Software That Will Allow Me To Download Files From Canon Vixia To Mac

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So I just got a new Canon Vixia HFS10 and I'm wondering about importing onto my macbook pro. I tried using Imovie '09, and it worked, but it was no longer HD quality. I have final cut pro, but there didn't seem to be a way to import it with that. I talked to someone else who had the same. Get a card reader and have a try. Canon Vixia HF200 captures most.mts files, so just Copy the.mts files to your Mac. At the same time, you'd better get a video converter to convert.mts or.mp4 that quicktime compaitble video, here this mac total video converter may help you.

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“I was recording videos of my sister's birthday using Canon VIXIA camcorder. Though I was busy with celebration, I handed over my Canon VIXIA to my friend to shoot videos. But accidentally while previewing, my friend pressed on 'Delete All' option. All my video files recorded in it got deleted. How to recover deleted videos from Canon VIXIA? Thanks a lot!!!”


Canon VIXIA is updated camcorder model with advanced M-series that is featured with enhanced version of 10X optical Zoom lens. The Wi-Fi connectivity supports 8GB and 32GB of internal memory. It helps user to record stunning video clip and allows to edit its effects according to their requirement. It has codec recording, by giving an option to record videos in AVCHD and MP4 format. However it has wide usage, users may erase video files from Canon VIXIA due to unforeseen issues.

Video deletion scenarios from Canon VIXIA:

  • Low Battery: When Canon VIXIA is running out of battery, you will get a warning message that battery is low. But some user neglect the message and continues to shoot videos that may corrupt memory card in which your videos are stored and result in its inaccessibility
  • Virus Interference:If you connect your Canon VIXIA camcorder to virus infected device then dangerous virus might enter into Canon VIXIA camcorder and damages file system of memory card and makes it unreadable
  • Formatting:Canon VIXIA Camcorder is provided with an option known as 'Format' to clear entire files due to some problem associated with its memory card. Sometimes user may accidentally click on that option, where video files will completely be removed
  • File transfer:If any interruption occurs while transferring files from Canon VIXIA to Mac OS then it might lead to loss of video files

You don't need to get disappointed about erased video files when you have back up of those files. But in the absence of back up, you may get irritated thinking about deleted videos. Luckily, there is an eminent tool available to bring back lost or deleted videos from Canon VIXIA.

Tool to recover deleted videos from Canon VIXIA:

Software That Will Allow Me To Download Files From Canon Vixia To MacSoftware That Will Allow Me To Download Files From Canon Vixia To Mac

Software That Will Allow Me To Download Files From Canon Vixia To Mac Osx

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is a prominent software to retrieve erased video files from Canon VIXIA on Macintosh system. It can retrieve video files like MOV, MP4, MPEG, M4V, AVS, BSF, CPI, RM, AEPX, DZP, MPG, BIK, BDM and so on from Canon Vixia camcorder which got deleted or lost due to the reasons specified above. This tool not only recovers video files, but also restores other media files like RAW photos, music, pictures that are deleted from Mac machine and other storage devices such as external hard drive, memory card, iPod, USB drive, FireWire drive and many more. It has advanced scanning engine so that not even a single file will be missed during recovery process. Addition to Canon VIXIA, you can recover deleted videos on Canon camera models such as Canon EOS Rebel T3I, Canon HF G10 camcorder, Canon 7D Canon EOS 400D Canon 7D Mark II etc. This utility is compatible on Mac operating systems like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and latest Yosemite.

Software That Will Allow Me To Download Files From Canon Vixia To Mac Download

Steps to retrieve deleted videos from Canon VIXIA:

  • Download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software and install it on healthy computer
  • Connect Canon VIXIA camcorder to healthy computer from which videos are to be recovered
  • After installation, run the software and follow the instruction
  • You will get two options on main screen i.e. 'Deleted Photo Recovery' and 'Lost Photo Recovery'
  • In that choose 'Deleted Photo Recovery' option to begin with recovery process
  • Now, the software will scan for physical drives available and display found drives
  • From that list of drives, select drive from which you want to retrieve videos and click 'Next'
  • The tool will now starts scanning the selected storage drive and displays all files present in it
  • Now select the video files that you want to recover and proceed next
  • You can see all recoverable files in two views like 'Data View' and 'File Type View'
  • Preview video files to confirm selection before saving them
  • Finally, browse and select the destination location to save video files

Software That Will Allow Me To Download Files From Canon Vixia To Mac Windows 10


Software That Will Allow Me To Download Files From Canon Vixia To Mac Os

  • Back up your video files collection to avoid adversity
  • Never try to shoot videos from camcorders when it is running out of battery

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