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  1. I don't like chess variants like 960 or King of the Hill etc because the way I see it I have my hands full with regular chess and I need to concentrate on that. I tried to like bullet chess but came to realize I can't stand it because I don't have enough time to think about my moves.
  2. Play and discover 10 popular chess variants, improve your chess skills with hundreds of chess puzzles, or simply play regular chess with your friends - all in one package. This diverse collection includes several chess games and puzzles. All in a minimalist, beautifully designed virtual chess club.

Discover and Play Numerous Games Similar to Chess

Maack founded a Raumschach club in Hamburg in 1919, which remained active until World War II. Chapter 25 of David Pritchard's The Classified Encyclopedia of Chess Variants discusses some 50 such variations extending chess to three dimensions as well as a handful of higher-dimensional variants. Chapter 11 covers variants using multiple boards normally set side by side which can also be considered to add an extra dimension to chess. Variants can themselves be developed into further sub-variants, for example Horde chess is a variation upon Dunsany's Chess. Some variations are created for the purpose of composing interesting puzzles, rather than being intended for full games.This field of composition is known as fairy chess. Fairy chess gave rise to the term 'fairy chess piece' which is used more broadly across writings.

Chess has its origins in the Arabian game of Shatranj, which goes back to the Indian game of Chaturanga.

It is also related to Xiangqi in China, to Janggi in Korea, and to Shogi in Japan.

Many other games have been inspired by or based on Chess and its relatives. All of these games are similar to Chess yet also different from it in various ways.


Thanks to computers and the internet, it is now possible to play several of these Chess variants without physical boards and pieces. This website – The Chess Variant Pages – is here for cataloging, discussing, and playing the many games that are based on, related to, or similar enough to Chess.


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The Chess Variants Club Cracked


The Chess Variants Club Crack


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