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Hi , i have now collected the SUN KOOL KARE 134 unit and have a quick look at it this afternoon. I plugged the unit in and was dead so checked the fuses and one was black so replaced the 5 amp fuse and disconnected the outputs feeds to the vacuumed pump and the compressor power cables. The unit was then switched on and all menus and the cooling fan , beeper etc all work fine. I then reconnected the feed to the compressor , switched on and set the MENU to RECOVER mode with nothing connected to the hoses etc. The system selected the RECOVER option and about 1 second after the compressor relay switched over the whole quit when dead with fuse blown. I am now going to see if i can find a starter capacitor to prove that it is not just that and if not i then need to find a compressor. The compressor looks like a small fridge type except it has screw on fittings on the short tubes that come from the body . I have taken some pics of the unit with the rear cover removed and looks to be a very well made unit and must have been built approx MAY 2000 going by lots of 2000 dates within the unit. This is a KOOL KARE 134 model and this unit also has a built in vacuumed pump in the bottom to the right of the tank were as other manuals i have found on the net do not have a vacuumed pump like this uinit. Any way if you can look at my pics and see if any members have seen a compressor like this or can help with any supplier or do you think this would have to come from SUN. The compressor look east to replace so if i can find a compressor at a good price it will be a good unit for what i need. The compressor has AMERICOLD stamped on the top and made in the USA but can not so far see any lables of type number etc and would think if it does i would need to remove the compressor to see them. Any help please would be great . I would think that if the compressor replacement just had tubes it may be possible to resolder the old fittings to the new compressor. I wonder if a compressor from a fridge would also do the job ?

Snap On Kool Kare Manual

ECO User’s Manual ©1996 Snap-onIncorporated. The information, specifications and illustrations in this manual are based on the latest information available at the time of printing. Sun reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice. Using this Manual This manual contains instructions for use and setup of the unit. User Manual (1186kb) Bid EEAC316A ECO-Xtreme Overview Snap-on is a trademark, Guide to networks 6th edition tamara dean 2014.04.11 sun koolkare xtreme manual pdf 2014.01.01 physics study guide simple harmonic motion answers pdf 2014.07.11 astra 2003 manual pdf Snap-on kool kare-134 automotive air conditioning refrigerant. Sun EEAC104B Air Conditioning Equipment KOOL KARE (R-134a) Manufactured by: Snap-on Diagnostics: Installation setup by: Sales: Serviced by: Snap-on Equipment. Click here for Parts Manual. Contact Information. For Service, call 1-800-225-5786. For Parts, call 1-800-225-5786. For Technical Support, call 1-800-225-5786. Kare 134 Manual APPENDIX D USER’S MANUAL - Snap-on Equipment CHAPTER 3 CHECKOUT, CALIBRATION AND MAINTENANCE - Sun Kool Kare Manual - Kora Sun Kool Kare Manual - Snap On Kool Kare Breeze User Manual Kool Kare Plus Service Manual - Bit of News Snap On Koolkare Eeac 104 Ac Machine Manual EEAC325B – IMPROVED A/C Service.

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