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Description of Sigma Theory: Global Cold War (39256)

Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: GOG
OS version: 10.7+
Processor type(s) & speed: Dual Core 2Ghz
RAM minimum: 2 GB
Video RAM:
1) Install
2) Play!
Including DLC: Brazil, Nigeria
Languages: English, French, German, Russian, Simplified Chinese
Version: GOG DRM Free v1.2.0.0 (39256)

Including DLC


Sigma Theory: Global Cold War Download For Mac Download

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War v1.0 MULTI5 Fixed Files; Game Releases: MULTI5: EN/DE/FR/RU/CN-S (Digital Download: 11-2019) Related FileForums Posts: Sigma Theory. From the creators of the award-winning sci-fi game Out There comes Sigma Theory: Global Cold War, Mi-Clos Studio’s new futuristic turn-based cold war spy simulation game. After a paradigm-shifting scientific discovery, the titular Sigma Theory, the player is invited to build their own intelligence agency and delve deep into a shadowy world of.

  • Mac Game Store; Store. New Releases; Top 100; Pre-Order. Sigma Theory: Global Cold War - Nigeria DLC. Sale -40% $1.79 $2.99.
  • From the creators of the award-winning sci-fi game Out There comes Sigma Theory: Global Cold War, Mi-Clos Studio’s new futuristic turn-based cold war spy simulation game. Sigma Theory is set to release on April 18th, 2019 for PC, Linux and Mac (Steam). Posted by goblinzstudio on Feb 15th, 2019.


A Turn-based Strategy game in a futuristic global cold war from the award-winning creators of Out There. Recruit a squad of special agents and run your intel agency to secure the control of the singularity.
Turn-based espionage : Use your special agents to dominate the world. Seduction, blackmail, manipulation, industrial espionage… Every low blow is both permitted and encouraged.
Dynamic narrative : Develop and manage your relations with over 100 NPCs: lobbies, armed groups, politicians… Alliance, deception or assassination, you choose.
Field operations : Direct the kidnapping of your targets during gripping pursuits through the world’s greatest cities. Discretion or direct confrontation, your agent’s life is in your hands.
Recruitment : First, recruit a team of four special agents from 50 unique unlockable characters to support your missions. Each comes with their own story, motivations and traits that define their behavior during missions. Access the investigator, soldier, hacker, seducer and other archetypes to complete your Sigma division and execute your strategy.
Espionage: When your team is ready, assign them missions around the world to gather scientists, discover compromising documents on local politicians, and more. Exploit your agents’ abilities to seduce, manipulate and bribe your targets over to your side or have them neutralized.
Counter-espionage : Other nations will also use their agents to infiltrate your country and seize your scientists. Track, capture and interrogate them to gain information on your enemies, then exchange them for ransom when they are no longer useful.
Exfiltration : Order your agents to exfiltrate scientists recruited to your cause during gripping turn-based exfiltration phases through the world’s greatest capitals. Choose the position your drones wisely to support these delicate missions.
Diplomacy : In Sigma Theory, diplomacy is the key to achieving your goals. Meet your foreign counterparts and further your objectives using flattery, threats or blackmail. You can also recover your captured agents, advance your research, and much more. Develop your relations with powerful lobbies and armed and influential groups to obtain their favor. But be careful, they may turn on you.
Tech Tree : Sigma Theory is the cause of this cold war. Rally scientists from around the world to your cause to discover new technologies to gain the edge and change the world. Mind control, destabilization of the world economy, robot soldiers, immortality… Will you keep these discoveries for yourself or share them with the world?
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Sigma theory: global cold war download for mac osx
Size:50 MB
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Published on December 14th, 2019 | by Chris O'Connor

Sigma theory: global cold war download for macbook proSigma

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War Download For Mac Osx

Summary: Lead your nation to uncover the singularity... at any cost?

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War drops you into the role of agency head, deploying scientists and operatives to attempt to develop the singularity before anyone else. As to how you pursue that goal is somewhat up to you, but if you take too long or make the wrong moves you will find yourself left behind.

I will state up front, this game is not overly long. I managed to complete it within about two and a half hours. But even though I managed to obtain the ultimate prize… how I did so and who I impacted along the way is shown to me and is the core element that would drive me to play again. The fact that you can finish the game in a relatively short span of time is likely going to be a big plus for the game because there’s not a huge amount to learn or experience, but the variations in that theme are what give it a bit of flare and intrigue and I’ll go into that a bit later.

The game starts you off with an agent selection screen (as you play through you unlock new agents you can choose in subsequent games). Each prospective agent has a bio and what amounts to a personality profile. Figuring out what sort of approach you might want to take to achieve your goal will determine the sorts of agents you want to pick. For me I tried to pick a bit of a mix… I wanted to have good diplomacy skills… but also an agent or two that were not scared to “get a bit dirty” in the line of duty. These differences later play into how your agents are able to handle certain events/situations. An agent with a high dipomatic/charm ability might be able to talk their way into or out of a situation, while a more physical agent could be best suited to snatch and grab missions.


The main gripe that seems to come up about the game is that the success or failure of a mission seems to rely as much on luck as it does on stats and I can see how that complaint would come about. I did experience a number of occasions in which my stats didn’t seem to make a huge difference to the outcome… but then that’s kind of like playing D&D or something similar in which your character could be the most highly skilled possible… but it will still come down to the luck of the roll for if all those stats pay off.

If you like a bit of spy action and political intrigue then for the price this is a pretty good option. If you want a long form game and something you can really dig your teeth into, it might not be quite your cup of tea.

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War Download For Macbook Pro

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War Download For Mac Os

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