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Spoiler warning: This page has links to content from the Jagged Earth expansion, which is still in the process of being distributed to Kickstarter backers, and is currently not available for retail purchase. Please be aware of this and use precaution if you would like to play the expansion without spoilers.

  • This single-purchase crate solution accommodates the content from the Spirit Island base game, the Branch and Claw expansion, the Jagged Earth expansion, and the Spirit promo packs 1 and 2. Bundle contents include all the pieces from Spirit Island Organizer (ORG082) and the Spirit Island.
  • One (1) copy of Spirit Island: Jagged Earth One (1) Spirit Promo Pack PLUS One (1) copy of the Spirit Island core game PLUS One (1) set of the first Kickstarter promo spirits PLUS One (1) Neoprene Playmat (30' x 35') PLUS One (1) Wooden Token Pack PLUS One (1) Broken Token Box Insert PLUS One (1) Broken Token Crate FREE Shipping to US backers!

These are the various Spirits one can play in Spirit Island.

Spirit Image Spirit Set Complexity
A Spread of Rampant Green
Bringer of Dreams and Nightmares
Downpour Drenches the World***
Finder of Paths Unseen***
Fractured Days Split the Sky*
Grinning Trickster Stirs Up Trouble*
Heart of the Wildfire**
Keeper of the Forbidden Wilds
Lightning's Swift Strike
Lure of the Deep Wilderness*
Many Minds Move as One*
Ocean's Hungry Grasp
River Surges in Sunlight
Serpent Slumbering Beneath the Island**
Shadows Flicker Like Flame
Sharp Fangs Behind the Leaves
Shifting Memory of Ages*
Shroud of Silent Mist*
Starlight Seeks Its Form*
Stone's Unyielding Defiance*
Vengeance as a Burning Plague*
Vital Strength of the Earth
Volcano Looming High*

* Forthcoming as part of Jagged Earth expansion.

** Available through the Spirit Island Promo Pack #1 in Greater Than Games's store.

Spirit Island will be better than ever with this premium token pack! With 218 wooden, silk-screened tokens to replace your energy tokens, fear tokens, and every type of environment token (including the Badlands tokens from Jagged Earth ), you'll be able to defend the island with up to six spirits in play. Become the spirits of the land, and defend the island from colonizing Invaders spreading blight and destruction! Your spirits work with the native islanders to increase your power and drive the invading colonists from your island in this strategic area-control game. . Forthcoming as part of Jagged Earth expansion. Available through the Spirit Island Promo Pack #1 in Greater Than Games's store. Available through the Spirit Island Promo Pack #2 (unavailable until the release of Jagged Earth).

Spirit island - promo pack 1 for macbook

*** Available through the Spirit Island Promo Pack #2 (unavailable until the release of Jagged Earth)

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Spirit island - promo pack 1 for mac os
Sep 30, 2020
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Spirit Island - Promo Pack 1 For Mac Os

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About Spirit Island – Promo Pack 1 cd key free

Promo Pack 1 includes 2 additional Spirits and their associated Innate Power cards.
Burning, blazing, rising, consuming - Heart of the Wildfire is quite fond of humans, in a general sense: they keep hearths and use fire as a tool all the time, and those sparks give birth to so many lovely conflagrations! It is the nature of Spirits to be true to what they are, so even though Wildfire knows on some level that too much fire is bad for the land, it just doesnt think about that aspect of things very much. It is also, after all, a spirit of renewal after the blaze, so it implicitly assumes that everything will regrow eventually. (Its strong ties to A Spread of Rampant Green probably contribute to this point of view.)
It fights the Invaders partly due to the exhortations of other Spirits, but more for the sake of the Dahan, as its become clear that the Invaders have no compunctions about putting them to the sword. (The Dahan and it have a long and storied history together, beginning with the very first Dahan settlements.) It is also, it should be said, somewhat gleeful over the chance to really cut loose without the other Spirits getting all riled up and putting out its firestorms.
Innate Power Cards:
  • Flames Fury
  • Threatening Flames
  • Asphyxiating Smoke
  • Flash Fires
Serpent Slumbering Beneath the Island

Lets shift our sight so we see only spirits. There are throngs of them visible across the surface of the island: spirits of tree and glade, of rushing river and entangling vines, of beast and butterfly and mists floating eerily over the marshes.

Spirit Island Promo Pack

Turning our vision downward, we see nearly as many within the land itself: spirits of hard unyielding stone and of drifted sand dunes, of sinkhole and high peak. Vital Strength of the Earth is here.
As we look deeper, fewer spirits greet our eyes - some of volcano, some of dark and ancient caves, a handful of others. But like the earth itself, most of those we see are large, powerful, and slow.
Deeper and larger than all of those lies the Serpent Slumbering Beneath the Island. It could be argued that it is the Island, or at least its roots. Like all spirits of such size and power, it is slow beyond human reckoning. Unlike many of them, it is also asleep.
Or, now, mostly asleep. The distant sting of the Invaders blight has begun to rouse portions of its consciousness towards waking, those fragments aware of the lands surface far above. Even that small aspect of the Serpent is slow to act, slow to awaken... but contains the potential for power greater than most spirits could ever muster.
The Serpent Slumbering Beneath the Island is a high-complexity spirit. If Oceans big limitation is 'coastal' and Wildfires is 'blight', Serpents is 'waking up': its a very slow spirit, limited in its development, but with the prospect of great power if it wakes up fully.
Innate Power Cards:
  • Elemental Aegis
  • Gift of Flowing Power
  • Gift of Primordial Deeps
  • Absorb Essence

Spirit Island - Promo Pack 1 For Mac

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Spirit island promo pack

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