Slime Rancher: Original Soundtrack Download

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Catalog NumberN/A
Release DateDec 13, 2019
Publish FormatCommercial
Release Price8.99 USD
Media FormatDigital
ClassificationOriginal Soundtrack
OrganizationsHarry Mack

Slime Rancher: Original Soundtrack Download Torrent

A maximum of two Drones, regardless of type, can be installed in each Ranch expansion. X18 x12 x6 x6 x6 x2 You will become Beatrix LeBeau, a rancher who has to complete daily missions, collect slimes, defend them from enemies and also to collect precious resources.The entire world is something completely different and something that wasn't seen. A Slimepedia Booklet (your beginner’s guide to Slime Rancher). Free digital download of the game’s Original Soundtrack. Discount voucher for Slime Rancher merchandise.



Disc 1Soundtrack

Slime Rancher Original Music

01 Ogden's Retreat - Theme3:54
02 The Wilds - Theme3:27
03 Mochi's Manor - Theme4:08
04 Nimble Valley - Theme3:11
05 Nimble Valley - Race2:20
06 Viktor's Workshop - Theme4:55
07 The Slimeulation - Dry Reef1:06
08 The Slimeulation - Indigo Quarry1:38
09 The Slimeulation - Moss Blanket1:13
10 The Slimeulation - Corruption (Bonus Track)1:28
11 Party Gordo - Theme2:00
12 Ogden's Retreat - Night3:54
13 The Wilds - Night3:46
14 Mochi's Manor - Night5:00
15 Viktor's Workshop - Night5:52
16 Wiggly Wonderland - Theme5:53
17 Home Out There (Casey Sessions)3:13
18 The Farthest Forest (Casey Sessions)2:22
19 No Stone Unturned (Casey Sessions)3:28
20 The Past and You (Casey Sessions)3:20
21 That Old Song (Casey Sessions)2:11
22 For Bea, Always (Casey Sessions)3:27
Disc length71:46

Slime Rancher: Original Soundtrack Download Mp3


Slime Rancher: Original Soundtrack Download Free

Featured in this album are the “Casey Sessions” - a collection of personal songs played by Casey after reading starmails about Beatrix’s adventures across the Far, Far Range.

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