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The Predynastic of Egypt, spanning an interval from ca. 4000 to 3050 B.C., was an eventful period. After the inception of food production in the Nile Valley at least a millennium before, it was the time when the identity of Egyptian society was forged. Egypt was settled by refugees from the deserts of the eastern Sahara and the southern Levant, fleeing from mid-Holocene droughts, and became a. The pottery of Predynastic Egypt remains some of the most beautiful pottery ever produced in Egypt. From the Naqada period to the Dynastic era, freehand paintings were added to the pottery depicting animals, plants, birds, patterns, boats and human.

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Predynastic Egypt Crack
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Predynastic Egypt Crack

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Turn-based historical simulation tactic will lead you through the history of Predynastic Egypt. Starting from 5000 B.C. you will tutorial the nomadic and humble Egyptian tribe through all the hardships to prosperity and power culminating in the Unification of Lower and Upper Egypt.Get ready to witness evolutionary breakthroughs that enabled early Egyptians to march into faraway lands, war catastrophes, hardships and ultimately establish first Egyptian state. Will you be able to re-enact the happenings that unfolded historically or will you doom your fledgling chiefdom into forgotten annals of history? Receive an intimate knowledge about happenings that took put before the Classic Egypt eras through this special mini game.- Simulation of the ancient worldWars, drought, opponent invasions, epidemics, internal turmoil, migration of the tribes, religious ceremonies, exploration of distant lands, celebrations and more than 100+ another happenings and trials await you in the mini game!- Technological evolution of mankind48 historically accurate technologies and cultural achievements of Predynastic Egypt with interesting descriptions, will present the technological evolution of mankind on the example of the Egyptian civilization.- Mysteries of Egyptian religion and cultureYou will see the birth of the special religion of the Nile civilization, starting with beliefs in spirits and ending with the gods of Predynastic Egypt and you will learn the secrets known only to archeologists and Egyptologists!- Reconstructed map of Ancient EgyptAccurate reconstruction of the geographic map of ancient Egypt 5000-3000 BC, taking into acc the climatic changes of that period when the Sahara was a Savannah and not a desert and Wadies were rivers and not streets.- Reconstructed town of HierakonpolisAccurate archaeological reconstruction of the Hierakonpolis - the former center of Predynastic Egypt. You will build the true houses, temples and tombs, that were excavated by archeologists in XX-XXI century.The fate of the whole nation is in your hands. Create necessary decisions in true historical situations, fights, disasters. Real story will immerse you into the mysterious atmosphere of the ancient globe, you will see through the eyes of the ancient Egyptians.

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