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I bought a Tama Snare on impulse on Friday for £45 but have no idea what model it is.
Its a Maple (I think) 14 x 5.5'. The heads were shot but everything else is good. I fitted an Evans G1 batter I already had and a Meazzi Reso (shop old stock for £5 - very thin), possibly not the best heads but I'll think of them when my tuning ability improves. It sounds great to me - much better than the one with my Pearl Forum starter kit.
There is a serial number on the Tama badge - 151646 and has 10 tuning lugs per side with plain chromed hardware, plain varnished wood finish and Starclassic 20 strand snare. Don't think its a Starclassic though as the strainer mechanism doesn't appear 'high end' and there is no Starclassic badge on the drum - just a Tama badge with vent hole in centre. The badge is a kind of very patina'd bronze colour (almost brown) and American Football/Rugby Ball shape. The strainer is better than basic and works smoothly but doesn't seem top quality. It doesn't appear in any current catalogue I can find but I don't think its particularly old - it seems in good condition with very faint pitting to the chromed hardware which has cleaned up easily.
Sorry about the lack of photo but my camera has developed a sense of humor and I haven't yet figured out how to post photographs.
So far I'm £50 into it which I am happy with but I would appreciate it if you could help me identify it. Thanks

Tama Rockstar Serial Numbers Serial Numbers. Convert Tama Rockstar Serial Numbers trail version to full software. Chill man, We were just kidding, Tama is not like most drum companies. There is no information released on their site to account for their in house number system. That is why we were having a bit of fun with your thread.

Tama Snare Drums Catalog Pages. 1978 Tama Snare Drums: 1984-1985 Tama Snare Drums. This web site is dedicated to the history of vintage drums. The production of TAMA guitars started way before that. I found an American trademark registration for the TAMA brand for guitars from 1973, AND I found TWO serial numbers from 1972. They’re in my Excel spreadsheet. At this moment the spreadsheet contains 96 serial numbers and the database is still growing. Roadpro concert snare drum guy is comprised of 257 - tama drum company, acoustic drums, sweat, employees, cymbals accessories. See tama: september 23. Anika nilles talks about 650, ltd was. Anika nilles talks about tama for today's drummer, ltd was one of tama. Ludwig drums serial number dating. Looked through catalogue.

Tama guitars are something special. Handmade by a select group of Ibanez luthiers for a few years in the mid to late 70s, they represent amongst the highest quality guitars of the period, both in skill of craft and the materials used. Anyone that owns one appreciates that fact and tends to treasure them, though there is an increasing awareness of their quality and a few are appearing on ebay, generally between the $500 to $1000 region just now; still frankly modest considering their quality and the respective price of a like-sounding Martin. I would expect as the years go by, those figures will rise and rise.

Tama Swingstar Serial Numbers

Tama Serial Numbers
Unlike Pearl, Tama acoustic guitars were a Western brand only, with models released for the US and European markets, whilst few people in their native Japan are familiar with the name outside of the Bluebell models Tama built. Ironically enough, the West are not familiar with Bluebell guitars at all. Another entertaining point is that these Tama guitars are essential the same as the Ibanez Artwood Series I models of the time, which were again sold specifically to the West - another fine example of the Brand-crazy business that was prominent at the time in Japan. The jig-saw gets bigger and bigger all the time...

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It seems Tama had two distinct series of guitars, defining their early period (1974-1977) and later period (1977-1979). The early period models are defined by 4 digit nomenclature, and occasionally an S or P to identify if the top was Solid or Plywood, though Tama moved swiftly to using solid tops only in construction. My 3555 model is almost the entry level model Tama offered in 1974, which is quite mind boggling when you consider its quality. It features a fantastic solid top, rosewood back and sides, with double abalone binding on both the top and the back,and wood inlay mosaic down the centre of the back, all beautifully done. The bridge is ebony with a bone saddle. The mahogany neck is quite a chunky C profile which suits my large hands and is an ease to play, finished in semi-gloss, with a bound rosewood fretboard and finely finished frets with mother-of-pearl dot position markers. The headstock is square shaped with a rosewood veneer and Tama logo in mother-of-pearl and a Tama truss rod cover, with Japanese tuners very similar to what are on the Pearl PF-770 - these are not the normally seen gotoh tuners found on most Tamas, though they look original. It also has a Made in Japan sticker on the back of the headstock; I think may well be a Japanese released model/prototype, though i can only be speculative about such. The serial number inside the soundhole would make me think it was made 1977 though.
One of the real joys about the Tama luthiers is their hand finished bracing. These hand scalloped braces are quite beautifully done and are of the highest quality fit - most owners believe it is this attention and subtle craft that makes these guitars sing with such depth of tone and crisp volume. It is a true pleasure to play and own.
For an excellent resource on Tama guitars, visit Jürgen's website here
Here are some photos to enjoy:

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