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Stainless Steel
PlatformM2TW and Kingdoms
Mod TypeTotal Conversion
Mod Leadergracul
Release StatusVersion 6.4
Forum / ThreadHere

Download Stainless Steel:Steel FAQ: Stainless Steel mod for Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms. Bro first install Version 6.3 and then install version 6.4 on it. Killer of Stainless Steel - Bulat. HOWTO: Install patch 1.2 and use the unpacker. This short guide will hopefully help you with installing patch 1.2 for Medieval II Total War and use the unpacker without incident. Stainless Steel mod for Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms. Bro first install Version 6.3 and then install version 6.4 on it. Leeekaaa Aug 18 2020. Killer of Stainless Steel - Bulat Steel Total War: here the link of the mod: Just try it! Reply Good karma Bad karma 0 votes. Guest Nov 24 2020.

  • 2Features
    • 2.1Stainless Steel 6.4 Features
    • 2.2Stainless Steel 4.1 Features
      • 2.2.4The New Factions
  • 3Team and Credits


Stainless Steel was first started as a mod for Medieval 2: Total War (v4.1 and lower), but it switched over to Kingdoms after the expansion was released.It combines bug fixes, many small mods, changes to AI and AI armies, more provinces, graphical improvements and many other campaign and battle map changes in a package aimed at providing a much greater challenge and more enjoyable gameplay.
It is one of the most popular mods for Medieval 2, but is surpassed in popularity by Third Age: Total War.
Stainless Steel mostly keeps the same setting as the original Medieval 2 campaign, though it expands the map east and north while removing America.


Stainless Steel 6.4 Features

The Campaign

  • Rebalanced victory conditions.
  • Rebalanced building bonuses.
  • Guild's HQ's now always offer a faction wide bonus.
  • Rebalanced existing missions and added more missions.
  • New building, place-able in locations with long rivers.
  • Removed Ireland.
  • Added a new region below Kiev (Ireland is now 2 regions).
  • AI factions tend to stick to their Royal Blood for many generations.
  • Alberi di Famiglia Regal implemented.
  • New Faction Economy scripts.
  • Knight's Templar & Kingdom of Jerusalem have been combined into Crusader States (with mixed units).
  • Mongols are finally pagan.
  • 1TPY Early Era campaign.
  • Slave faction are now a lot more active - including the ability to use merchants, spies and assassins.
  • New troubadours event.

The Campaign Map

  • Completely new and huge campaign map, covering most of Europe and the beginning of Persia.
  • New ground types and custom climates.
  • Maximum width the engine allows of 510 movement tiles.
  • Mountains, hills and map outlines are based on satellite data.
  • Work of art coastlines instead of the square 'vanilla' ones.
  • Maximum amount of almost 200 historically medieval settlements. (A few had to sacrifice historical accuracy for better game balance)
  • Every Region has its own resources, including new valuable resources in the 'outbacks' of the map
  • Resources are now better balanced, a couple of new resources were also added.
  • All resources were moved away from roads, to ensure merchants' peaceful life.
  • AI friendly map, the AIs' armies should no longer get stuck.
  • Narrow mountain passages were widened enough for agents to freely pass, while armies will still get blocked.
  • Missing ports added.
  • Rebels spawning on inaccessible terrain fixed and Rebel ships spawning in small lakes fixed.
  • Agart's great city & castle models.

The Battle Map & Unit Balance

  • grass mod implemented.
  • Water now looks a whole lot better!
  • Smoother steppes modification by wolfslayer implemented.
  • New war horn sounds by wolfslayer implemented (hand picked by me).
  • Ambient sound files for Muslim temples by wolfslayer implemented.
  • Magus' Crimson Tide implemented (the no-dirt version).
  • Award winning BAI by Germanicu5.
  • Swagger's Skymod included.
  • Knights Templar units from Lord_Calidor's KT mod implemented.
  • BftB units by Caesar Clivus implemented.
  • For God and St. George mods by AWellesley.
  • Lord Condormanius's Mailed Knights.
  • Polish Units by MADTAO included.
  • Rusichi mod units implemented.
  • Real Recruitment's AoR (Area of Recruitment) system included.
  • RR's system nearly fully integrated. (please refer to RR/RC OCT 30 post for more detailed changes)

Traits & Ancilliaries

  • Rebalanced merchant traits for 1TPY.
  • As merchants get older, they lose movement points.
  • Generals are now a lot easier to educate in settlements with schools etc.
  • Faction Leaders can now acquire a set of traits affecting all settlements and generals.

General Changes

  • Auto border-less mode - ALT+TAB in and out of the game without any loading.
  • New, epic loading screens.
  • New music by Kevin MacLeod, Jon Sayles & Bill Hudak, vanilla MTW2 music was also brought back. (now we have 141 music files + vanilla music, compared to 89 in 6.1 and no vanilla music, that's a hell lot!)
  • New main menu background & splash screen by Y2day.
  • Faction selection crash fixed.
  • All factions accessible in custom battle and hotseat.
  • External campaign chooser - for easy hotseat and CTD reduction.
  • External launcher application - taking care of things the user would normally do.
  • CBUR with most of its features implemented.
  • Riczu trade carts removed.
  • Parts of Awellesley's 1100AD mod integrated.
  • SSTC by Chimaeira implemented.
  • Real Horses by Argent Usher implemented.
  • CBUR and Unit Card improvement projects by Agis Tournas implemented.
  • Animations updates.
  • Y2day's faction shields & banners.
  • New quotes.
  • Proper character aging.
  • Byzantine and Kievan Rus unit cards by akvilonn.
  • Tax auto-manage should now work properly.
  • Added Patriarchs for Orthodox factions.
  • All factions now have their one-liner pre-battle speeches activated (more speeches for existing factions, and no more mute Norway, Kwarzemian Empire, etc. generals)
  • Unbelievable amount of fixes, both big and small, too many to mention them all.

Stainless Steel 4.1 Features

The Campaign

The whole game pace is slightly lowered. The default game length is about 350 turns (1.5 years per turn).However, you have also the option to play the game with the original game length of 225 turns.Population limits for settlement upgrades raised, building times and costs slightly increased.Heavy Infantry units are recruitbale later, therefore every faction gets an additional light infantry unit.

The Campaign Map

  • Campaign Map completely resized and reworked
  • Slight Map Extension to the north and east
  • More space between settlements in order to have more field battles
  • Many new details like smoother forests, new rivers, mountains, isles, trade routes
  • Slightly changed borders of all regions in order to make them less noticeable
  • About 50 New Provinces, well spreaded and historically correct (Exeter, Bari, Oporto, Arta, Barcelona, Belgrade, Balearic Isles, Bryansk, Lyon, Athens, Munster, Ancona, Isle of Lesvos, Warsaw, Diyarbakir, Salzburg, Kirov, Melilla, Salamanca, Groningen, Clermont, Thebes, Mecca, Basra, Astrakhan, Tortosa, El-Oued, Sinop, Norrkoeping, Benghazi, ...)
  • Every Region has its own ressources, including new valuable resources in the 'outbacks' of the map.
  • Some ressources deleted to make others more valuable

The Campaign AI

Stainless Steel 4.x uses GrandViz Ultimate AI, specifically Ultimate AI 1.5. The Ultimate AI Mod is a complete redesign of the vanilla campaign AI, providing a more challenging and diplomatically active AI opponent. It also includes a lot of balance tweaks to settlement mechanics, economy (tax, trade, costs), population growth, religion and public order.

The New Factions

Kievan Rus
  • 8 unique units with unique descriptions
  • All units, banners and models reskinned
  • Historical character names
  • Difficult starting position
Crown of Aragon
  • 5 unique units with unique descriptions
  • New historical unit names
  • All units, banners and models reskinned
  • Historical Character Names
  • New Order of Montesa guild
Order of the Knights Templar
  • 7 Unique Units with new descriptions
  • All other units have specific Templar Knight designs
  • Historical Characters and new Templar Knights events
  • New Unique Titles which represent the Templar Hirarchy
  • Very different and hard campaign
  • Unit roster slightly changed from 3.2

The Mercenaries

  • New mercenaries for the Early and High Medieval Period:
  • New and more varied mercenary pools
  • Greater mercenary variety
  • Mercenaries have more experience
  • Less mercenary missile units
  • Regions have more of mercenary special units

Improved and challenging AI Armies

  • Proper Mix of Infantry, Missiles, Cavalry and Artillery.
  • AI produces more Elite and Heavy units.
  • This was done without changing any unit costs

New Traits, Ancillaries, Titles and RPG elements

  • Titles for all Cities and Castles and for both Islamic and Catholic/Orthodox factions and with important bonuses in various settlements.
  • Army attrition and supply system demands much more tactical decisions and religion is much more important (Byg's Reality traits)
  • Countless new Traits, Transferable Titles, Ancillaries (Blood, Broads, & Bastards 2.x)
  • Patriarch titles for Orthodox Factions available
  • Many broken Character Traits and Ancillaries fixed
  • New Knights Templar Titles

Much more interesting Historical and Game Events

  • Events for Orders, Inquisitions, Culture, Battles...
  • Events when a princess comes of age or when a monarch dies; many different portraits of beautiful and less beautiful princesses
  • Including New Era Events which affect unit & mercenary recruitment
  • Events who inform about the fall of any faction's capital cities.

Agents and Characters

  • Historically accurate Character Names (CNP 3.0)
  • Reasonable limits for assassins, spies and priests
  • Agents rebalanced
  • Captains are less likely to rebel
  • Imam's required Piety to call a Jihad raised

Settlement and Unit Recruitment Changes

  • Important medieval Cities like Constantinople, Kiev, Rome and Paris more powerful
  • More logical and rebalanced recruitment, for example cities can build more ships & artillery than castles.
  • Early/Late Generals rarely recruitable in castles/citadels
  • Income, city growth and distance to capital punishment rebalanced
  • More balanced money script to support AI Factions
  • Byzantium can build Highways
  • Added many missing and additional units such as Dismounted Gothic Knights, English Armored Sergeants, Dismounted Broken Lances, Hussars, Greek Arquebusiers, Desert Raiders and more
  • Rebalanced and fixed guild triggers
  • Historically more accurate Faction Names
  • Conquering the Aztecs is much harder


  • 10 new Custom Battle Maps
  • Darth Mod 1.4B battle AI and physics
  • More balanced units stats and costs
  • Longer Lasting Battles due to slightly higher morale
  • More realistic battle map movement
Medieval 2 total war stainless steel install guide wow classic


  • Completely new Faction Symbols & Menu Designs by Alletun
  • 20 new epic loading screens
  • New Symbols for the battle map
  • New unique Shield textures for all catholic factions
  • New unique Unit Textures for all European Early & High units (Burrek)
  • New unique Unit Textures for all Feudal & Mailed Knights (Knights&Knaves)
  • New unique unit textures for all Order Knights armor upgrades
  • High quality unit textures & banners for Byzantium (DG's One Faction At A Time)
  • New unit textures and banners for Hungary (Magyar Mod + own additions and improvements)
  • Historical accurate faction banners and banners for special units (Kings Banner 2.0)
  • More spectacular Sky variations and little more blood (improved Horsearcher's skymod)

Team and Credits


Version 6.4

  • gracul - Leader
  • King Kong - SS 6.1
  • Point Blank - RR/RC, lots of things
  • Byg - support and BGR
  • Caesar Clivus - forum handling, support and CBUR
  • Rozanov - coding and ideas
  • Germanicu5 - coding and ideas, BAI
  • y2day - art & graphics
  • Awellesley - units & support
  • Bane_tw - forum handling and bug fixing
  • Ishan - forum handling and bug fixing
  • cedric37 - art & ui graphics

Beta testers:

Other contributors:

  • (HG)LordKoal, (HG)Super, (HG)Iliturgitano, (HG)Xaviar, (HG)Carlos, (HG)Adrics, CeltiberoThormes, penyetta, garcy170 (Spanish translation)
  • Fred Putz (German translation)
  • warman222 (new combo&death animations)
  • Baraban (textures & model fixes)
  • KDK (ui graphics)
  • beikon & gord69 (Steam help)
  • Fair Prince (SSNOP, SSHCP, SSTAIP)
  • newt (No Waiting)
  • Savage - CAI
  • - better grass
  • Argent Usher - real horses
  • Agis Tournas - CBUR
  • Anthonius II - CBUR
  • Magus - Crismon Tide
  • Lord Calidor - KT mod
  • agart - castle & city strat models
  • Agis Tournas - Unit Card improvement
  • Black_Nebula - Hungary Impaler Skins
  • Seether - AFR mod
  • Soupdragon - EE watchtower
  • Chimaeira - SSTC
  • Lord Condormanius - Mailed Knights
  • Akvilonn - additional unit info cards
  • MADTAO - polish units
  • Barser - unit models
  • Csatádi - hungarian map guidelines
  • gewehr36 - pagan mongols
  • Cedric37 - UIs
  • Kevin MacLeod - music
  • Jon Sayles & Bill Hudak - music
  • Swagger - sky mod
  • Akvilonn - Unit info cards
  • nonnob3 - Unit info cards
  • Lusted - CAI
  • Lord Calidor - KT mod
  • Quark (wherever you are right now)

Version 4.1

Leader: King Kong


  • Alletun for making beautiful symbols and designs for my mod
  • Student for his help and research on the Knights Templar
  • Disgruntled Goat for his outstanding unit textures
  • Darth Vader for his battle AI and physics
  • Grand Viz for his Ultimate AI
  • Yuiis, shaeffer, numerosdecimus, M2_Junky for their great contributions
  • Byg for his Reality traits
  • Horsearcher, Ziher, Plasticfigurine, Salty, Headlock for their graphical improvements
  • Burrek for his unique European textures
  • Joe Dreck for his Kings Banner mod
  • Dearmad and Pnutmaster for BBB
  • All others who contributed in the Stainless Steel forum

for the help with the 4.1 patch:

  • Lusted, Klink and DrJambo for their battle AI
  • Quark and shaeffer for being a great help
  • Nerazzurri for the Movies fix and the Stainless Steel icon.
  • Tyre for some of his new skins
  • All others for their feedback and bug reports
Medieval 2 Total War Stainless Steel Install Guide

A full list of credits for all release versions can be found in this forum topic


Stainless steel 2.0 has been included on the free DVD supplied with a UK gaming magazine.


Version 6.4 released in this thread on the 10th of January 2011.

Version 6.3 released in this thread on the 3rd of August 2010

Version 6.0/6.1 released in this thread in April 2008

Version 5.0/5.1 released in this thread in October 2007.

Version 4.0/4.1 released in this thread in July 2007.

Version 3.2 was released for the M2TW official patch 1.2 in this thread in May 2007.

Version 2.2 was released in this thread in January 2007.

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Topic Subject:The Stainless Steel thread
posted 27 January 2011 04:37 EDT (US)
It's about time we had another Stainless Steel discussion methinks, probably the best and most popular Medieval 2 mod.
I haven't actually downloaded the new 1.4 patch as I don't like the sound of some of the changes.

I've only just started a campaign as England, striking up into Scotland first of course, but I'm forced to give them a respite or face excommunication. The French have expelled me from their shores after two nail biting defenses of the wooden Castle at Caen.
There is currently a Crusade on for Jerusalem as the Crusader States lost it to a Jihad. The area looks pretty intimidating though with one Fatimid and one Turkish stack camping in it's back yard. Still, I sail a fleet of pilgrims, spearmen and basic archers toward the Holy Land but I'll probably need to pick up some decent Mercenaries when I get there so long as they're not too costly.
Interestingly the Moors have just taken Sicily and Venice has turned into a powerhouse, as have the Byzantines.
I lost a decent portion of my main army trying to wrestle Bruges from the rebels. During the siege their poor quality spearmen clogged the streets and my men's morale was not enough to deal with their numbers. Its a battle I would have won on vanilla Medieval, but that is why this mod is so refreshing to play.
A f t y

::The Sun always rises in the East::Flawless Crowns::Dancing Days::
'We kissed the Sun, and it smiled down upon us.'
posted 27 January 2011 09:13 EDT (US) 1 / 23
Is this vanilla Stainless Steel or Real Recruitment? If it's the latter, good luck in holding the holy land early on if you're not based there
I play the RC/RR compilations, and I've had some awesome times. Teutons are actual buggers to play late campaign, as your units are so slow to recruit while your enemy has decent facilities for themselves. And you're surrounded. If you push into Lithania, you get the two Rus factions declaring war on you at the same time, so your big push is flanked on two sides. It's ridiculously hard manoeuvring and conservation of troops while balancing a very small economy. Often I had no choice but to hole up in cities while Novgorodian armies walked freely through, and I had to send a slash and burn stack down to Kiev to occupy (read: sacrifice themselves to as dearly as possible) the Kieven armies massing around their capital.
It took me until gunpowder to gain enough control of Lithuania to be able to launch a second attack, which is brilliant- a couple of bad battles and honestly I was on the ropes a few times.
And I shall go Softly into the Night Taking my Dreams As will You
posted 27 January 2011 23:05 EDT (US) 2 / 23
Being in university i generally have a hard time finding the time to play stainless steel, but i absolutely love the game. Havent been able to finish a campaign yet, but the turns and recruitment updates seem to make the campaigns last alot longer compared to vanilla or retrofit. havent tried real recruitment yet.
posted 28 January 2011 09:56 EDT (US) 3 / 23
I have tried real recruitment before but honestly found it too slow and frustrating. I've also tried the latest version of Byg's Grim Reality and find that overcomplicates the base gameplay. Whilst I understand some enjoy these mods, they're not my cup of tea.
A f t y

::The Sun always rises in the East::Flawless Crowns::Dancing Days::
'We kissed the Sun, and it smiled down upon us.'
posted 28 January 2011 13:12 EDT (US) 4 / 23
Urgh, I just looked at the table of contents at Byg's and screamed. At least I can still recruit in every castle without fiddling about.
Best battle I've had was as Portugal I was against Aragon and was attempting to relieve a city. Only problem was they had a rather huge army, while I had a half stack of similar quality, and the garrison was a 3/4 of militia (up to swords militia, but still). It was a really interesting battle field as well- I set up my lines so that crossbowmen could fire from some ruins above my left flank, which got charged by crusading knights, and I had to strategically disengage at one stage a few metres up a hill. Cavalry were also pinned back by having to constantly charge and retreat against the enemy cavalry that outnumbered them, and my infantry were groaning under the weight of numbers and quality when BAM goes the garrison, ploughing directly onto their unguarded flank. In goes the King, bye bye Aragonese!
And I shall go Softly into the Night Taking my Dreams As will You
posted 30 January 2011 00:57 EDT (US) 5 / 23
The Crusader States are a very, very interesting faction to handle ( that would be the best way I can put it) in Stainless Steel. Within the first fifteen turns any work you put into your Jerusalemite territories or diplomatic negotiations with the Fatimids will be quickly undone by said Fatimid. Full stacks will fall in from the south and soon your small economy will buckle from the pressure of defending. From then on, you're more than likely going to have to live off of Nicosia's lands with your rabble.
In spite of this, what made the Crusader States so interesting for me was the choice of play after this. When I knew Jerusalem was about to fall, I fell to relations with the Sicilians using my Roman diplomat and, with proper retribution, managed to acquiesce Bari and turned that into my new economic base of operations.
If there was one bonus that made the Crusader States so savoury, it was the upkeep levels of their religious foot infantry that rarely, if ever, went above the 150 marker. After exploiting the benefits of a cheap date, I soon rebuilt and created enclaves all around the Mediterranean (Cagliari, Palma, Tunisia, Rhodes, Athens, etc.). Also in tow was a fleet that could control the naval trade of any faction that dared to oppose me since the base in Bari allowed me to reel the Pope's actions with mortal temptations. The amount of turns that I needed to establish such a spread put me at the early half of the Renaissance but now I had the ability to meddle in the affairs of every faction bordering the Mediterranean.
Loving that sheer flexibility, but I honestly believe that if one was looking for a real good challenge of their battle abilities, they would try a Crusader States campaign and actually attempt to hold the Holy Lands instead of the alternative route.
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posted 30 January 2011 05:55 EDT (US) 6 / 23
Sounds awesome
I just had a tussle where I shrank to Antioch or something but then crusaded my way back to Jerusalem and Cairo. And then when the HRE was excommunicated, crusaded up into their territories, using Bologna as the starting point of a colony.
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Stainless Steel Medieval 2 Total War

posted 01 February 2011 11:03 EDT (US) 7 / 23
Actually I checked my game settings and Real Recruitment is infact enabled. I must have gotten it mixed up with some of Byg’s settings.
My England campaign has progressed a fair few turns, but I haven’t made considerable progress on the actual map. My Crusade fleet arrived one turn too late. The Genoans captured Jerusalem from the Fatimids before I could even unload my forces on the coastline. My young promising military general now sits on deck off the coast of Nicosia with no enemies to his numerous troops to fight. Not to mention I’m paying in full for them, including the expensive mercenary Templars, Gallogliach and Gwent Raiders I picked up. I don’t want to land and attack Adana for the sake of it with little chance of holding it in the long term. At the same time I don’t want to waste 10+ turns sailing back up to England, by which time I may have convinced the Pope to launch a second Crusade. What to do with an idle army so far from a relevant enemy?
Much to my dismay Scotland is still sticking around in all of their original settlements. Everytime I engage their forces on the border the Pope slaps me with a ‘cease and desist’ and so I wait it out. I ignored the last one however and took Edinburgh after an (almost lost) battle. I couldn’t sit around and let them continue to rebuild their forces else I’ll never be rid of them.
So hand in hand, between my failed Crusade to appease the Pope whilst I kill the Scots, and my complete lack of actually killing the Scots I have achieved nothing over the past 20 turns except for conquering Ireland and defeating the French at Caen.
A f t y

::The Sun always rises in the East::Flawless Crowns::Dancing Days::
'We kissed the Sun, and it smiled down upon us.'
posted 01 February 2011 14:09 EDT (US) 8 / 23
You could always sail that army back towards Italy, move on the Scottish again and if the pope objects, use the crusaders to correct his view. That's probably an awful idea, but thought I'd mention it.
I used one of the early stainless steel mods for a while and I did download and run 1.3 recently; but my computer is still in limbo following my house-move waiting for somewhere to be put and I whilst my wife has very kindly let me install retrofit on her laptop so I can continue the forum hotseat, I thought SS might be a step too far...
I like the idea of Byr's complications, but I've never been brave enough to try them. I remember there being lots of campaign AI options and thought it quite odd that I couldn't see any option for having all of them at work - being assigned to factions at random at the beginning of the game. That would have seemed to me to be quite a jolly twist, particularly given some of the versions uphold alliances and behave honourably and the others are untrustworthy - it could add personality.
Virescit vulnere virtus
Sicily HotseatA campaign (finished)
AI compilation mod
posted 22 March 2011 17:40 EDT (US) 9 / 23
When playing real recruitment, does this stop you getting a certain number of particular units per province or over all of that factions combined provinces? Also does anybody know if this also works for the AI controlled factions and how you know what the maximum of each unit is you can build?
Thanks for any help, I am thinking of playing real recruitment next but not really sure of how it works.
posted 05 April 2011 09:21 EDT (US) 10 / 23
Would anyone like me to write Opening Move guides for SS6.4 or Perhaps Vanilla or Kingdoms, upload walkthrough videos on youtube? Is anyone wanting for someone to do that, cause i may be willing to.
posted 07 April 2011 10:14 EDT (US) 11 / 23
Does anyone know how to tone done the model detail, other than setting the in game visual effects all to lowest? It eats up a massive amount of my laptop's resources...
posted 07 April 2011 12:34 EDT (US) 12 / 23
SEGA/M2TW/Mods/SS6.3/default (open with notepad)/Then:
CREATE BACKUP! change to grass distance to 1 to turn it off or 0. There's no grass but it helps alot.
Unit detail to lowest if not already, because the in-game way doesnt work.
Change resolution to the lowest possible bearable resolution.
posted 07 April 2011 18:06 EDT (US) 13 / 23
Alternatively, in the options at the main menu, there's an option for 'texture detail', separate from 'Unit detail'. Play with this option to see if that results in a better frame rate
And I shall go Softly into the Night Taking my Dreams As will You
posted 08 April 2011 01:44 EDT (US) 14 / 23
I thought he said 'other than the visual in game settings'. I'm pretty sure he has them all at the lowest
posted 08 April 2011 06:25 EDT (US) 15 / 23
Yes, he's probably fiddling with the 'Unit Detail' option, while what you've described can be done by changing the 'Texture detail' option on the main menu
And I shall go Softly into the Night Taking my Dreams As will You
posted 08 April 2011 06:30 EDT (US) 16 / 23
ohh alright Btw make unit scale small or normal.
posted 08 April 2011 17:41 EDT (US) 17 / 23
This mod sounds rather good. Might have to re-install M2TW, which has been gathering dust since I (rather quickly) got bored of Third Age Total War. Though it does sound a bit slow for someone who does not know how to develop his economy in ways other than enslaving every town he comes across.
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posted 09 April 2011 14:52 EDT (US) 18 / 23
I can promise you that this mod is amazing!!! The battles are just EPIC The game with SS is alot harder, but its way more fun, especially when you enable Byg's Grim Reality Mod (comes with SS), Real recruitment and longer assimilation.
posted 09 April 2011 19:38 EDT (US) 19 / 23
Well, not Byg's, but Real Recruitment and Real Combat are awesome. IMHO.
I can guarantee you will get at least three major (and by that I mean major that live in the memory) battles before turn 75. Unless you're Teutonic knights, in which case it'll be by turn 40.
And I shall go Softly into the Night Taking my Dreams As will You

Total War Stainless Steel Download

posted 10 April 2011 04:57 EDT (US) 20 / 23
trying to reinstall. For some reason, data pack 4 refuses to be installed. Crossing fingers it decides otherwise, so I can download SS tomorrow and play in the holidays. I.E, next week.
Any faction suggestions?
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Medieval 2 Stainless Steel Steam

posted 10 April 2011 06:39 EDT (US) 21 / 23
Try redownloading pack 4.
Faction suggestions? Portugal's good fun, actually- and Iberia is one of the places where the new map has been reworked brilliantly.
And I shall go Softly into the Night Taking my Dreams As will You
posted 11 April 2011 04:02 EDT (US) 22 / 23
I mean M2TW vanilla. It isn't working, for some reason
I had to remove the excessive numbers of smilies I used á la VampiricCannibal so as not to inconvenience low bandwidth users too much... - Edorix
posted 14 April 2011 09:36 EDT (US) 23 / 23
Scotland is probably my all time favorite faction, i just love their units and their location. The Teutonic Order is brilliant, Principality of Antioch, England, France, Sicily, HRE. These factions are available in Vanilla.
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