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On this page, you can find a list of all the cheats that are known to be best by the developers and are accepted for public release. The table of Trials in Tainted Space cheats given below can be attainable in-game while playing.

This game has lots of cheat codes that you can use to interrupt the game. You can do this in two ways:

First, you can do this by using a keyboard and typing a message directly at any time in the gameplay.

Second, you can do this by accessing a text input box, add and submit the code there. Well, the input box is limited for those users who use virtual, screen prompted keyboards.

It is highly recommended to use cheat codes on the codex console under options to avoid any sort of unwanted activity such as moving.

Console Commands

Name: Unknown (Colloquially: Frostwyrm)

Trials In Tainted Space Frostwyrm Flags

Sexes: Unknown. Assumed Male and Female.

Height: 15’ to 20’

Scales: Snow white, flecked with glistening blue and silver

Eyes: Four flame-red eyes

Ears: Reptilian

Tails: Each Frostwyrm has a powerful reptilian tail that stretches out nearly the length of its body, covered in spikes.


The apex predator on the frozen world of Uveto VII, the Frostwyrms are mythological beasts spoken of in hushed, fearful whispers by the native races. Rarely encountered by colonists, these reclusive creatures are mighty behemoths able to rend armored vehicles asunder. Wyrms have eight spear-like claws on each of their six legs, and several spikes line the length of its tail, able to hit with the force of a thunderbolt. The creatures’ teeth are like arrays of swords, set three rows deep in a bestial maw, and its scales act as an interlocking pattern of shields like any other reptile’s. Even its wings can be weaponized, creating a hurricane-like gale that batters attackers down to the earth, or send them flying - not to mention sending snow flurrying about to obscure itself.

Perhaps the most notable combat traits of the wyrm is that despite its bestial appearance, it is powerfully psionic. The wyrm radiates a powerful field of psychic energy around itself that is able to both give it lift for flight, and act as a barrier that completely shields it from harm. Wyrms can actuate their mental power as attacks as well, sending psychic whiplashes that batter their attackers’ minds, or focusing it through a powerful roar that can cause intense pain and mental trauma.

Fighting a frostwyrm is considered suicidal by most native races, and foolhardy hunters that go to bring one down rarely if ever return. Luckily for the people of Uveto, frostwyrms are reclusive and few in number — they have never attacked a settlement, and do not seem interested in aggressive action unless their territory is invaded.

While psionic power is generally associated with high mental acuity, it is unknown if frostwyrms are actually sapient — no communication has ever been possible, and the wyrms appear to have no language beyond roars and grunts.


Native to the snowy world of Uveto, frostwyrms are amphibious reptiles that tend to be found on the coastlines and glacial outcroppings that dot eastern Uveto. They are capable of breathing air and either possess secondary gills or else extreme lung capacity akin to whales, as they are able to submerge in the icy waters of the planet for an extreme duration - possibly hours at a time.

It is believed that frostwyrms live in large caves on the coast, possibly submerged under water. As yet, no wyrm lair has ever been discovered.

Trials In Tainted Space Frostwyrm Mod


Unknown. It is believed that frostwyrms are traditionally reptilian and lay eggs, though none have ever been seen. Several enessae and milodan legends tell of sighting a wyrm heavy with eggs, though none have been seen since colonization.

Culture & Society

Trials In Tainted Space Frostwyrm

Unknown. Wyrms are believed to be solitary creatures with no culture to speak of.

Trials In Tainted Space Frostwyrm Transformation

Trials In Tainted Space Frostwyrm

Trials In Tainted Space Frostwyrm

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