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First rule of Toyota ownership – get a VXDIAG VCX NANO Toyota cable and the matching Techstream software.

What is Global TechStream? Global TechStream (GTS) is the next generation diagnostic tool developed by Toyota Motor Corporation. Unlike the current diagnostic tool, “Intelligent Tester II”, GTS is a PC-based diagnostic tool. It consists of two components: GTS software and Vehicle Interface Module (VIM). Toyota Techstream 2018 Download + Activation Download full Techstream 2018 Soft: Download Faster with free autodownloader tool: https:/.

Do a search on for VCX cable. You want the one that has “Powered for TIS” on it (ie there are different versions for different car brands; the TIS one is for Toyota).



Techstream is the software that Toyota dealerships use to diagnose cars.

Used with a laptop running Windows (I have Parallels and Windows on my Apple MacBook Pro), Techstream will tell you everything about the car.

2007 Prius with 148,000km – one of the modules died a while ago.

These error codes indicate a fault in the hybrid battery, particularly in block 7 (ie P3017 indicates block 7… the battery modules are paired into blocks):

You can see how block 7 has a lower voltage than the other blocks, indicating a faulty module.

I had to rebuild/repair the hybrid battery.

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