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ToME Version: 1.4.4

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Zones are places you can go, containing NPCs (monsters and/or friendlies) and items. They are usually entered by traveling to a specific point on the wilderness map. They contain one or more levels (maps) connected to each other by stairs.

Items left on the ground of a level may vanish when you leave that level. There are currently three known exceptions: anything in a vault; the storage chamber of the Sher'Tul Fortress; and the special vault zone in the Embers of Rage campaign.

The denizens and objects in a zone scale to your level when you enter the zone, subject to a minimum (floor) and maximum (ceiling) defined for each zone. The level of enemies also increases by 1 for every level/depth (so Dreadfell 5 is 4 levels higher than Dreadfell 1).

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Tales of maj

A common trick (removed in 1.5.0) for some of the tougher zones was to enter them early in order to set the level scaling to a low value, run away, and come back later when you're higher level (or otherwise stronger).

Some zones are towns, which may have buildings (stores) as well as (primarily) non-hostile NPCs. Inventory in a town's stores are updated using fixed character/power levels at specific points in the current campaign.

For the main campaign, these are: death of The Master, and completion of the Charred Scar.

If you are a newer player, you may wish to read this general guide to the zone order.


Tales Of Maj'eyal - Embers Of Rage For Mac Iso

The world of Eyal has three (known) continents: Maj'Eyal (West), Var'Eyal (the Far East) and Tar'Eyal (South).

Players in the main campaign begin on the continent of Maj'Eyal. Var'Eyal (the Far East) becomes accessible from the end of Reknor.

Players in Embers of Rage start on an island off of the main continent of Var'Eyal. Access to the main continent of Var'Eyal becomes possible mid-way through the Embers of Rage campaign.

The continent of Tar'Eyal cannot be explored at the moment, but may become its own campaign at a later date.

This is an old, out of date map, but interesting still: http://te4.org/w/images/6/6b/Eyal2.png.

Main Campaign Zones

Tales Of Maj'eyal Embers Of Rage Zone Order

Min level Max level Zone name Notes
Maj'Eyal: Towns
1 15 Derth
1 15 Elvala
1 15 IrkkkYeek only
1 15 Iron CouncilDwarves only
1 15 Point Zero Human/elven/halfling Temporal Warden/Paradox Mage only
1 15 Shatur
8 14 Lumberjack Village Triggered by encounter north of Last Hope
15 35 Last Hope
15 50 Zigur Non-magic characters only
20 50 Angolwen Triggered by novice mage (southwest of Derth)
Maj'Eyal: Tier 1 (starter) zones
1 5 Abashed Expanse Human/elven/halfling Archmage only
1 5 The Deep BellowDwarves only, in Iron Council
1 5 Escape from ReknorDwarves only
1 5 Heart of the Gloom
1 5 Ruins of Kor'Pul
1 5 Murgol LairYeek only
1 5 Norgos Lair
1 5 Rhaloren Camp
1 5 Ritches TunnelsYeek only
1 5 Scintillating Caves
1 5 Slazish Fens Human/elven Anorithil/Sun Paladin only, in Gates of Morning
1 5 Trollmire
1 5 Unhallowed MorassTemporal Warden/Paradox Mage only
1 8 Blighted RuinsSkeleton/Ghoul only
Maj'Eyal: Tier 2 zones
7 16 Daikara
7 16 The Maze
7 16 Old Forest
7 16 Sandworm Lair
Maj'Eyal: Randomly placed zones
1 Occult Egress 'Way to a strange portal'
8 18 Unknown Tunnels Triggered by encounter; must be level 6 or higher.
10 25 Hidden Compound (Ring of Blood)
10 30 Ruined Dungeon
14 20 Golem Graveyard
15 25 Mark of the Spellblaze
25 35 Dark Crypt Triggered by encounter; must be level 24+. 'A passing caravan tells you a rumor about a shadowy cult...'
33 42 Ancient Elven Ruins
Maj'Eyal: Developer-triggered zones
12 35 Bearscape looks like a small portal
15 35 Lost land of Poosh looks like a swirling portal
15 ?? Lust Forest looks like a jungle tree
15 ?? Pikataclysm looks like a red tree
15 ?? Santascape looks like a snowman
15 35 Hallowed Fields looks like a carved pumpkin
Maj'Eyal: Other zones
5 12 The Arena (unlock area) Triggered by shady cornac (Derth)
10 25 Ruined Halfling Complex
15 22 Tempest Peak Triggered by Linaniil (Angolwen) or Protector Myssil (Zigur), after saving Derth
15 25 Lake of Nur Reached from Old Forest level 4.
15 25 Tranquil MeadowCursed class only
15 26 Dreadfell
15 35 Last Hope Graveyard Triggered by Ungrol (Last Hope)
16 30 Temporal Rift In Daikara level 3
16 30 Paradox Plane Same place as Temporal Rift, Temporal Wardens only
18 25 Sher'Tul Fortress At the end of Lake of Nur
18 35 Reknor Triggered by Elder (Last Hope)
20 30 Old Conclave Vault Triggered by Director Hompalan (Ruined Halfling Complex)
20 Scourged Pits 'You smell a blighted perfume in the air for an instant...'
25 35 Dogroth Caldera Triggered at level 20+ in some games only. ('You feel a tremor in the ground for a few seconds and it disappears.') Always triggers for Yeek.
20 50 Ambush Triggered by defeating The Master (Dreadfell)
35 45 Tannen's Tower Triggered by Tannen (Last Hope)
35 45 Ruins of Telmur Triggered by Tannen (Last Hope)
35 45 Fearscape (Tannen) Triggered by item from Tannen (Last Hope)
35 45 Sludgenest (lush forest) Trigger at level 30+ some games only. Always triggers for Thalore. ('...You remember long ago somebody told you about a strange lush forest...')
? ? Intimidating Cave Randomly spawns in other zones. Den of storm drakes.
Var'Eyal: Towns
33 50 Gates of Morning
Var'Eyal: Orc prides
30 60 Rak'Shor Pride Triggered by Aeryn (Gates of Morning)
35 60 Gorbat Pride Triggered by Aeryn (Gates of Morning)
35 60 Grushnak Pride Triggered by Aeryn (Gates of Morning)
35 60 Vor Pride Triggered by Aeryn (Gates of Morning)
Var'Eyal: Randomly placed zones
30 40 Flooded Cave In water. Shows on map as Underwater Cave.
30 60 Orc Breeding Pits Removed in version 1.1.5
34 45 Shadow Crypt Shows on map as Dark Crypt.
Var'Eyal: Other zones
25 32 Ardhungol Triggered by Melnela (Gates of Morning)
25 35 Unremarkable Cave
30 40 Temple of Creation At end of Flooded Cave
30 40 Valley of the Moon Caverns Triggered by Ancient Tome (random drop) + Limmir (Gates of Morning)
30 45 Eruan Triggered by defeating an orc pride
30 50 Charred Scar At end of Eruan
35 45 Valley of the Moon Triggered by Limmur (Gates of Morning)
35 50 Briagh's Lair Triggered by Zemekkys (Gates of Morning)
35 50 Vor Armoury Triggered by Zemekkys (Gates of Morning)
Var'Eyal zones: Endgame
45 55 Slime Tunnels At end of Grushnak Pride
55 80 High Peak At end of Slime Tunnels
Other game modes
1 1 Tutorial
1 Infinite Dungeon In Ruined Dungeon
1 50 The Arena In Derth
Miscellaneous zones
1 1 Eidolon Plane Teleport to upon death (Adventure & Exploration difficulties)
1 100 Fearscape Teleport to upon use of talent Fearscape
1 100 Dreamscape Teleport to upon use of talent Dreamscape
1 100 Damp Cave Random location inside other zones?
1 100 Orbital Fearscape Platform Accessed by portal made by a Major Demon
Not real zones
1 1 Wilderness
1 50 Test
Not used currently
25 30 Illusory Castle
100 100 Void

Ashes of Urh'Rok Expansion Zones

Tales Of Maj'eyal - Embers Of Rage For Mac Os

Tales of maj
Min level Max level Zone name Notes
1 5 Searing Halls
16 25 Anteroom of Agony

Tales Of Maj'eyal - Embers Of Rage For Mac Torrent

Embers of Rage Campaign Zones

Min level Max level Zone name Notes
1 15 Kruk Pride
1 5 Vaporous Emporium
1 5 Yetis Cave
8 12 Sunwall Outpost
13 25 Kaltor's Shop
12 18 Dominion Port
12 18 Ritch Hive
13 25 Ruined Cave
15 22 Krimbul Territory
15 25 Ruins of a lost city Way into old Ruins in the Erúan
18 22 Sunwall Observatory
18 40 Ancient Cave
20 25 Internment Camp
25 35 Gates of Morning (Embers of Rage)
25 35 Primal Forest
30 40 Cave of Hatred
30 40 G.E.M
30 40 Steam Quarry
30 40 Ureslak's Host
40 45 Palace of Fumes
45 50 Pocket of Distorted Time
55 88 The Slumbering Caves
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About This Content
One year has passed since the one the Orcs call the 'Scourge from the West' came and single-handedly crushed the Orc Prides of Grushnak, Vor, Gorbat, and Rak'Shor. The Allied Kingdoms, now linked by farportal to their distant, long-lost Sunwall allies, have helped them conquer most of Var'Eyal. The few remnants of the ravaged Prides are caged... but one Pride remains. Kruk Pride, isolated on an island, is the last orcish settlement that stands; they, too, face their impending doom. The Sunwall has blockaded the only exit point from the island, and now, the technologically advanced civilization of Steam Giants have come down from the mountains to take their homeland with machines and weaponry unlike anything else on Eyal. Kruk Pride has reverse-engineered their technology before; their only hope is to do it again and rise up against the Pride's foes.Features:
Explore a whole new campaign from level 1 to 50, one year after the events of the original Tales of Maj'Eyal campaign. Liberate the Orcs (or die trying) by rising up against the Sunwall, the Steam Giants of Atmos, and other dangers that may lie in wait...
Play as one of three new races: the battle-hardened Orcs, the brutal Yetis, and the unstoppable Whitehooves. Discover their stories, their pains, their hopes... and their awesome racial powers!
Risk your life in over 20 unique zones! Explore the ruins of a lost city, lay siege to the Sunwall forces at the Gates of Morning, and raid the Steam Giants' mining quarry - each has its own unique foes and hazards, leading each to feel and play different from the others.
Play as one of the three new tinker classes: Gunslingers, Sawbutchers, and Psyshots! Crush and rend your foes with heavy metal, electrocute and immolate them with your gadgets, charge across the battlefield or nimbly strafe in style - each plays differently, and none provide any shortage of ways to slay your foes.
Master steam technology to build powerful tinkers to augment your equipment. Need to close in a bit quicker? Turn your boots into rocket boots! Having a hard time deciding whether to shoot someone or stab them? Build a Hand Cannon into your gloves, or deploy a Weapon Automaton to do the stabbing for you! If you have a problem, steamtech has a solution, usually involving explosions; with over 80 different powerful contraptions to craft, enjoy unparalleled versatility and trying something different with every playthrough.
Master the tactical uses of over 140 talents! Fire bouncing trick-shots and psychic-infused shots, use your steamsaws as shields or wheels, terrify your foes with long mechanical arms - there are no 'boring' talents here, everything has its own special applications and properties!
Use advanced technology in the world of Eyal! Burrow through sand, plant bombs to destroy tunnels, and discover that you aren't alone in using it...
Infusions and runes are for puny humans; implant new medical injectors to pump an array of experimental chemicals into your body! Injectors can use any (infinitely reusable) salve in your inventory as long as they're off their cooldown, giving you versatility you've wished you could get with a couple of inscriptions.
Loot over 70 new and powerful artifacts. Pump lead into foes with big guns, quick guns, and explosive guns! Shred them with saws that maim, saws that thirst for blood, and saws that aren't really saws! Violate common sense by strapping a rocket to your back and calling it a jetpack!
Enjoy dying in horrible and exotic ways at the hands (or claws, jaws, guns...) of over 140 new creatures! Not mere piles of stats and chain-stuns, these foes will provide unique challenges - suffer the Sunwall's newest cosmic spells, the new breeds of ritches that infest and multiply, the Steam Giants' elaborate defense systems, and find new strategies to adapt to each!
Earn a trunkload of achievements! Have your accomplishments recognized for liberating the Orcish people, displaying exceptional mercy or cruelty, or showing your prowess with impressive feats! Give a boss a fate worse than death, show Sunwall forces how frustrating it is to fight a Radiant Horror as a paladin, come out on top against impossible odds, display a suicidal lack of situational awareness, and wear a badge of pride or shame for each!
Read roughly 27,000 words of new lore to immerse yourself in the world! Learn how things have changed since the Scourge's campaign, feel hatred and/or pity for your foes, uncover grand schemes and sinister plots, and notice the elaborate connections between Var'Eyal's numerous factions. Every zone has a story behind it, and every story ties into a bigger picture; enjoy a tale of horror and humor, of intrigue and glory, of despair and hope.
Earn the right to use the classic (and Ashes of Urh'Rok) classes in Embers of Rage, and the new tinker classes in Maj'Eyal! Play a Brawler in the East to fulfill your life-long dream of suplexing an entire nation of giants, or play a Sawbutcher in Maj'Eyal to shred through Dreadfell in a whirlwind of sawblades and steam!

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