits. Can i use single ir2110 and single sg3525 to drive h-bridge ' 4 mosfet' and i want full circuit diagram of drive circuit of h-bridge. I have struggled with buck configuration of IR2110 Mosfet driver. I want to be able to.

IR2112 Pinout Diagram

IR2112 pinout diagram shows that it consists of 14 pins. LO and HO are output pins for low and high side respectively. LIN and HIN are input pins for drive signals such as PWM, SPWM. The rest of the descriptions of the pins are given in pin configuration section.

Ir2110 mosfet driver circuit diagram schematics

Pin Configuration Details

Ir2110 Mosfet Driver Circuit Diagram Tool


The driver IC has 14 pins whose functionalities are mentioned in the table given below:

Pin NumberPin NameDescription
1LOGate drive output of Low voltage side
2COMReturn path for low side driver
3Voltage supply for low voltage driver and its value should be between the range of 10V to 20V.
4, 8, 14NCNo connection for these pins and no use
5VsFloating point return path for low side
6Floating point for high side drive
7HOGate drive output for high driver side
9Voltage supply and its value should be in a range of +3V to +20V with reference to ground or Vss. For normal operation, we use = +5V.
10HINIn phase input logic signal for gate output of high side driver
11SDInput signal for shut down
12LINIn phase input logic signal for gate output of low side driver
13VssGround of the circuit

IR2112 MOSFET/ IGBT driver Features

  • High and Low Side Driver IC with source current 0.25 A and sink current 0.5 A
  • It can tolerate negative transient voltage
  • The range of separate voltage supply is from 3.3V to 20V and supply range of gate driver is from 10 to 20 V
  • It has a feature of floating channel which can perform bootstrap operation
  • Inputs and outputs are in phase
  • Matched propagation delay and undervoltage lockout for both channels
  • Threshold voltage is +600 V
  • Cycle by cycle edge-triggered shutdown logic

Equivalent options

Mosfet Driver Circuit Diagram

  • IR2118
  • IR2101
  • IR2102
  • IR2104
  • IR2106
  • IR2184

Where to use IR2112?

This IC can be used as both Mosfet driver and IGBT driver. These IC’s are commonly used in half-bridge circuits for switching Mosfets. You can use this IC in high-frequency applications due to its matched propagation delays. It is used in high voltage applications for switching discrete power Mosfets ON and OFF using low voltage input.

How to use IR2112 MOSFET/IGBT Driver?

The connection diagram of this IC 12R2112 are shown in the figure below. HIN and LIN are the input signals for high and low driver side. They connect to some microcontroller or a voltage supply through a switch and is provided with an input signal of range 4 to 5V. It has a shutdown pin which is provided to protect the circuit in case of over voltages or current by connecting this pin to +5V. It will shut down the circuit.

Bootstrap Capacitor

Ir2110 Mosfet Driver Circuit Diagram Circuit

You can see a capacitor between and Vs from the figure below. This is a bootstrap capacitor and its function is to fully operate the high driver side of Mosfet. One end of the bootstrap capacitor is connected to the diode. The doide will charge the capacitor and prevent discharging when is High. For proper switching of the mosfet gate, this capacitor should be charged up between 10 to 20V. After connecting all the input pins, switch ON the power supply.

If you want to drive high side MOSFET, connect HIN to High signal and HO pin will produce HIGH output. To turn-off the high side, apply low signal on HIN pin. Same is the case of LIN pin. When Vs is HIGH, the output at HO will be equal to Vb level, with respect to Vs, When Vs is LOW, the value on HO will be equal to Vs with reference to Vs which means 0 logic.

Example circuit as a half-bridge

IR2112 Applications

This IC has numerous applications especially switching circuits. Some of its applications include:

Ir2110s Pdf

  • Designing H-bridge, half-bridge, and full-bridge circuits
  • Switched-mode power supplies
  • Inverters, traction motor control, and induction heating.

2D Diagram


Few days ago, GoHz made a 24V 2000W power inverter in home, sharing some design schematics and circuit diagrams.
Power inverter testing. The picture was taken in short-circuited.
Output waveform. The SPWM accuracy of EG8010 was not high enough waveform, so the inverter output was not good enough as pure sine wave. The dead zone time was a bit long (1uS), where the zero-crossing point did not look good, in order to ensure the safety of the tube, GoHz did not adjust it.
This was a full load test on the power inverter, two water heaters, about 2000 watt, the water was boiling completely. Maximum connected load was 3000 watt for approx 10 seconds, due to the DC power supply limitation (paralleling a large DC battery and two small batteries), GoHz did not continue test it. Adjust the inverter power limitation potentiometer, limit the maximum power at 2500 watt, (a little greater than 2500 watt), the power inverter works for less than two seconds before it turn off the output. Short circuit protection is also set about two seconds to turn off the output. Due to the EG8010 programming reason, the power inverter will continuous work after a few seconds if the power supply is not cut off. This power inverter has a good starting ability, it only takes about 1 second for two parallel 1000 watt solar lamps. This inverter is designed to power about 2200 watt, the headline of this paper is 2000 watt is because the DC power supply maximum output current is 100A, so GoHz tested it at 2000 watt, for more than 12 hours testing, it can work well at 2000 watt, there would be no problem for the actual load at 2500 watt.
This is the foreline tube D level waveform when the power inverter was in 2000w full load.
Expanding the foreline tube D level waveform when the inverter in 2000w full load.
This is the power inverter in no-load power consumption test.
It can be seen from two multimeter, no-load power consumption is 24.6 * 0.27 = 6.642W, no-load consumption is relatively low, it can be used for photovoltaic, car batteries and other new energy systems.
Forward toroidal transformer. Stacked two 65 * 35 * 25mm ferrite ring, primary 3T + 3T with 16 1mm wires, the secondary was used very fine multi-strand wire tangled wound of 42T, auxiliary power 3T.
Using 4 pairs ixfh80n10, 80A, 100V, 12.5 milliohms resistors. Rectifiers are 4 set MUR1560, two large electrolytic 450V470uF, 4 35V1000uF Japanese chemical capacitors for 24V DC input.
Backward power tube is 4 set FQA28N50, output inductor is sendust 52mm with 1.5mm enameled wire wrap 120T, inductance 1mH, capacitors are 2 set 4.7uF safety capacitors. Two high frequency arm FQL40N50, and two low frequency arm FQA50N50.
Short circuit test. This power inverter is sensitive in short circuit protection, after more than 100 times short circuit tests (power on short circuit, no-load short circuit, full load short circuit, loading short circuit), the power inverter is still work good. The output terminals of the inverter and the tweezers were scarred.
Here is the circuit section, get understanding the basics of this power inverter, DIY an inverter now.
Forward board DC-DC power circuit board, conventional push-pull. (Download PDF file)
Forward DC-DC circuit driver schematic. It has undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent protection, overcurrent protection is implemented by test tube drop. The circuit is conventional SG3525 + LM393. (Download PDF file)
Backward DC-AC schematic, using conventional circuit too, there is nothing new places, the unique is the additional high-voltage detection circuit, means when the DC voltage is higher than 240V DC, the auxiliary power is turned on, and the backward circuit is beginning to work. In debugging, add a function of turning off the SPWM drive circuit when the auxiliary power drops, to prevent the inverter bombing incidents when the auxiliary power supply drops but the DC voltage was still high, by adding this function, we can shut down the power inverter in short circuit. (Download PDF file)
SPWM driver board circuit, EG8010 + IR2110, to detect the voltage drop for short circuit protection. (Download PDF file)

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Ir2110 Datasheet

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