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Miss Kono firstvisited us in mid-March

Aftera snowfall rare forspring

Ourvillage, Matsuo, is in lwate prefecture

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One hour by train from Morioka

Then 20 minutes by bus

Wait a moment

Miss Kono is with the Toitsu Troupe

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  2. The Village - Read the Script. Part I - PDF Format, Read the Script. Part II - PDF Format, Read the Script - HTML Undated Early Draft Screenplay by M. Night Shyamalan 'The Village' depicts the thrilling tale of an isolated town confronting the astonishing truth that lies just outside its borders.

She visitsdifferent districts

where the troupemight perform

Hideko Kono, ToitsuTheatrical Troupe

The superintendent told herwhere I lived

She decided to walk all the way

This was most surprising

It would take a man one hour

to coverthe distance

In Miss Kono's case,

she probablyplodded along

Singing merrilyalong that hilly road

Takashi's back

Are you the group's leader?

The villageofficephonedabout me

She's been waiting for you for one hour

I called the doctorDifficult delivery

Birth expected tonight

The Village Script Pdf

A birth? Then you're going to be busy

If a female

The firstchildcould well be a boy

We'd sell a male for cD3,000


It's our cow She's giving birth

I thought it was yourwife

I'm not married yet

I'm Hideko Kono oftheToitsu Troupe

I'm Takashi

From Tokyo?

This milk is fresh from this morning

It looks good

Do you know Kichijoji?

It's near our headquarters

About 15 minutes by train

Is there someone?

My niecelives there

Married a man named Murakami

The house is in Midori-cho

Tokyo's too big a city

There'll be a birththere soon

Keeping a cow?

Why, no, this is a human baby

Can't keep a cow in Tokyo

By then it was time forthe last bus

Miss Kono summed up


her request and left hurriedly

I'll phone in April

She wanted to bring a show here

And asked for our

youth group's cooperation

The idea was both sudden and startling

Our house seldom

has visitorsduring wintertime

A charmingperson had come,

laughed, and left


Why, Susumu! What are you doing here?

I returned on vacation


I wanted to see you

Brought your mail

Same oldjob?

Did you get fired?

This is a vacation

Tokyo has spruced you up

Why don't you come to

our boardmeeting tonight?

Who's the president?


Takashi? How did he become

the president?

No one wants to be

Those gone out to work returned

Movie Script Pdf

A meeting was held

A cook?

In Kabuki-cho

Where abouts?

Near Koma?

Know the place?

That was when I was in love

with Kayoko

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Let's proceed

The final item

I'd better leave

Stay until the end

Then we'll drink

Let me introduce the guest

From the Toichi Troupe


Hideko Kono ofToitsu

I'm glad to meet you

The purpose of hervisit is

to have a play staged here

She wants us to sponsora musical

called Native village

Smurfs The Lost Village Script Pdf



What kind of a play

Didn't ljust tell you?

Native village

A musical that the young

and old can enjoy

Who are the stars?

Not mentioned here

Who are the leading actors?

Ourtroupe isn't that famous

It doesn't appear on Tv

We have no famous stars

No Sophia Loren

Any opinions?

How about Kikuchi?

I've nothing to say

I think it's a good idea to

have a play performed here

What must we do?

Takashi said for

our youthassociation to sponsor it

What does that mean?

Miss Kono explained it to me

Supporting the performance

in ourvillage

Means accepting responsibility


In case there's a deficit


But why?

Free Pdf Movie Scripts

It costsmoney to put on a play


Must we pay for it?

If we sponsor it

Our youthassociation will sell tickets

I understand

This group will pay money

to buy the performance

A deal?

How much?

Miss Kono says the troupe's

performance fee is cD450,000

That isn't all, is it, Aiko?

Lodging expensesforthe troupe's

Then posters, circulars, tickets

and so oncD200,000


For one show?

CD650,000 for one night

Director:John Carpenter
Written by:David Himmelstein (Screenplay), John Wyndham (Novel)

Script Synopsis:An American village is visited by some unknown life form which leaves the women of the village pregnant. Nine months later, the babies are born, and they all look normal, but it doesn't take the 'parents' long to realize that the kids are not human or humane.
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