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St Dupont Lighter Serial NumbersSt dupont lighter serial numbers list

Le Grand S.T. New Ligne 2, combining an innovative dual ignition with the largest capacity ever seen. With this S.T. Dupont lighter, the owner doest't have to choose. Two sources of fire, in a single lighter. The serial number, The first gas lighter made by ST Dupont was introduced in 1953 under D57 code mark. ST Dupont Collectable Lighters, Pens and Humidors including model number, serial number, some item description. We recommend to use only our ST Dupont gas (ref 000432 for the Line 2 lighter). Dupont gas to refill your lighter. For the lighters using the yellow refills. St Dupont Vitruvian Man Prestige Limited Edition Gold Lighter Line 2 Linge Lacqu $1,299.00 New S.t. Dupont Ligne 2 Sun Burst Green Atelier Lighter St03 (1).

I've not found other guides out there about this online, but I do know that there's ways to date a dupont lighter. The real question is what time frame each of these elements indicates. The first thing is that older duponts tend to say 'de Paris' rather than just 'Paris'. They also tend to have shorter 6-digit serial numbers rather than the 7-digit ones found on newer models. Older lighters will almost always have the older large square dupont emblem with 'ST Dupont' spelled out at the bottom and the circle with wings above it.
Older Ligne 1 lighters made before 1984 have an automatic gas shutoff when you open the flint chamber. This is supposedly not the case on lighters made after 1984, but I'd like some more confirmation on this. I've personally handled 4 ligne 1 lighters and all of them had the automatic shutoff, although it was somewhat busted on one of them, only shutting off if you hold down the flint chamber release button, likely just from wear / age, but that lighter otherwise functions fine so it wasn't worth it to repair it.

The ornamental designs are painstakingly sculpted from solid brass for guaranteed longevity. A lot are from China, but it isn't hard to setup an account to make it look like your somewhere your not. Write something about yourself.


Oct 30, 2009 i have a st dupont lighter,does anybody now how to.


1006 / 2500 and if you see an ordinary stamp on any limited edition item, it's a fake. There are also counterfeit Gatsby lighters I have seen on Ebay as well. What does a fake Dupont lighter serial number look like? This technical prowess results in many unique, original and fashionable designs: hundreds of designs have already been created. Bolstered by its expertise, S.T.Dupont uses designs that are technically audacious: large, polished surfaces on which the slightest defect would stand out or ornamental designs that require the utmost precision. The quality of the accessories is impeccable: gold, palladium or ruthenium finishes that remind you of S.T.Dupont's expertise as a silversmith. ST Dupont stamps their lighters with numbers not aligned in a straight line, some numbers looking higher or lower then others. The serial number appears on the bottom of the lighter, so if an ad selling the lighter doesn't show the bottom, the lighter in question is probably a fake.

The quality of the accessories is impeccable: gold, palladium or ruthenium finishes that remind you of S.T.Dupont's expertise as a silversmith. Consult the list of retailers. We recommend speaking to an expert, such as an auctioneer, who will be able to give you a more accurate estimate for your product. Also the selling party might not even realize that the lighter is a fake, the Line 2 counterfeit lighters look exactly like real ones, depending on model/design being counterfeited. Carry on browsing if you’re happy with this, or Please visit one of our stores or talk to one of our retailers.


Check the flint too and only use dupont flints. Check the flint too and only use dupont flints. Dupont products manufactured? To help win this war on forgery, we recommend that you buy our products and refills exclusively from approved retailers and online shopping sites. What do you do with my personal information?

If there is no paint underneath the Cap for the refill valve, its almost definitely fake, though its possible to be a replacement with no color dot. In accordance with the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you have a right to access and correct your personal data by contacting our Customer Service team. Natural lacquer is of plant origin.

find out how to manage cookies. Antique St Dupont Lighter. Line 2 lighters now retail for over $700, most $900 retail. The serial number on a real Dupont lighter is hand. Lighters need 500 to 600 basic operations and around 70 parts, and the manufacturing cycle usually takes 4 to 5 months. MAINTENANCE What precautions should be taken when using my S.T. I have seen it done several times on Ebay. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. St dupont pen serial number search Rating: 4,5/10 1502 reviews .... St Dupont Lighter Serial Number Check. But here's what I'm getting stuck at in case that's not the issue: I got all the way up to going into the device manager to change the driver but I can't find 'Microsoft Common Controller For Windows Class' anywhere (likely because I'm using the wireless controller) so I went into Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers I tried updating the driver for both the controller and the receiver but XBDC doesn't show up under either of them. The company has built its success on leather work, its original trade. Write something about yourself.

How can genuine S.T.Dupont lacquer be identified? S.T.Dupont works with leading manufacturers from France, Italy and Spain, recognised for their leather expertise. We are unable to value your S.T.DUPONT product because of the various factors to be taken into account, in particular its condition and demand for your product. Dupont Linge (Line) 2 Lighter is authentic. Dupont lighters have serial numbers that are stamped rather than engraved. Ligne 2 models & using genuine corresponding serial numbers on them.

St Dupont Lighter Serial Numbers

Also you can notice the color difference, though my camera isn't perfect when representing true color. Indeed, back then, the many precious travel case accessories were decorated with ornamental silverwork. St Dupont Lighter Serial Number Check. Usually persons selling have little to no feedback, 100 points or less. The insert in the gift boxes have sharply raised angled edges, genuine boxes have only very slightly raised edges, almost hard to notice in most pictures. How do I use, maintain or refill S.T.Dupont products?

St Dupont Gold Lighter Serial Numbers

Dupont lighter Line 1, silver plated, gold plated serial number X4pn24. The silversmith’s work consists of three operations: creation of ornamental decoration, polishing and plating. Older lighters will almost always have the older large square dupont emblem with 'ST Dupont' spelled out at the bottom and the circle with wings above it. list of retailers. Joytech neo se advanced controller, Any limited edition ST Dupont will have a serial stating that item's number in the run, e.g.› St Dupont Pen Serial Number Search I've been buying and selling them for a while & I don't know where you can look up the serial numbers, if at all.

St Dupont Lighter Serial Numbers Free

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Dupont Lighter Sale

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