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You are Guy Carrington, fresh on the job as a courier for the Hyperspace Delivery Service. Your job: get mail and packages to those that need them, no matter where in space they are! You may face insane robots, dangerous environments, or even the dreaded Sleeping Behemoths on your quest to deliver the universe's most important parcels! Explore bizarre worlds and defend yourself against alien creatures as you solve the devious puzzles of...Hyperspace Delivery Boy! [Monkeystone]
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Download Torrent. Narcosis For Mac is a survival horror game conceived as a student’s first-person survival story project in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. An industrial diver hangs on the seabed with low lights and few tools, and he has to take desperate steps to the surface before oxygen and mind are over. Narcosis taught me two things about VR that I won’t soon forget. One: motion sickness is a very real thing, but our bodies are crazy adaptable and, at least for me, the sensation was short-lived.

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Our rating
User rating8.7
Players1 Player
GenresAction Adventure, Sci-Fi, General
Developer Monkeystone
ReleasedJun 3, 2002

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