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The Dremora ate my Sweetroll

Mage Outfit Texture Overhaul (MOTO) Gemling Queen Jewerly DVA Dinamic Vampire Appearance. BEST Mage Starter Guide - How to Begin your Mage Build - Duration: 20:49. Mage Outfit Texture Overhaul; Magic Runes HD; Deadly Spell Impacts; Ultra Realistic Bow Shoot Sounds; Ultra Realistic Crossbow Shoot Sounds; Enhanced Draugr Fx. Schools of Magic: Mage Outfit Texture Overhaul. Posted by 1 year ago. Schools of Magic: Mage Outfit Texture Overhaul. I fell for the hype where you can mod Skyrim to be souls-like and have mods downloaded like Combat Gameplay Overhaul, some popular third person camera mod that doesnt stick to the. Mage Outfit Texture Overhaul - Schools of Magic by Alexandriel Dragonborn Mages Robes Retexture Pack by Rafuel Realistic Transparent Glass Armors Weapons v3 - VANILLA UNP CBBE - optional textures by Cabal120 by mikegemini Body and Tool Division. Mage Outfit Texture Overhaul by (Rafuel and Alexandriel) in I - Clothing & Equipment Started by TechAngel85, 04 Sep 2015 mod, texture, clothing, mage. 1; 2; 3; Last Post by DreamerSteamer, 09 May 2019: 44 replies; 11,950 views.

For all of those who did or din’t ask.

Mage outfit texture overhaul kit

These are all mods I am currently using. The list seems big but I have a load order of around 200 esp/esms. The game runs stable (relative, it is after all a Bethesda game). The categories are listed not in order of installation, but the Texture mods under the categories are, i.e.“ENB and Weather” is installed at last, but “XCE” is overwritten by skin/makeup/warpaint mods. ;)

I am using Mod Organizer, because it is keeping the Installation clean and you can decide which file overwrites and which not even after the activation of the mod.

The Basics: I recommend these for everyone.

  • SKSE: Skyrim Script Extender, requirement for a lot of advanced mods, incl. SkyUI
  • SkyUI
  • Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Patch

ENB and Weather: Why does it look like it looks?

  • Tetrachromatic ENB or Rudy ENB (both the NLVA version)
  • Natural Light Vivid Atmospherics
  • True Storms
  • Enhanced Lights and Fx: Only Interior Modules, mostly Hardcore ;)
  • Unofficial Enhanced Lights and FX SMIM Patch: Must have, corrects FPS hungry parts

Basic Fixes and Changes

  • Auto Unequip Ammo: Re-equip the last used ammo and unequip it when you sheath the bow
  • Realistic Ragdolls and Force: No longer gravity-defying corpses
  • Better Stealing: no telepathic guards ;)
  • Bug Fixes
  • Crash Fixes
  • MFVM - More Follower Voices Mod
  • Enchantment Reload Fix
  • Follower Trap Safety: Saves lifes
  • Skyrim Enhanced Camera: Body in first person
  • Skyrim Project Optimization: Saves quite a few FPS indoors
  • Smart Souls: Souls are stored only in the right gems
  • Fix Lip Sync:
  • Wiseman303’s Critter Fixes with Pond Fish and Salmon Replacer
  • Wiseman303’s Flora Fixes
  • Dead Body Collision Fix: No walk trough corpses
  • Modern Brawl Bug Fix: Load at the very last or extract the bsa and load the scripts very last. This saves a lot reloads. And it finally works (almost) every time

User Interface

  • Skill Interface Retexture
  • Extended UI: Better Skill Interface and Console
  • A Matter of Time: Clock Widget
  • Better MessageBox Controls
  • Better Dialogue Controls
  • KenMOD - Alternate Skyrim Cursor: Version 6
  • moreHUD: Displays necessary informations on first glance
  • iWASM - Immersive Wait And Sleep Menu
  • Sovngarde - Mist’s Font Replacer
  • ImmersiveHUD - iHUD
  • No Poison Dialogues
  • Atlas Map Markers
  • Atlas Map Markers Updated with NPCs
  • PC Head Tracking and Voice Type

Quests and Dungeons

Legacy of the Dragonborn (Dragonborn Gallery)

First I thought it over the top, but now it is an essential in my load order. Latest (final) Full Version just rolled out of beta phase, only bugfix updates will come now.

Supported Mods:

  • Unique shapes for Unique Weapons (only Assets, no esp)
  • Unique Uniques (only Assets, no esp)
  • Unique Weapons Redone
  • Konahrik’s Accountrement (HD Textures, Konahrik Retext)
  • More Inetersting Loot for Skyrim
  • Skyrim unique Treasures
  • BadGremlin’s mods: currently taken from the nexus, but will return later

I have played only half of the following, but they seem to be good:

Mage outfit texture overhaul kit
  • Falskaar
  • Wyrmstooth
  • Better Falskaar and Wyrmstooth Map with Roads
  • Darkend
  • The Forgotten City
  • The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal
  • Helgen Reborn
  • The Notice Board (Redefined, Dragonborn Addon, Falskaar Addon)
  • Wheels of Lull
  • Winterhold Rebuild
  • Agent of Righteous Might
  • Undeath
  • Moon and Star
  • World Eater Beater
  • Hraghenskaag Labyrinths
  • Hope’s Abandon
  • Cave of the Forgotten
  • Beyond Reach
  • Moonshimmer Mine
  • The Temple of Black Rock
  • The Secret of Dragonhead
  • Hjakhtraevarr Tomb
  • Molag Bal’s Inferno
  • Temple of Kruziik
  • Cutting Room Floor
  • Timing is Everything
  • Alernate Start - Life Another Live
  • Expanded Towns and Cities
  • Dawn of Skyrim Collection
  • Interesting NPCs
  • Inconsequential NPCs
  • Inigo (InigoMCM)
  • Vilja
  • Tweaks and Enhancements: Beyond Reach, Wyrmstooth, Agent of Righteous Might


  • Apocalypse
  • More Apocalypse
  • Imperious
  • Wintermyst
  • Dwemertech
  • Spectraverse
  • Thunderchild
  • Aurora
  • Coldharbour Resummoned
  • Lost Grimoire of Skyrim
  • Real Flying
  • More Draconic Dragon Aspect
  • Real Flying - More Draconic Dragon Aspect
  • Wrath of Nature - The Path of the Druid/ The Champion of Kynareth


  • Weapons and Armor Fixes
  • Trade and Barter
  • Clothing and Clutter Fixes
  • Heavy Armory
  • Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade
  • Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul
  • Ordinator
  • CACO-Ordinatored
  • Ordinator - WAFR and CCOR Patch
  • Wildcat
  • Convenient Horses
  • Skyrim Immersive Creatures + High Level Enemies SIC Edition
  • Revenge of the Enemies + Patches
  • Realistic Primitive Horse Breeds
  • SkyTest
  • True Elk of Skyrim
  • True Wolves of Skyrim
  • Deadly Dragons
  • Diverse Dragon Collection v2
  • Aeonbarr
  • Enhanced Skyrim Factions
  • Opulent Thieves Guild
  • Thieves Guild Followers
  • Brynjolf and Vex - Thieves Guild Followers
  • Localized Thieves Guild Jobs
  • Thieves Guild Requirements
  • Immersive College of Winterhold
  • College Days - Winterhold
  • Black Horse Courier Reborn
  • Skyrim Coin Replacer Redux
  • Guard Dialogue Overhaul
  • Immersive detection of NPC
  • Immersive Music
  • Immersive Citizens
  • The Paarthurnax Dilemma
  • The Paarthurnax Ultimatum: Yes, both
  • Immersive Speechcraft
  • Gildergreen Regrown
  • Even Better Quest Objectives
  • Campfire
  • Tentapalooza
  • Frostfall
  • Wet and Cold
  • Holidays
  • Castle Volkihar Rebuilt
  • Predator Vision
  • Dual Wield Parrying
  • VioLens - A Killmove Mod
If Playing as Werewolf

Mage Outfit Texture Overhaul Minecraft

  • Moonlight Tales - Werewolf and Werebear Essentials
  • Bloodmoon Rising
  • Heart of the Beast
If Playing as Vampire
  • Better Vampires
  • Royal Bloodlines
  • DVA Dynamic Vampire Appearance
  • Dark Maneuvers
Skyrim mage outfit texture overhaul

Armor, Weapons and other Stuff

  • Immersive Armors
  • Immersive Weapons
  • Aesir Armor
  • Nedhegoth the Butcher
  • Artifacts - The Tournament of the Ten Bloods
  • Artifacts - The Breton Paladin
  • Dawnguard Arsenal

Character Visuals Mods

Mage Outfit Texture Overhaul Packs

  • XCE - Xenius Character Enhancement
  • XCE - Warpaint and Dirt
  • Better Makeup for SKSE
  • Superior Lore-Friendly Hair HD textures
  • Northborn Scars
  • Smile in HD
  • Female Facial Animations
  • HUE - Handmade Unique Eyes
  • Brows
  • Beards
  • Freckle Mania
  • Raven’s Warpaints
  • KS Hairdos - HDT Physics
  • Battle Hardened Warpaints
  • CBBE, Vanilla Outfits, DB Outfits
  • Racemenu
  • SkySight Skins - Ultra HD Male Textures
  • Pride of Valhalla
  • MONSTERaiders Beast Race Textures
  • Khajiit Hair
  • RS Children (Patches, Moon and Star, USLEEP)
  • XP32 Maximum Skeleton
  • Immersive Animations
  • Blocking Animation Pack
  • Play Random Idle
  • Magiska
  • Realistic Animation Project (Movement, Idles)

Flora and Water

  • Solstheim Landscape Overhaul - Dead Edition
  • Realistic Water Two
  • Footprints (Patch for Gray Cowl of Nocturnal)
  • Enhanced Blood Textures
  • Skyrim Flora Overhaul
  • Unbelievable Grass Two

Mage Outfit Texture Overhaul Minecraft

Models, Textures, Sounds and Animations

Mage Outfit Texture Overhaul Ideas

  • Revamped Assets Skyrim
  • Static Mesh Improvement Mod
  • Enhanced Texture Detail (UV-tweaks)
  • A World Map and Solstheim Map - With Roads
  • Noble Skyrim Mod HD
  • Easier Lockpicking without cheating - Nordic Retexture
  • Subliminal Traps - Sovngarde Edition
  • Stunning Staues of Skyrim
  • aMidianBorn Textures
  • Ruins Clutter Improved
  • Ultimate HD Torch
  • GAMWICH’s Retextures
  • Dark Brotherhood Tenets Restored
  • Thieves Guild Armor HD Revival
  • Proper Length Arrows
  • Bellyaches HD Dragon Replacer
  • Hybridsd HD Plants and Herbs Retexture
  • Skyrim Weapon De-LARP-ification Project
  • LeanWolf’s Better-Shaped Weapons
  • Design of the Nords
  • Sweet Mother - the Night Mother Improvement
  • Harkons Sword - HD Retexture
  • JS Dragon Claws
  • Aetherial Crown
  • Gemling Queen Jewelry
  • Staff of Magnus Improved
  • Auriels Bow - HD Retexture
  • Auriels Shield - HD Retexture
  • Frankly HD Ebony Blade
  • Frankly HD Stormcloak and City Guards
  • Burn Freeze Shock Effects
  • Septim HD
  • Dragonscale Armor Enhancements
  • Dragonborn Mastery
  • Morag Tong and Chitin Armor Enhancement
  • Ultimate HD Fire Effects
  • Kajuan’s Creature Retextures
  • Rafuel’s Mage Robes Retextures
  • ObsidianStag’s Detailing the Eldritch
  • Ancient Falmer Armor Overhaul
  • Dawnbreaker and Spellbreaker Enhancements
  • Dawn of the Dawnguard Armor
  • Arri’s Snow Elf Ruins + Wayshrine Fix
  • LeanWolf’s Better-Shaped and Armed Talos
  • TDN Vampire Armors
  • Mage Outfit Texture Overhaul
  • Magic Runes HD
  • Deadly Spell Impacts
  • Ultra Realistic Bow Shoot Sounds
  • Ultra Realistic Crossbow Shoot Sounds
  • Enhanced Draugr Fx
  • Thundering Shouts
  • Better Animal Footsteps
  • Dragon Shout with Voice
  • Better Horse Pain Sounds
  • Soultrap Sound Edit - Calm Wind
  • Atronach and Spriggan Retextures
  • Seeker and Lurker - Creature Retex
  • Storm Atronach - Creature Retex
  • Frost Atronach HD Retexture
  • Bones and Scales - Armour Retex
  • SkyRealism - Shiny - Deadric Armor
  • Vigilance Reborn
  • Meeko Reborn
  • Dragon Animation Replacer
  • Vampire Lord Retexture

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