Sgc Transceiver Service Or Technical Manual

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This is the manuals page for Sgc. In this page you find schematic, users and instructions manuals, service manuals, technical supplement, leaf leads and other good stuff. If you have some stuff that not is listed here you can donate this by contact

Sgc Transceiver Service Or Technical Manual

HF radio modifications, ham radio mods kenwood icom yaesu alinco mods category is a curation of 63 web resources on, 6L6 Transmitter, Sierra mods, 160m 20w AM transmitter. Resources listed under Radio Modifications category belongs to Technical Reference main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators. SGC Building, 13737 SE 26th St. Box 3526 Bellevue, WA. 98009 USA Fax: 425-746-6384, Tel: 425-746-6310 or 1-800-259-7331. If you maintain your own radio, you thoroughly familiarize yourself with the transceiver service manual. If you don't have one, get one! Technical Specifications Specification Low Audio High Audio. Download 7 Sgc Transceiver PDF manuals. User manuals, Sgc Transceiver Operating guides and Service manuals.

2007-09-16 01:55:33 UTC
For Sale: My SGC SG-2000 ADSP2 PowerTalk Transceiver. THIS IS THE
CURRENT MODEL. Transmits form 1.8-30 MHz & Receives from .5-30 MHz.
150 Watts. DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING. For Amateur Radio, Type accepted
for Marine Radio HF SSB & CW, Commercial HF, etc. Go to this website
for all the information on the SG-2000 ADSP2: - -
- - This is just back from SGC where it was updated and serviced. The
front panel is perfect. There are a few scratches on the top.
Electrically the radio is in perfect condition. It comes with the mic
and the power cord. And, if I can find them a quick start card and a
manual. (The updated manual is available on the SGC website as a Free
download. The price is $1,450 plus actual shipping cost from my zip
code to yours. My zip code is 32224. Contact Bill - -
*** - - or call me at 904-821-5055 (eastern time). I
ship worldwide. I can accept Cash, Money Order or Bank Transfer.
Please add 3% for PayPal. Thanks for looking. Bill

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Brand: SGC

Category: Transceiver

Type: Installation and operation manual for SGC SG-2020

Pages: 95 (4.95 Mb)

© 1998 SGC Inc
SGC Inc. SGC Building, 13737 S.E. 26th St. Bellevue, WA. 98005 USA
P.O.Box 3526, 98009 Fax: 425-746-6384 or 746-7173 Tel: 425- 746-6310 or 1-800-259 7331
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Sgc Transceiver Service Or Technical Manual User

SGC develops, manufactures, and sells high performance single
sideband (SSB) communications equipment. Since 1971, the compa-
ny has sold to the marine, military, aviation, and industrial markets
world wide. Over these years, SGC has earned an outstanding reputa-
tion for product reliability and for service after sale.
The company keeps pace with equipment options, engineering
developments, and design requirements. Its products are the most
competitive in the entire long distance communication market. SGC
equipment is presently being used by the United Nations for
inter-communications in developing countries throughout the world.
Many competitive racing vessels, as well as fishing boats, tugs, and
commercial craft are equipped with SGC equipment. In fact, an SGC
radiotelephone provided the only communications available on a past

Sgc Transceiver Service Or Technical Manual Download

Polar expedition by the National Geographic Society.
SGC also supplies U.S. government agencies, several foreign gov-

Sgc Transceiver Service Or Technical Manual Pdf

ernmental agencies, and major petroleum companies through Asia

Sgc Transceiver Service Or Technical Manuals

All SGC equipment is designed and manufactured in the USA. SGC
has qualified people ready to provide technical information, assis-
tance in selecting equipment, and recommendations for any installa-
SGC welcomes your call to discuss your SSB requirements.

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