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A quickly made guide on how to complete the secret milestones.

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Try the Super Free Edition on Steam Early Access (PC/Mac): Fight for furvival to be the last o. Support Super Animal Royale as a Founder and get 3 animal breeds and 10 cosmetics that are exclusive to Early Access and only available in the Founder's Edition. You'll also get your username colored in the orange founder's color to show that you were one of the original supporters of the game! Super Animal Royale Founder's Edition Bundle. DLCS FOR THIS GAME. Super Animal Royale Founder's Edition. GAME DESCRIPTION. Super Animal Royale is an intense, strategic and ridiculous twist on the battle royale genre, with exotic biomes and murderously cute animal characters, all vying to reach. Prices, history graph and more for the Game 'Super Animal Royale' (US region).

Map with locations of secrets

No Dancing Sign

(No Dancing on map)

Equip the default dance, and dance in front of the no dancing sign. This cannot be done before the game starts.

This will award the “No Dancing Sign” Melee weapon.

Praise Banan

(Banan Cave on Map)

Find a banana, And enter the banan cave (Entrance is on the left side.) Inside the cave is a shrine, and you need to throw a banana into the bowl in front of it.

This will award the “Praise Banan” Emote.

A Tip for Donk

(Donation on Map)

Throw a banana in the tip basket in the barn. This will award the “Donk’s Suit” Cosmetic.

SASR Hideout

(Rebel Base on Map)

Step on the pad to open the room above. Can only be done once per game.
Awards The “Cheese Goudara’s Beret” Cosmetic.

Dart the Rat

(Prisoner on Map)

Shoot the rat in the cell with a dart gun.
Awards the “Prisoner Outfit” Cosmetic.

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