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Stardew Valley Crack Free

Catalog NumberN/A
Release DateFeb 27, 2016
Publish FormatCommercial, Enclosure
Release Price4.99 USD (Package Price)
Media FormatDigital
ClassificationOriginal Soundtrack
Exclusive RetailerSteam

Provided to YouTube by TuneCore Stardew Valley Overture ConcernedApe Stardew Valley (Original Game Soundtrack) ℗ 2016 ConcernedApe Released on: 2016-09-19. All rights go to ConcernedApe and Chucklefish. The Stardew Valley soundtrack DLC. Stardew Valley is an open-ended country-life RPG with support for 1–4 players. (Multiplayer isn't supported on mobile). Currently planting parsnips. Created Feb 12, 2013. Help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. Take the soundtrack to your days and nights on the farm with you wherever you go. This official Stardew Valley 2-CD soundtrack contains 77 tracks across two CDs by ConcernedApe, and features original art from Stardew Valley Guidebook designer Kari Fry. Each one includes a big, colorful insert that doubles as a 9x14' fold-out poster. Is there a way to turn off the background music and other game sounds? I clicked on the music note on the title screen and it only turns off the music on that screen.


Disc 1
01 Stardew Valley Overture2:26
02 Cloud Country1:33
03 Grandpa's Theme1:05
04 Settling In1:51
05 Spring (It's A Big World Outside)3:59
06 Spring (The Valley Comes Alive)4:23
07 Spring (Wild Horseradish Jam)4:08
08 Pelican Town2:20
09 Flower Dance0:33
10 Fun Festival2:00
11 Distant Banjo1:55
12 A Glimpse Of The Other World (Wizard's Theme)1:48
13 Summer (Nature's Crescendo)3:31
14 Summer (The Sun Can Bend An Orange Sky)3:41
15 Summer (Tropicala)3:25
16 The Adventure Guild0:53
17 The Stardrop Saloon1:26
18 Luau Festival1:33
19 Dance Of The Moonlight Jellies1:53
20 Fall (The Smell Of Mushroom)3:36
21 Fall (Ghost Synth)2:40
22 Fall (Raven's Descent)2:52
23 The Library and Museum1:51
24 Stardew Valley Fair Theme1:56
25 Festival Game0:55
26 Spirit's Eve Festival2:08
27 Winter (Nocturne Of Ice)3:20
28 Winter (The Wind Can Be Still)2:53
29 Winter (Ancient)3:07
30 Winter Festival1:28
31 A Golden Star Is Born1:59
32 Country Shop1:07
33 Calico Desert2:11
34 Playful0:57
35 Buttercup Melody1:07
36 Pleasant Memory (Penny's Theme)1:03
37 Piano Solo (Elliott's Theme)0:28
38 Land Of Green And Gold (Leah's Theme)1:27
39 A Stillness In The Rain (Abigail's Melody)1:07
40 Starwatcher (Maru's Theme)1:42
41 A Sad Story (Alex's Theme)0:59
42 Pickle Jar Rag (Haley's Theme)1:08
43 Echos (Sebastian's Theme)0:46
44 Grapefruit Sky (Dr. Harvey's Theme)1:17
45 Alex's Keepsake0:44
46 Band Practice0:18
47 Sam's Band (Electronic)1:06
48 Sam's Band (Pop)1:07
49 Sam's Band (Bluegrass)1:05
50 Sam's Band (Heavy)1:04
51 A Dark Corner Of The Past0:40
52 Music Box Song1:17
53 Jaunty0:57
54 Violin Solo0:26
55 Wedding Celebration0:42
56 Mines (Crystal Bells)2:55
57 Mines (A Flicker In The Deep)1:28
58 Mines (Star Lumpy)1:47
59 Mines (Icicles)1:44
60 Mines (Marimba Of Frozen Bone)1:58
61 Mines (Cloth)1:49
62 Mines (Visitor To The Unknown)2:11
63 Mines (The Lava Dwellers)3:02
64 Mines (Magical Shoes)1:50
65 Mines (Danger!)1:55
66 In The Deep Woods2:09
67 Journey Of The Prairie King - Overworld1:47
68 Journey Of The Prairie King - The Outlaw1:09
69 Journey Of The Prairie King - Final Boss & Ending1:26
70 Load Game1:55
71 Shane's Theme1:15
72 Dreamscape1:02
73 Song Of Feathers (Emily's Theme)2:57
74 Emily Dance1:02
75 Night Market2:11
76 Submarine Theme2:07
77 Mermaid Song1:09
78 Sun Room (Alone With Relaxing Tea)1:45
79 Grapefruit Sky (Pasta Primavera Mix)1:28
80 The Happy Junimo Show Theme0:46
81 Movie Theater1:47
82 Crane Game0:31
83 Wumbus (Movie Theme)0:51
84 Exploring Our Vibrant World (Movie Theme)1:39
85 The Zuzu City Express (Movie Theme)0:33
86 Movie Theater (Closing Time)0:57
87 JunimoKart (Title Theme)1:39
88 JunimoKart (The Gem Sea Giant)2:03
89 JunimoKart (Slomp's Stomp)1:21
90 JunimoKart (Ghastly Galleon)1:25
91 JunimoKart (Glowshroom Grotto)2:05
SoundtrackDisc length157:31



Stardew Valley Download PC + Crack - SKY OF GAMES

All music composed by Eric 'ConcernedApe' Barone.
The Steam version includes tracks added in the following updates:
71-74: Update 1.1
75-77: Update 1.3
78-91: Update 1.4

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