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Sam unlock tool reporting

Sam Unlock Tool Report

  1. IPhone Carrier Unlock Jailbreak Get Cydia carrier Unlock for iOS 12 / 13 versions written by Makis October 3, 2019 At the moment is not possible to jailbreak iOS 13 (Oct 3, 2019) however, you can easily jailbreak iOS 12.4 with or without a computer.
  2. Many users have already unlocked their iPhone devices while using the trick found in SAM (subscriber artificial module). Sam Bingner, the developer behind SAM unlock tool, has released a new version which shortens the whole unlock process.
  3. SamRewritten is an open-source program that allows you to unlock and relock your Steam achievements. It is named after the famous Steam Achievement Manager written by Gibbed, and implements its functionalities on Linux, and more! It comes with third-party tools integration and a nice user interface.
  • Life time Account Details

    We have detailed information about each transaction that you make till date. All the transaction with date and time is available in your account so that you can easy track how much you spend with us and can easy check if you get refund for the codes that are not available.

  • Best Price Guarantee

    Our price policy is clear: if you find cheaper, just contact us to negotiate VIP rates and help us eat competition and make our customers happy.

  • Developers API

    You want more? Learn our developers API and make your own server or software communicate with S-Unlock Global to automatically place orders, check an order's status, download your account history, and much more !

If you haven’t had much success unlocking your iPhone with the SAM tool, then perhaps this will be of interest to you. The developer of the SAM tool has updated it to make unlocking much easier than before. In fact, it only takes a few steps in most cases.

  • IMEI Unlock

    Collect Emails, Custom template, Select recipients, Detailed stats, Import Database.

  • Server Logs

    Collect Emails, Custom template, Select recipients, Detailed stats, Import Database.

  • File Service

    Collect Emails, Custom template, Select recipients, Detailed stats, Import Database.

Sam Unlock Tool Repo

How does it work?

Sam unlock tool reporting

One panel for many services

The easiest way to use your mobile phone with any other GSM network provider without any restrictions is to take off the simlock.So we provide you many services like Unlock via IMEI, File Service and Server Logs to fullfill your business needs

As a whole seller you have a large volume of IMEIs to unlock, we facilitate you to manage you codes and provide easy tools to manipulate your data like bulk entry for you IMEI's and to downlaod them as csv/txt file.

Sam Unlock Tool Repository

  • User friendly panel

    An easy to use control panel to mange your codes & customers.

  • Auto Code Generation

    Receive almost all unlock codes for you and your customers automatically on 24/7.

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